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TILT You know what I really love? The fact that I have carved out a little corner of our budget for a cleaning lady. Oh hallelujah! My whole house is clean approximately 2.3 seconds before my kids manage to make it look like no one has cleaned in months. But those 2.3 seconds are a little slice of heaven. She only comes every other week though, and despite my best efforts to attempt otherwise, you really should clean  more frequently than that. I’m not saying I DO clean more frequently than that, I am just saying you SHOULD.

But sometimes I get ambitious during the interim. Sometimes the guilty voice in my head that says, “Aren’t you a homemaker? Isn’t cleaning part of that job description?” begins to drown out the other voice that says, “Lay on the couch and read a People magazine, you’ve earned it.” Man I love that second voice…..

And so I clean. Or something resembling cleaning. For as long as I can remember, one of things in a cleaning arsenal was that familiar yellow can. yellowcan I remember my mom dusting with it. I remember “dusting” appearing on my chore list when I was younger and dusting with it myself. And I still dust with it today. (pay no attention to the layers of dust on my shelves) Seriously, I have tried feather dusters, electrostatic clothes, Swifter dusters. In my expert (ahem) cleaning opinion, they just push dust around. Nothing works like Pledge. And because there is spraying involved, my girls LOVE dusting for me. They practically beg to do so. Well…..if they insist. What kind of mom would I be to deny them the simple pleasures in life.

Recently I discovered that Pledge can be used on more then just wood. Did you know this? Here is the official info:

The Pledge® aerosol (Natural Beauty, Clean & Shine, Dust & Allergen, Protection Plus and Extra Moisturizing) family of formulas can be used to dust, clean, shine and give limited protection to the following surfaces: sealed wood and wood laminates, synthetic wood surfaces (IKEA), stainless steel, leather, sealed marble, sealed granite, vinyl and chrome.  This would include car dashboards (vinyl) and car seats (leather or vinyl).

Wait, am I supposed to be dusting my car too? I’m kidding. Of COURSE I dust my car. Who doesn’t?

Um, anywho I had no idea Pledge cleaned all that, but I have got to say, I gave it a whirl on my leather sofa and it really does make it look great. If someone would like to come install some marble or granite countertops and throw in some new stainless steel appliances I would be more than happy to try that out as well. Anyone? Well, in all seriousness, I love it when I don’t need multiple products to get jobs done so I am thrilled that one cleaner can tackle so much of my house. Now if only it did the dusting itself…..

I was provided with Pledge in order to facilitate my review and was compensated for my time. As always, all opinions about the product are mine all mine.

What are you loving this week? And if that thing is cleaning, I would be more than happy to let your indulge in your love as often as you like in my house. I am a giver that way. Join us for Things I Love Thursday. Write a post about what you love, make sure to link back here, paste your URL below in Mr. Linky, and have a blast visiting others. Thanks as always for playing along!


  1. I am so jealous. We’re pretty good about keeping the kitchen clean, the laundry washed, the toys picked up, and the carpet vacuumed semi-regularly, but there is a layer of dust on everything. With my husband working and me in school, we are usually too busy to think about cleaning. We need some of that Pledge over here! Fortunately, I invited some fellow students over next week, so I will have no choice but to clean before they come over.
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  2. I was always the designated “duster” growing up…mainly b/c my mom didn’t want to do it and somehow made it sound so fun that I also begged to dust every week. You moms sure are sneaky!

    I have to agree with you — Pledge is the best. WAY better than feather dusters, swiffers, ect. I always keep a can of lemon pledge around, and I always think of my mom every time I use it {which isn’t all bad either!}
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  3. Ha! If you find any people who love cleaning, send them my way after you’re done with them ;-)
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  4. I too have managed to carve out a small part of our budget to have our house cleaned from time to time …. it is such a luxury to come home to a clean house … even if the kitchen floor does not even make it through lunch without looking like it was never scrubbed.

    I do not however share your enthusiasm for products like Pledge that contain so many chemicals, and in some cases, known carcinogens. Here is a link to a website that lists some common household products (including Lemon Pledge) that really are not that good for you (and in particular for small children).


    I have asked the two ladies that clean my house to only use the products that I provide them with (such as Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers, Citra) … that way I know that my floors, countertops, coffee table etc do not contain traces of potentially hazardous materials that can find their way onto little hands (and into little mouths).

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment … I love your blog …

    • Actually my cleaning company uses all organic/ natural cleaners. I know I should probably make the switch too, but I just find other products don’t do as good a job. Do you find that too?

  5. I have two comments. One, I wholeheartedly endorse chemicals for cleaning. Just keepin’ it real. I have tried the rest, and I just can’t accept that things are clean. Just when I make progress, I read a story about bedbugs or something and it’s all over.
    Two, it’s my understanding that with the third child you are 100% entitled to a cleaning lady. We had one growing up and if I had 3 kids I would totally have one. There is just something about that extra body that makes it impossible to keep the house remotely clean on your own.
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  6. I love Pledge too. Something about the tradition of the yellow can and lemon fresh scent. Love how you make everything funny and light, Jill!
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