Things I Love Thursday- Hidden Valley Ranch

  I am a firm believer that all the world’s problems could be solved over food. And I am also a firm believer that nearly all the world’s food tastes better when slathered in Hidden Valley Ranch. In fact, just writing that is making me crave a big basket of fries that I can dip in some right now. Ketchup, step aside, you ain’t got nothin’ on Hidden Valley Ranch. And don’t even try and pass off some imitation Ranch or even worse, low fat ranch. If you are going to serve ranch is has got to be the full fat, Hidden Valley kind. I can spot and imitator a mile a way.

Hidden Valley Ranch has launched a new site to encourage children and parents to eat more veggies. Did you know that they ran a study in which kids at 23% more veggies when paired with ranch dressing. Unfortunately I eat 23% more of everything when paired with ranch dressing. But I think most parents could use a little help getting their kids to step up their veggie intake.

But their mission isn’t just to get kids to slather their veggies in dressing. It is actually to educate families on eating healthier across the board. They have programs geared towards gardening, meal planning, shopping and cooking all with the aim of healthier eating. Even cooler they recognize that poorer communities often have less access to healthy food and have provided $15,000 nutrition grants to 10 schools to provide better access to fresh produce.

Finally, as part of their initiative, Hidden Valley Ranch is sponsoring a contest in which ten lucky winners will receive an all-expense-paid trip to Chicago for classes and lessons on selecting and cooking the best vegetable dishes, dinner at Chef Smith’s restaurant, Table Fifty-Two, plenty of pampering, and $5,000 to create or maintain a community garden. Does that not sound incredibly awesome??!! Cool cooking class and money aside, that’s 2 days of child free Chicago-ing. Yes, I know that isn’t a word and makes little sense, but do you see what the words “All-expense-paid trip to Chicago” do to me?

To enter, head over to the Love Your Veggies website and answer a few questions about how you would use the $5000 for a community garden and what you hope to get out of the weekend.  You also have to upload a picture of a garden that inspires you. I would upload anything with live plants cause that is inspiring to me. My garden is a pitiful weed infested nightmare. I am contemplating entering, but I fear when they learned of my inability to keep even a simple houseplant alive, they would disqualify me on the spot.

So link on up ladies (or gentlemen, we don’t discriminate). And tell all your friends, and your friend’s friends. Let’s shut down Mr. Linky with all of our linky love!! Ok, let’s shoot for 10 then…


  1. I wish i could grow a garden – unfortuantely my back yard is read clay mud.

    Gee thanks, now you have me craving fries dipped in ranch!

    Brookes last blog post..The wedding – the finale

  2. Allie says:

    I love ranch too!!!! And hidden valley is the BEST!!!

  3. I love Hidden Valley Ranch! I use it on everything. It’s actually the only way I will eat veggies.

    mom_of2boyss last blog post..Things I Love Thursday – YakTrax WinterTrax Shoe Slip-ons

  4. Ooh! You are so right…it HAS to be Hidden Valley!

  5. I swear I don’t know what that is in the box above! Hidden Valley Ranch has been a staple at my house (apartment back then) since 1984 when I worked at a steakhouse and that was the house dressing. It came as a dry mix and the kichen whipped it up with buttermilk and mayonnaise. It tastes just as delicious now as it did the!

    Jacquelyn@Because I Said So!s last blog post..What Mummy wants for Christmas #1

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