Things I Love Thursday- Progresso Soup (GIVEAWAY!!)

TILT Something about winter and nine feet of snow makes me want to eat only one thing. And so every winter we eat buckets and buckets of soup. Well not literally. Although that? Would be awesome!! If it was up to me all soup would be cream based and filled with cheese. But my backside takes issues with that. So I am always looking for a soup that is filling, but not going to add to my “desperately trying to shrink” waistline.

Progresso has an awesome line of light and 100 calorie soups. I was given a GIANT box of them to try by Progresso and had no idea there were so many flavors. I have tried them in the past and often buy them when they are on sale, but my devotion has been renewed. Most of these have 1-2 Weight Watchers points and under 100 calories per servings. Many have a full serving of veggies and the nice thing is they have no added MSG. Cause MSG is bad (no idea why, but I know it is).

Here’s the thing I constantly complain about to anyone who will listen: I hate lunch. Hate thinking about it. Hate coming up with ideas for it. Hate trying to make it healthy. The temptation to just grab something from a fast food joint on the way home from running errands is intense. Mmmm……McDonald’s french fries…….wait what was I talking about? Oh lunch. What I like about Progresso is that it is super easy to prepare and I know that I am not adding a whole bunch of calories to my day.

How would you like to try the new Progresso soups. I have a great Progresso prize pack to give away: Progresso Prize Pack Not only do you get a couple cans of soup, you get this great jump rope that counts for you. And the best soup cup ever. Not to be overly dramatic, but seriously. Is it a mug, is it a bowl? It’s both which means you can drink the end of your soup. Dude. Wanna win? Leave a comment telling me the flavor you most want to try from the Progresso website.

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Disclosure: I received the Progresso Soup prize pack from Progresso through My Blog Spark to try on my own. My review is based on my own opinion and my opinion only.

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  1. Eeekkk! Will you please delete the first link I left? The Easy Chicken Pot Pie? I have no idea how it popped up there… the Jewelry link is correct. Sorry about that!

    And I would totally take some of the Italian Meatball with Penne :)
    .-= Amy @ Amy Loves It!´s last blog ..Love is Patient. =-.

  2. I haven’t been a huge fan of the few Progresso soups I’ve tried, but I’ve been curious about some of the others. The chicken herb dumplings (or something like that) sounds interesting and so does the italian meatball one. :-)
    .-= Emily Kay´s last blog ..A reprieve from rainy weather =-.

  3. Oh, and I thought I was subscribed to you through RSS, but apparently I was always just clicking through your links on Twitter. :-) That’s rectified now though, I am subscribed!
    .-= Emily Kay´s last blog ..A reprieve from rainy weather =-.

  4. I love me some soup during the winter months too! Chili is my favorite… cheesy potato soup comes in at a close second :)
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday: Good wine, good steak, & good times with friends =-.

  5. Progresso is actually one of my favorites! They have a delicious vegetable soup with noodles that my kids love. Mostly they eat just the noodles, but I like to think that maybe a vegetable sneaked in there.
    .-= Courtney´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  6. Hi! I subscribe to you in Google Reader. I buy a huge case of Progresso at Sam’s to keep at work so I’m not tempted to go get fast food if I don’t bring leftovers for lunch. I know I “should” make my own (you know, being The Local Cook and all) but sometimes that just doesn’t happen.
    .-= Wendy (The Local Cook)´s last blog ..Peanut Apple Salad =-.

  7. Chickarina w/Meatballs ’cause – what the heck is that? I’ll try anything. And that mug is awesome.
    .-= Jen @ BigBinder´s last blog ..Random Mish Mash =-.

  8. I subscribe to your RSS feed. I heart RSS feeds.
    .-= Jen @ BigBinder´s last blog ..Random Mish Mash =-.

  9. Tweeted the contest here: http://twitter.com/usefultool/status/8958659069
    .-= Jen @ BigBinder´s last blog ..Random Mish Mash =-.

  10. I wanna be a winner. My kids used to think thats what mugs were for – soup. And then they found out we also drink hot chocolate. Nana the big mouth.
    .-= Staci @teaching money to kids´s last blog ..Saving the world one Napkin at a time =-.

  11. So I subscribe via RSS, but for some reason I can’t get it to show up on my google home page, and it goes to a separate list.
    Am I doing something wrong, or is it just not an option?
    .-= Staci @teaching money to kids´s last blog ..Saving the world one Napkin at a time =-.

  12. And I am #15 on the list. Seriously, you should consider cloth napkins. We LOVE them.
    .-= Staci @teaching money to kids´s last blog ..Saving the world one Napkin at a time =-.

  13. Tomato Basil. I love a good tomato soup.
    .-= Kristy´s last blog ..The Perfect Way… =-.

  14. I think I would like to try Italian Meatball with Penne. That sounds yummy.
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Sweet Kiss =-.

