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tilt I am the laziest person on earth about dental hygiene. But that shouldn’t surprise you if you have read my blog for very long cause I am lazy about a whole host of things. But the dental hygiene thing really bugs my hubby. He brushes all day long, flosses, sees a dentist 3 times a year and still has a mouth full of cavities. Me? I brush once a day, floss once a year and haven’t seen a dentist in way too long to admit out loud. No cavities or dental problems to speak of. Of course, all my teeth will most likely fall out at 53, but by then I am counting on someone to invent some fake teeth that look spectacular. Or maybe I will go for a grill, gangsta style.

Anywho, I am all for dental products that kill a whole flock of birds with one stone. Yippee for Listerene Total Care. I typically just go for Listerene for a breath refresher after my midday nap. But did you know that it also prevents cavities, restores enamel, strengthens teeth, kills germs, and fights plaque. All with one little swish. I am thinking I might be able to give up brushing all together. What do you think?

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  1. So glad I’m not the only one who is lazy in the dental hygiene department. I love the all-in-one stuff too!

    Kates last blog post..My Wedding Ring

  2. That sounds like really good stuff, I think I’ll pick some up the next time I’m on the toothpaste isle!

    Denises last blog post..Things I LOVE Thursday….The Backyardigans

  3. well, your husband and mine would get along. I too am lazy about dental hygiene. And my hubby loves getting his teeth cleaned. he looks forward to it. crazy!!! :)

    I got four of these listerine when kmart doubled coupons. terrible taste, but for .50 who cares?

    LaVonnes last blog post..Things I Love Thursday

  4. This totally cracked me up – my husband LOOOOVES Listerine too. He especially likes the original orange stuff *blech* as he says it’s great for disinfecting canteens after field problems.

    Did you know that it is also a good lice prevention tool? A gal informed me of this recently – she spritzes it on her kids’ heads each morning before they head off to the lice-and-cold-and-flu factory. I mean, to school.

    Melonie K.s last blog post..Things I Love Thursday: Food

  5. Flossing is for losers. ;) Perhaps I should try this stuff, lest I join you with the gangsta grill…

    Kristi @ RunWatchPlayWaits last blog post..It’s made of plastic – it’s fantastic!

  6. That sounds like a winner. My boys could really use that too. Thanks for hosting!

    Liz@Hoosier Homemades last blog post..Exciting Announcement

  7. What a great product. But I would just add it into my brush once, floss 3 times a week routine. I hadn’t been to the dentist in ten years (yikes!!) and when I went I didn’t have any cavities and they only had to scrape (the worst part) behind my bottom front teeth. I told her that I would do just about anything to not come to the dentist. So, I’m thinking with this product…I may never have to go back! ;)

  8. I have a coupon for this, I might just have to check it out.

    Kaycees last blog post..Photo Editing on the Cheap

  9. You are too funny. I also hate dental hygiene. I have had a temporary in my mouth for almost 2 1/2 years. They are only supposed to last 3 months at the most.

    Hotomoms last blog post..Things I Love Thursday – Bean Bags

  10. This is just too funny! I love hearing about it from the “other” side. My husband is the one who bans toothpaste and thinks floss is for neurotics.
    Great post!!!

    Alycias last blog post..Things I Love Thursday

  11. I definitely think you should give up brushing all together! LOL

    Amandas last blog post..Feeding Our Families NATURAL FOODS – THE EASY WAY!

  12. If you decide to give up brushing, please don’t tell me. Just the idea of not brushing my teeth makes me gag a little.

  13. My husband is a huge fan of Listerine, but I just can’t tolerate its potentness (is that a word?). It’s just so strong…I guess that means it’s working!

    Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessingss last blog post..a little piece of heaven

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