Things I Love Thursday- Panasonic Jetspin Cyclone Vacuum

TILT   I have a hate-hate relationship with vacuums. I actually don’t mind vacuuming. But I just have never found a vacuum that I love and thinks does an awesome job. And who am I kidding, I do mind vacuuming. I mind all housework in general.

panasonic JetSpinCyclone Panasonic recently contacted me to review their new Panasonic Jetspin Cyclone Vacuum. I have been frustrated with my current vacuum (who shall remain nameless to protect the not so innocent) so I jumped at the chance to try a new model.

What intrigued me most when I got the vacuum was that it has a dirt sensor that is red if the floor is dirty and green if the floor is clean. I turned the vacuum on scared that it might never turn green. Thankfully it did. I love this function, but I will say there are times when it just stays red. Even after I go over the area many times. So I am left wondering if it is the vacuums fault or if my children have ground crumbs so deeply into the carpet that there is no hope. But most of the time it is green and I am happy and secure knowing my children can in fact continue to eat off the floor. Silas takes that job very seriously.

It was obviously doing its job as the dirt cup filled up quickly (it is a bagless vacuum with a HEPA filter). And sadly I had just vacuumed a few days before with my regular vacuum. The dirt canister is really easy to get out of the vacuum and even easier to empty. It is also designed to be washed eliminating those particles that get stuck behind when you dump the cup. Apparently that leads to odors that just get put back into your carpet and the air. Lovely. I haven’t washed it yet, but am glad to know I can if things start to get stinky around here. Or stinkier. 

The other function I “big puffy heart love” is that it has a switch that moves it from bare floors to carpet. My last vacuum cleaner had adjustments for different carpet levels, but I found it didn’t work at all on bare floors and just seemed to blow the dirt around. This vacuum handles bare floors really well and has no trouble going from my rug to my hardwoods and back again with the simple flip of a switch.

panasonictelescopingwand The interesting thing about the Jetspin Cyclone is that it looks and feels like an upright, but works a bit like a canister. It has this 12 foot hose that reaches anywhere and multiple attachments that fit on the end. And (again) unlike my last vacuum the attachments stay on. The hose clicks into the vacuum so it isn’t always coming loose either. Another problem that drove me bonkers with my last vacuum. You can almost do an entire flight of stairs and could easily reach curtains and ceilings to get to the cobwebs. Not that I have any or anything. But it case you do. And doesn’t she look so happy to be vacuuming? That could be you my friends.

There is an attachment made specifically to deal with pet hair. I don’t have a pet so I can’t tell you how that works. Well I have fish but I am pretty sure they would not take kindly to being vacuumed. But I poked around the internet a bit and dog lovers who have reviewed this seem to give it high marks for dealing with pet hair. Do you think I could convince my husband to get me a pug for vacuum reviewing purposes?

Drawbacks: The vacuum seems heavy to me. But that being said, in my experience vacuums that are a bit lighter just don’t get the job done. And despite being heavy, it is really easy to maneuver. And because the telescoping wand and hose are so long I didn’t have to lug it up the stairs to get the stairs clean. Also it is kind of loud. But again, I didn’t mind the noise much because it is in fact a vacuum. I don’t expect quiet.

Overall, I am much happier with this vacuum than I have been with any other vacuum I have owned. It sells for around $250 which may seem pricey to some, but after trying to go budget with our last several vacuums I am convinced this is another case of getting what you pay for.

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  1. You DEFINITELY get what you pay for with a vacuum cleaner. I’ve figured that out too… I think a sensor would make me nervous too. HEHE I’d love to be able to WASH my vacuum out tho. Great feature!!

    Take care!

    PS-Took me FOREVER to find the link for leaving a comment. HAHA I’m such a dork!

  2. My last vacuum had one of those sensors. I was relieved when it broke; I was a little obsessed with it.
    You are welcome to borrow my dog and test the pet hair removal capacity for yourself, if you’d like.
    Jen @ BigBinder recently posted…Top Ten Things To Do Before You Go On Vacation With Your Petand a contest!My Profile

  3. Thanks for hosting =)
    Crisc recently posted…Cinnamon Toast Crunch Breakfats BitesMy Profile

  4. Today’s thing I love is the frosting I made for a walnut cake. The cake was good, but the frosting . . . I could have eaten just the frosting.
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  5. Great review of this vacuum, I recently bought an Eureka Pet Pal vacuum and love it. Which reminds me to do a review about it :)

    MY TILT this week is about Kashi cereal! Love Kashi!

  6. I have neither children nor pets nor a vacuum cleaner with a sensor. I spend my time browsing deals on shoes, what can I say ;)
    Savvy Chic Savings recently posted…NEW Printable Coupons- Viva- DiGiorno- Weight Watchers- more!My Profile

  7. I, too, have a love-hate relationship with vacuums. I think most of that is due to my ghetto orange shag carpet. Thankfully it’s soon to be replaced by hardwood!

    Thanks for hosting! :)
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  8. We just invested in a nice Bissel (purchased on sale, during summer bucks at Meijer and with a prescription transfer coupon). “Burried” the Dirt Devil, that thing just didn’t suck :)
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  9. Fun blog! I hear ya on vacuums. I am hating mine right now. Really need a new one!

  10. My son does the vacuuming around here. I am sure he would love that the hoses don’t come apart.

    Thanks for hosting!!!
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  11. I love baby books! After trying several (some by Tana Hoban included), I have picked my (and my baby’s) favorites. Buy them if you are expecting!
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  12. Thanks for sharing your opinion of the vacuum. When we move next year I am hoping to leave ALL of our vacuums and buy one that I love!

    This is my first time linking up; I hope I did it right.

  13. I was really hoping you were going to throw in a giveaway for a vacuum at the end of your post. Because I am not loving mine.

  14. I’d be all over that dirt sensor!!
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  15. Thanks for the review….

    My vacuum just died and I’m currently shopping for a replacement. That green/red light feature seems interesting…I haven’t heard of that on a vacuum before. It seems like it’s a bit on the pricier side, but I think with vacuums it’s like that old saying goes: “You get what you pay for”.

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