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Infantino-BloggerBadge Ok so in addition to being a Frigidaire Mom and participating in the Diaper Pail Challenge, I have also been asked to be a Infantino Test Drive Mom. Which equals a lot of fun deliveries coming to my house with goodies to play with. Yes, you can hate me a little. But actually long before I had a blog I have always enjoyed trying out new products and letting other people know about them. I used to do a ton of survey programs and focus groups and basically anything where someone would let me spout out my opinion for a little incentive. I mean I am always spouting of my opinion anyway right?

I hadn’t really used Infantino products prior to being asked to join their test drive program, but I did always associate them with quality products. Now that I have tried their products I am really impressed. Now, it has been a while since I have purchased the big ticket baby stuff since all my kids have used hand me downs from the stuff I registered for 7 years ago (gulp, can we just have a moment of silence for how quickly my kiddos are growing up). But either things have gotten way cooler since then or Infantino has some brilliant solutions to the things that previously drove me nuts about my products.

When I first had Lily we lived in a tiny condo in Chicago. Tiny condo and ridiculous amounts of baby gear you think you must have in order to survive parenthood do not go well together. Your house becomes an obstacle course of sorts as you navigate your way through it all trying to decide what to use when. A lot of the stuff is big and bulky and the manufacturers seem to have a different idea of compact and portability than you do. I remember making drives to our parents house not knowing how we would fit some of this stuff in our car.

bouncy seat That was the first thing that struck me about two of the Infantino products I was given to try, the Fold and Go Bouncer and the Twist and Fold Activity Gym . When they claim that they are portable and easy to store, I really found it to be true. Not only that, but you don’t have to have a degree in engineering from MIT (to people go to MIT for engineering?) to figure out how to do so.

We don’t live in the condo anymore and frankly have a decent storage space in the basement so now the name of the game is portability. In this house, the bouncy seat moves from the kitchen floor while I cook to the upstairs bathroom while I shower to the basement so I can do an exercise video. The Fold and Go Bouncer folds flat with the click of a button as has a handle to carry from room to room. I don’t even want to discuss how bulky my old seat was. I ended up just getting a second one at a garage sale to have on each floor cause I got sick of lugging the thing around. Now both of the old ones have made their way into the garage sale pile.

The Twist and Fold Activity Gym also folds down easily into a fraction of its original size. twist and fold I love this because a play gym is one of those thing that are incredibly nice to take when you travel to grandma’s house or a hotel. And to collapse it you simply twist the top and it folds up easily. You can do it one handed if you need to. It collapses so well I can fit it under my couch and haul it out when I need it. My last activity gym technically folded flat, but it still was one giant square that had no desire to fold any smaller. Who wants to lug that thing around? So guess where the old play mat is? You guessed it, in the garage sale pile. Now if only Infantino could invent something to price all my garage sale stuff for me…..

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products to as part of my participation. I received no other financial compensation and as usual all opinions are mine.

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  1. Oh, I SO want that fold and go bouncer! Baby boy is 8 months and practically crawling, so he’s too big for it, but I forsee many future bebitos that would play in one. Ours takes up so much space and we can’t take it places easily :( A foldable one would be so cool!!! I know what I’m gonna invest in next time we have a new baby around here :)

  2. I just LOVE their baby toys! My twins had SO many of them when they were babies… so bright and vibrant. LOVE them!

    You’re a lucky mama! (I was a test mama for Evenflo)
    debi9kids recently posted…If I Had To Describe Iowa in One Word ~ FarmlandMy Profile

  3. Those sound really cool!
    Nancy M. recently posted…Things I Love Thursday- For My LaptopMy Profile

  4. I remember those diaper days, so glad I’m over that, :).

  5. I love fold n go stuff!! The closest thing we have is the Kidco PeaPod and it is amazing (since we travel a lot!). Thanks for the heads-up on these…if we have another baby, I’d love to try some out.

  6. The twist & fold gym looks really cute! Smart, stuff!
    mandi@itscome2this recently posted…Healthified favoritesMy Profile

  7. That would have been PERFECT for taking to on vacation this past week!
    Tricia (Once A Month Mom) recently posted…HELP! I Need to Get Organized!My Profile

  8. Today’s entry is a poem about strawberries!
    Wendy (The Local Cook) recently posted…This Is Just To SayMy Profile

  9. As someone who lives in a teeny, tiny place, those two things could be VERY beneficial!
    Christine (iDreamofClean) recently posted…Caring For Your Bathing SuitMy Profile

  10. Alissa Case says:

    Thanks again! I just added both of these to my baby registry!

  11. That looks like such a genius idea! I will have to get one for baby #2 (whenever that happens!) :)

  12. Super cute blog!!! :)

  13. That twist and fold gym looks amazing! It is such a frustration that our current gym only fold up so small, and seems to take a million years to do so. These gyms were both of my kids favorite toys and I may need to purchase one of these for the next one!
    Kim recently posted…Oh, My Aching WombMy Profile

  14. It’s amazing how much stuff the little ones need and for such a short time.

    First time TILT–thanks for the linkies!

  15. Hey Neighbor! Always fun to join you on TILT! You should come walking this way sometime. Bring some pics from your trip). Enjoy the sunshine!
    Cindy :)
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