Things I Love Thursday- Naps

  Anyone who knows me, knows I likey my sleepy. A lot. My mom tells me I took naps well into Kindergarten. My hubby has told me I am not a morning person or a night person, but a sleep person. Hmm, writing this is making me sleepy….

So when I was contacted to review a product that helps moms “recharge their battery” through a daily power nap, I was all where do I sign up? Sorry honey, I can’t help with the kids. I HAVE to nap. It is for research.

Now I nap a lot of days. Cause Lily is in school and Hannah is napping so I nap. Nap when they nap. Isn’t that the advice all new moms get. Yes, I get that I said, new moms, but why stop just cause the kid hits two (five, twelve). But the problem is sometimes I don’t feel better after the nap. Sometimes, I feel even more foggy and groggy. And sometimes I nap for too long and then I can’t sleep at night. And sometimes I nap for so long that I get major nap hair and raccoon eyes from my mascara. And that I just can’t stand for.

So I love the philosophy of Pzizz. It has a program that creates an audio soundtrack which is combination of music and voice to help you take a 20 minute power nap. Where I used to wake up even sleepier than I started, now I wake up perfectly refreshed and full of energy. I seriously felt like I had napped for hours.

I have friends who have told me they would like to nap, but have trouble clearing their mind and relaxing. I call them crazy people, but Pzizz would be great for them too, cause it helps you clear your mind and let go. And not in a new age-creepy way, but a restful, relaxing way.

There is also a downloadable program that helps you get a good nights sleep. I frankly haven’t tried that cause I usually am so tired at the end of the day that I pass out without anyone’s help. And my husband already tells me I am a crazy deep sleeper. But I am sure if you have problems sleeping at night (cough*Jenny*cough) it would help you too.

There is a whole lotta science behind why this works, but do you really care if the bottom line is you are sleeping, relaxing and feeling energized? I didn’t think so. So check out Pzizz and start to sleep like a baby. Clearly a phrase invented by someone who had never actually spent time with a baby.

Now that I have all this extra energized time, I have more time to hunt down all the things you all love. So hit me with ’em. First, check out the guidelines. Then link on up!


  1. I am a napper too! My friends get mad at me for napping. I think they are just jealous! This sounds like a cool product!

    Nancys last blog post..Grocery Challenge

  2. That sounds really cool- I’m downloading it right now!

    Candace (Mama Mia)s last blog post..Checking In

  3. I just love a nap. And this is one area where I excel, all on my own. I can power nap like nobody’s business. But I’m glad there is something out there to help those who can’t.

    Debbies last blog post..I’m considering a move to Italy

  4. Sounds like a cool program. I can’t take naps because I never wake up energized, I end up more like a zombie. Will have to check this out!

    Amess last blog post..things I love thursday: baking

  5. Pzizz sounds fantastic! I’m going to have to try it sometime! :)

    Andrea Mcmanns last blog post..I Love Jodi Picoult

  6. I’ll have to try this out!!! I am a sleep-lover as well! In college everyone would make fun of me because I needed to sleep first, then study (whereas it is usually the opposite!)… plus I never like to admit I am actually sleeping. I call it “closing my eyes” – glad to know that I am not the only nap-happy mom out there! :)

  7. OOOH I’m going to have to check that out! My husband loves to sleep but me? I can’t relax my mind enough to take a nap.

  8. I love naps!! I think they make me a better mom. :) In fact, I registered my three year old in afternoon preschool instead of morning preschool next year in the hopes I could get a nap some days. (did I just admit that out loud?)

    Julies last blog post.."Pumpkin Patch" Pics!

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