Things I Love Thursday- Noodleboro Games (And A Giveaway!!)

  So we are just going to start out with some brutal honesty and sad confessions. I was asked to review a new line of board games by Hasbro called Noodleboro. These games are designed to help teach social skills and I was given The Fun Park Game that is designed to teach about sharing.

When it arrived, Lily was so excited a package had come that had something in it she could play with. She immediately got it out and set it all up and we decided to play. I hated it. Lily loved it, but I hated it. Cause there is no winner. No winner!! How can I do my victory dance? Perhaps I have a problem. And perhaps when I lecture Lily on how “it isn’t important to win, we should just play just to have fun, blah, blah, blah” I shouldn’t be surprised when she is a sore loser. I have been known to talk smack during a game of Go Fish. And I am NOT one of those moms who lets her kids win. Well, I throw ’em a bone every once in a while, but I am all about the winning. It’s a sickness really.

But once I got over the fact that I wouldn’t be winning, I really liked this game. I liked watching Lily get excited about sharing and watching her try and master each task. The premise of the game is that you are trying to win tokens for completing various tasks at an amusement park. The tasks are really fun and kept Lily’s attention no matter how many times she tried to complete them. And then once you complete them, you share the tokens that you win with other players who need them. So your child is learning sharing and teamwork and you are praying it carries over to that moment when your kids both want the same doll at the exact same moment. You know, that one they haven’t played with or paid attention to in years.

There are also Noodleboro games which reinforce manners and listening. The big bonus here is that each game comes with a CD and book that reinforce the ideas of the game. It’s like brainwashing really. And I don’t know about you, but my kids could use a little manners, listening and sharing brainwashing on a typical day. If you are curious about how these games work, I would encourage you to check out this demo video.

These games aren’t quite available yet, but the good people over at Mom Central are giving 200 games away to those who enter over here. Free game and improved social skills- win, win!! If only they had one for recovering game board smack talkers.

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  1. Tracye says:

    Okay, first let me say I am all for games that reinforce learning and manners and sharing. That said, I have never seen or heard of this game, but something about it bothers me.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it seems like a metaphor for today’s culture that believes living on welfare is okay. I am all for people getting a hand up, and teaching a man to fish; I am not okay with socialist ideology permeating so far into our society that it is now in children’s games. It smacks too much of the Communist redistribution of wealth to me.

    Again, I know it is a child’s game, and words like socialist and communist are rather harsh.

    It’s just what immediately popped into my mind upon reading the description, and made me extremely uncomfortable.

  2. Don’t ever play a board or card game with me and my friends! lmao – we throw rules out the window willy nilly, and cheat and make up new rules, essentially so we can all win – rummy, oh yeah my bestie and I are pros, at “psstt… which card do you need???” and on and on it goes… haha

    Sounds like a fun game though!

    Jen Es last blog post..update on Germany trip

  3. I received the Noodleboro Pizza game, which teaches listening. It’s fun so far, but I don’t know if there’s any miracle cure for teaching kids to listen. I think the thing that works best is to actually, genuinely listen to your kids. That’s why we sometimes reverse the roles when we play. I have to be the listener, and listen to them! I think that kids learn so much by watching their parents!!

    Andrea Mcmanns last blog post..Things I Love Thursday: Mutant Assumptions

  4. You know…I like having a winner. Doesn’t always have to be the same winner, but a winner! I think I’ll stick to monopoly;)

  5. Crystal says:

    Mine is up. go check it out!!

    Crystals last blog post..Things I love Thursday

  6. I *love* the idea of a game that teaches listening (as opposed to selective hearing!). I can’t help but wonder how does it work though?

    Amess last blog post..things I love thursday: skinny laminx

  7. Rachel says:

    Smack talking will never go out of style! :) It’s part of the fun to me!

    I was a little concerned when I read your line about “there’s no winner.” For a minute I was afraid it was going to be one of those “everybody gets a trophy” type things. But upon reading your description it sounds like a great game to get kids aware of sharing. Might have to try this one out when it comes to stores. Thanks!

    Rachels last blog post..TILT: Wii Fit

  8. great! i will put those on santa’s list. my kids could use some of that form of brainwashing (probably won’t hurt their daddy to play too ~ ahem)!!! thanks for the review.

    Natalies last blog post..Thursday Thirteen – 14th Edition

  9. Oh, we have a family whose members range from “I want it all, all, I tell ya!” to “Do you need that property? I’ll give it to you—call it an early birthday present. Do you need some money too?” So it could be therapeutic to some! We have plenty of Hasbro in Canada, so I’ll keep my eyes open!

    Jacquelyn@Because I Said So!s last blog post..Things I Love Thursday: Dermalogica

  10. Jen@BigBinder says:

    Will you be my euchre partner? I think we may be quite compatible after reading your post…

  11. I just discovered this site and I had just put up an entry in my Things I Love category so I thought I’d participate.

    And no, I don’t live in the country but I do live in eastern Kansas where we have rolling hills, sunflowers and barns in the rural areas I drive when going to see my parents or my son.

    Julies last blog post..Sunflowers

  12. I received this game for review also and I was pretty happy with it. I can’t wait to play the other ones that are going to be available.

    Hotomoms last blog post..Things I Love Thursday

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