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TILT I took my girls to the dentist last week. Outside of a tooth pulling that almost made me pass out (Lily’s not mine), it went really well. Apparently despite my lax parenting, my kids teeth look really good. It is not that I don’t think dental hygiene is important. I do. It is just that mornings are absolutely crazy around here trying to get out the door without killing the little people. So sometimes we forget to brush. Let’s just add this to my long list of poor parenting behaviors. Dang that list is getting long.

Clearly I love Listerine. I have blogged about it before. But frankly I am betting my entire dental future on it, so I hope it works as well as I think it does. It is an adequate replacement for brushing 3 times a day and flossing right? Right?  Actually apparently Listerine is supposed to be combined WITH brushing and flossing. Well dentures are a good look right? RIGHT?

In all honesty, I don’t want my kids getting cavities. And 50% of kids will have one between 5 and 9. Yikes. Thankfully we have eliminated a lot of sugar around here, we go to the dentist yearly, and at the current moment my kids are really into flossing. We are rolling with it. But, what they really get excited about is Listerine Agent Cool Blue. I got some when it first came out on one of my drugstore deals and it really helped me see how my kids were doing brushing.

I will never forget being in elementary school and doing some sort of dental unit where we had to brush and then chew some sort of nasty tasting pink tablet. Then our teeth would turn pink where we missed brushing. That is essentially what Agent Cool Blue does except your kids swish it before they brush and then try and brush the blue away. For older kids over 6, Listerine Smart Rinse offers extra protection. And since it appears braces are in their future (as well as me working 3 jobs to pay for them), Smart Rinse is great for helping getting all those spots that are difficult to reach under all that metal.

Listerine and Reach are partnering to encourage people to improve their dental hygiene as a family by challenging them to brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash twice a day for three weeks. And I took the challenge, well because frankly, I need to. We are getting lazy around here and I fear the consequences. So starting this week, we are stepping it up. Won’t you hold me accountable? While we’re are it, I am pretty sure my dental health could be improved my not eating every piece of Halloween candy in sight. My waistline as well.

Also, you should know that the makers of Listerine and Reach have teamed up with America’s Toothfairy to launch “Trick or Treat for America’s Toothfairy,” a campaign to raise awareness of pediatric dental disease and help provide life changing care to underserved children. I had never heard of the organization before this blog tour, but it is a great organization benefiting children who really need it.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of LISTERINE and REACH and received products to take the Oral Care Challenge. Mom Central also sent me a Global Giving gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

What is it you are loving this week? Besides the opportunity to indulge in Halloween candy all day every day. Make it go away. Please. Anywho, write a post about something you love, make sure to link back to this post, then use Mr. Linky below to link up to your post. Finally, make the rounds to the other participants and comment, stumble and tweet the ones you love. All the Things I Love Thursday details are here.


  1. Oh wow – I forgot ALL ABOUT the nasty pink tablets! We have some of that color changing mouthwash too. I’m a little scared of it though. I still haven’t decided if my kids can use it, so it’s just sitting on my shelf.
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  2. You know…I was always told that if I made it to 21 with no cavities, chances are I would be clear for the rest of my adult life — then I got 4 cavities when I was 22!!!

    We’re also avid users of Listerine.
    Andrea @ Simple Organized Living recently posted…Purse Organizers GiveawayMy Profile

  3. My girls LOVE the Agent Cool Blue! They brush at least three times a day just so they can make their teeth turn blue. Ha!

    Amy recently posted…Once A Month Moms Holiday eBook GiveawayMy Profile

  4. My kids use that stuff and it’s great! Thanks!
    Debbi Does Dinner Healthy recently posted…Firehouse Chili with Corn BreadMy Profile

  5. I’d be a little scared of the blue mouthwash as well. I saw an ad recently for alcohol-free Listerine. That’s probably what I would try, if I used mouthwash (my husband likes the Jason brand). I HATED brushing my teeth as a kid, but had few cavities, despite my poor habits. I still dislike doing it, although I dislike the results of not doing it even more.
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  6. My dentist actually gave me some of those little pink tablets the last time I was in… they’ve been sitting on my bathroom shelf for months because I’m afraid to use them…. on me!
    We are really bad around here, we only brush at night. I used to brush in the morning before leaving for school or work, but now I’m either just not eating breakfast or on the run and brushing teeth is not as important… probably explains why I had to get 4 fillings this summer! (well, that or I haven’t been able to have any x-rays for like 3 years due to pregnancies and possible pregnancies!)
    I really should use mouthwash, but usually it’s so strong I can hardly keep it in my mouth. Vanilla Mint Listerine is slightly less “strong”, but really hard to find. Tell them to make one that isn’t as strong and I’d be more likely to use it!

    • I tried that vanilla one, and actually prefer the regular one – the vanilla one makes me think I should drink it. I started to swallow, and thankfully my brain kicked in and said “STOP” – but it’s almost a Pavlovian response to the vanilla flavour. :-)
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  7. This is a great entry about God helping my body to provide for my baby when I thought it was the end!
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  8. I love Listerine too! It’s such a great product and so far, it really seems to be working for me and my family! (We’ve been using it for years.) I can’t use the original flavour though, I have to stick with the blue minty one. I’m not sure my cookies are a very good link with a post that has to do with oral hygiene, but they are so tasty I linked them up anyway! Thanks for hosting!

  9. I’m a big fan of Listerine myself. I haven’t tried the stuff that turns your teeth blue though! lol Maybe I’m just scared!
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  10. We have been using Listerine Smartrinse. Our toddler loves it. I am not sure if it is good for her though? I keep hearing conflicting reports about the use of fluoride. Hmm…
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  11. Good luck with your brushing, flossing and swishing! :) I think good teeth genes are inherited. My husband NEVER goes to the dentist, drinks Mt. Dew daily, and has FABULOUS teeth! I do all the “right” things…go to the dentist, brush 2x/day, have flouride treatments, and STILL manage to have cavities every once in awhile!!!!! It’s just not fair!
    Hopefully our boys have inherited his mouth and not mine!
    Thanks for the link up! :)

  12. I love the idea of blue mouthwash – At what age are kids able to swish without swallowing? I think it’s a bit early for mine, maybe. Also, I stuffed up the linky thing – I linked to my homepage, not the individual post. It’s been a while since I joined a blog carnival, and I’m not all that savvy. :-)

  13. Jolon says:

    Dude, I just drink it. Same idea as nyquil, right?
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  14. Those pink tabs made an impression on me too. I made it through the end of college without any cavities… but now I have 4 fillings.
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