  15. You are in my Google Reader and I enjoy reading your posts every day.
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Sweet Kiss =-.

  16. nicolerenae says:

    The creamy chicken wild rice soup sounds good!

  17. nicolerenae says:

    I subscribe by email!

  18. The tomato basil saounds awesome. It’s the basil thats drawing to that one!

  19. The Savory Vegetable Barley definitely sounds like a soup I’d like to try! Thanks for the giveaway :-)
    .-= Heather @ Not a DIY Life´s last blog ..Homemade Valentines =-.

  20. And I’m participating in TILT this week. Didn’t realize it would count as extra credit ;-)
    .-= Heather @ Not a DIY Life´s last blog ..Homemade Valentines =-.

  21. I’m following you on twitter!

  22. Bethany says:

    I get your email!

  23. Bethany says:

    I would like the beef pot roast, sounds so good!

  24. i’ve been on a tomato soup kick here lately, so i would totally like to try their hearty tomato.
    .-= Brooke´s last blog ..Rethinking the Final Week =-.

  25. subscriber via google reader

  26. Sometimes I type in my link and I do it wrong! Sorry!
    .-= Courtney´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  27. Yummy! The chicken and herb dumpling looked quite tasty! I’m with you. Lunch is the bane of my existence and I love that soup fills that void in the day quite nicely!!!

  28. I also get your email!

  29. Linked up! I’m not a huge fan of canned soups, but I do like a good New England clam chowder.
    .-= Jennifer Y.´s last blog ..Things I Love: Wilton Spoon Scraper =-.

  30. MNStacey says:

    I would try the Chicken Cheese Enchilada..

  31. I used to eat the minestrone with chicken all the time when I used to eat canned soup. I don’t anymore, though. (It was yummy though!)

    These days I subscribe to a low-carb, high-fat diet more so. We’re having eggs and bacon (eggs cooked in bacon grease) for lunch today. And it’s not “Atkins” it’s more http://www.westonaprice.org. If you’ve ever heard of it or care to hear of it. But eating rich, whole foods filled with natural fats (read: no vegetable oils or margarine) I’ve lost close to 30 lbs. And I wasn’t that heavy to begin with (I’m 118 and 5’3″ now). After two babies. And I eat everything I want (except not too much sugar). I’m sorry, I just had to say it, because I weigh so much less effortlessly and I feel so much better eating this way! (And I talk about it a lot on my blog if you are interested.)

  32. I’m #31 in the link ups.
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Sweet Kiss =-.

  33. Roasted chicken and vegetable sounds yummy.
    .-= Olivia´s last blog ..I Love Valentines Day =-.

  34. I subscribe via email.
    .-= Olivia´s last blog ..I Love Valentines Day =-.

  35. I linked to Things I Love Thursday.
    .-= Olivia´s last blog ..I Love Valentines Day =-.

  36. I linked to Thinks I Love Thursday! :)
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday–MD Skincare daily alpha beta peels =-.

  37. Lori S says:

    Tomato Basil sounds great.


  38. Lori S says:

    Email subscriber.


  39. Me! Me! I want some! Chicken Veggie Rotini!!
    .-= sara – The Estrogen Files´s last blog ..Continuous Chest Compression CPR – EASY Life Saver =-.

  40. There’s nothing like good ol Chicken noodle…yummy!

    This is my first Things I Love Thursday too…I’m excited! he he:)
    .-= Beans´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday…Babywearing =-.

  41. I want to try them all. i mean the clam chowder.

    I need that cup, and need the jump rope.

    have i told you i have a mc donalds within walking distances? and a taco bell, KFC, and wendys…
    .-= DesignHER Momma´s last blog ..my birdie. nola bird. =-.

  42. Yum! I really like the Santa Fe Zesty Chicken! I subscribe, follow on Twitter and I tweeted about this awesomely wonderful contest!!!
    .-= Staci Brown´s last blog ..Top Ten Things I Loved About Blissdom =-.

  43. I’m a dork. I follow u on twitter.
    .-= Staci Brown´s last blog ..Top Ten Things I Loved About Blissdom =-.

  44. I’m a bigger dork. I tweeted it.
    .-= Staci Brown´s last blog ..Top Ten Things I Loved About Blissdom =-.

  45. I am totally new at this and started a “Things I Love Thursday” completely unaware of your own wonderful blog! So, I just wanted to say hi and join in on the fun. I don’t think I filled my name out right since everybody else did name@….. but hopefully that will be okay. Thanks for this! Oh- my things I loved are US/UK children’s books. But, living in Scotland, I do love soup- they have some amazing soup here. Guess it makes the kilt worth it.
    .-= Emily Malone´s last blog ..Life in the UK =-.

  46. Yum, the Chicken Corn chowder sounds great. Thanks!

  47. I’m an email subscriber.

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