Things I Love Thursday- Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel

  Let me just put it all out here for you (cause usually I am soo guarded and mysterious). Lately my face has looked like I am just going through puberty. Actually, I am pretty confident that I never even looked this bad when going through puberty. I am taking adult acne ladies (and you few gentlemen). And it ain’t pretty. It’s borderline Jessica Simpson before pictures in those Proactive commercials.

It might help my skin out a little if I actually took some sort of care of it. Besides getting it wet when I shower I mean. I try really hard to wash my makeup off before I go to bed, but often times there are so many more important things to do like fall asleep after being up way too late blogging, Twittering and Facebooking (all legitimate verbs by the way).

So, I was in need of something drastic to help me look my purtiest again. And I found Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel. You put it on 2 times a day and whammo (also a highly technical term) you acne is gone. Well not that fast cause that would be crazy, but a lot quicker that usual. And you only need a tiny bit. Well worth the seven bucks it costs. And I am hoping if this blog post results in a whole bunch of you calling up your Mary Kay woman and ordering some, they will throw in a pink Cadillac for my reward. Actually a pink minivan would serve my purposes a bit better. In case you were wondering….

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  1. The Acne Treatment Gel is the best ever. Love it!

    jubilees last blog post..(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

  2. Hmmmm…I will keep this one in mind as I seem to be having some facial surprises lately.

    Peanuts last blog post..Things I Love Thursday – Ikea extendable bed

  3. it works huhn? I may have to get some as I’m going through the same problem and it wasn’t this bad in my youth! Why can’t we have other issues like “I can’t gain wait!”

    Dawns last blog post..the butter bread girl

  4. How incredibly timely! Our local news (or, wait, maybe that was the national news, I don’t know, I had two burners and a microwave going) did a feature on adult acne. They explored laser zapping once a month for $120. You and Mary Kay sound WAY smarter!

    Jacquelyn at Because I Said So!s last blog post..Things I Love Thursdays: chocoholic’s dream bread

  5. That sounds cool. I’m with you- I thought that once I got into my 20’s (and beyond) all that face stuff would clear up. Apparently not. I’ll have to check that out because the stuff I use now isn’t cutting it.

    Candace (Mama Mia)s last blog post..Things I Love Thursday- Enell Sports Bra

  6. So true, that stuff is da bomb diggity!! All of MK’s skincare has really helped me and my adult acne horrors! Now I am smokin’ hot again. I was just kind sputterin’ hot there for awhile.

    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Uprooted

  7. Rachel says:

    You know what’s funny? Mary Kay stuff actually breaks my face out!

    I had a friend who was a consultant who gave me a makeover and my whole face broke out (and I never break out!). I told her I didn’t think it was a good idea for me to use the products, and she still tried to sell me everything from the makeover. I felt kind of sorry for her, so I bought the Satin Hands stuff, which is n-i-i-c-c-c-e-e-e.

    Rachels last blog post..TILT: My Shark Infinity Vacuum

  8. I love their acne gel! It’s the best stuff ever.

    Chars last blog post..Quips from Clare

  9. Ashley Coombe says:

    Oh no! I forgot to put what I love in parenthesis. I hope I followed all of the other directions correctly, I really wanted to get the blog up :) I’ve always wanted to participate, since I’ve seen this. I LOVE reading them!

    The seven dollars on the Mary Kay sounds a heck of a lot better than what I spend on acne treatment…

  10. This is my first TILT to publish a post. I too hope I followed all the guidelines correctly. I love reading your blog, as it usually cracks me up. I am still trying to find my “voice” in the land of blog. Keep writing and thanks for making me laugh.

    Christas last blog post..Things I Love Thursday

  11. Yay! TILT is growing!

    Beckys last blog post..Around the House: Marimekko Wall Hangings

  12. I started my blog in January & ma just now becoming a regular blogger! There is still so much to learn! THis is the first blog that I’ve linked to before & I am looking forward to the Make-Me-Laugh Mondays, too! Thanks for this great idea!

    Christees last blog post..Things I love Thursdays – The Belly Band

  13. you could (gasp) skip the makeup. although most makeup is actually pretty good for your skin these days, so that’s probably not what’s causing it. or that’s what they’ll have us believe, anyway.

    do you like how all my comments are trying to encourage you to be a slob? sorry about that. :)

    Erin Gs last blog post..Pier to No Pier

  14. Albeirta says:

    Mary Kay is one of the most promising beauty regimen product here in my place. It’s outstandingly impressing a lot of women who merely want to have a pure and natural skin which is free from flaws. I had in fact used it’s moisturizing cream for whitening.
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