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tilt One of the totally unexpected joys of parenting has been watching my kids begin to love the things I loved as a child. Whether it be the books my mom has saved or a toy that has come out again like Strawberry Shortcake. And one of the things we had a lot of when I was little was Richard Scary books. When Lily was born, the hubby’s aunt gave us a few books and I have picked a couple up from garage sales over the year and my mom has a few from when I was little. The pages and characters instantly seem familiar as I read them to my girls.

Do you know Richard Scary books have been around for 40 years? In that time, they have sold 150 million copies and been translated into 30 languages. So you see, my family is not the only one to love them. Well, the Busytown residents we know and love (I am a bit partial to Lowly worm and of course Bananas Gorilla) are making the transition to the small screen. CBS is launching a new Saturday morning show, “The Busytown Mysteries” (To find out when it is showing in your area, click here). The Huckle family and their friends solve fun mysteries around Busytown every week engaging children’s deductive reasoning skills.

I was provided a sneak peak DVD by the good people over at One2One Network. The girls were SO excited when it came in the mail. I was able to use it as bribery on a rainy afternoon. Isn’t that parenting 101? TV as bribery? Anyway, I told the girls they had to watch very carefully because they had to review it for my blog. Oh the excitement over such an important assignment!! Their verdict? Two enthusiastic thumbs up. When I asked them what they liked I frankly got a bunch of gibberish, but they have asked to watch it again since, so that is always a good sign.

There is also an interactive website over at BusytownMysteries.com where kids can explore different neighborhoods in Busytown, interact with the Busytown characters and play 14 games and activities designed for preschoolers. The kids haven’t been over there yet, because we have had a bit of the sickies around here this week and there has been a bit of screen time overload. So much so that Lily told me the best thing about being sick was how much TV she got to watch. Ahem.

So I poked around in the name of “research”. And I had a little too much fun. Which is a little sad frankly. You get to pick a character and a funny car (I had trouble choosing between a cheese car or hotdog car). Then you get to explore all over and play fun games along the way. My girls would love it so I am tucking this in my bribery pocket. Not that I would bribe my kids (wait, I already gave that away).

So check it out on Saturday mornings on CBS. And honestly, go grab the books. We have a rule in this house that you can’t see the movie until you have read the book (for the kids not the adults, I hate seeing the movie after I have read the book). I think the same should apply here. Your kids will enjoy the show and website so much more when they fall in love with the characters in the book.

What do you love this week? Let us know in a post and link up below. Guidelines are here, you know the drill. And if I don’t say it enough, thanks so much for playing along. I love reading what you love every week.

*One2One Network provided me with a sneak peak DVD in order to write my review. For posting, I have been entered into a drawing for a gift card. Disclosure blah, blah, blah.


  1. I grew up with Richard Scarry, too! We have several of the books. And I totally would have chosen the pickle car, if that was an option!
    .-= Jeni´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday: Sophie! =-.

  2. Looking forward to discovering what others love.
    .-= Greenearth´s last blog ..Why I Love Cabbages and More? =-.

  3. I love finding books for my kids that I loved as a child! So much fun to share them.
    And O-man told me today that he loved Veteran’s Day because he got to watch a lot of TV. Nice parenting.
    Maybe I can move UP the parenting chain to bribery one day.
    .-= Hillary @ The Other Mama´s last blog ..Yard Sale Tips and Tricks =-.

  4. Hi!

    I have never heard of this author. I think I hear gasps all over the place! LOL I will have to check them out.

    On a different post I did for today I talked about finding a 1973 copy of the Little Golden Books “Hansel and Gretel” for our little princess. I love to find these little treasures especially when I can get them at a bargain price!

    Have a great day!

    This is the post for my little book find:

    .-= Diann @ The Thrifty Groove´s last blog ..Vintage Thingie Thursday =-.

  5. How have I never heard of him??? Thanks for bringing him and the new cartoon to my attention. I’m totally not impressed with most of the stuff that’s on Saturday mornings so I’m anxious to check this out.
    .-= Candace Escobar´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday: Boston Market =-.

  6. I grew up with and Love Richard Scary. My kids, especially my son, loves them because there is so much going on on every page.

    My husband is a wet noodle and thinks it’s a little weird, and scary…but what does he know! Thanks for sharing the site, we are always looking for new games to play,
    .-= Mama B´s last blog ..I made it better! =-.

  7. I was seriously JUST thinking about Lowly Worm the other day! My husband looked at me like I was crazy. :) I loved those stories!

  8. Debbie says:

    Oh! Richard Scary! I would sit and look at them for hours. I do know they’re about 40 years old cuz that’s about how old I am. =)

    Yep – the wristlet is perfect for a diaper bag!!!
    .-= Debbie´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday: My Vera Bradley All-in-One Wristlet =-.

  9. I love, love, LOVE Richard Scary! My toddler loves the books too. We make stories up to go with the pictures and it keeps him occupied for ages! Can’t complain about that!

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