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TILT I have mentioned many a time that we are big road trippers in our house. And we also might just be the last people on the planet who don’t have a DVD player for our car. I am not totally opposed to a little electronic entertainment, but I have such fun memories of “car games” in the road trips we took growing up. Then again I also have memories of taking naps in the back window of the car while we flew down the highway so some memories are best not repeated.

But my girls can get really creative in the car. They count how many red cars they see, play the alphabet game with road signs, make up stories, tell jokes, read books, sing songs. Sometimes we even, gasp, interact with each other. That being said, we have been known to pack an iTouch, a V. Reader or even a video or two if they are lucky enough to get to take a road trip in Grandma and Grandpa’s car with the DVD player. We just try and balance things toward the side of no electronic entertainment. (The same can not be said of the adults in the car who are obsessively checking their Blackberries and Droids-it is a sickness)

hasbro I was really excited when Hasbro contacted my about reviewing a few of their travel games. We are board game junkies in this house and I love the idea of taking them on the road. And Hasbro has launched the new Pocket Pogo games which are handheld electronic travel games letting my kids feel like they are playing video games in the car.

The easiest one for my 6 year old to master was Connect 4 Pocket Pogo. It uses touch screen technology (which my children are freakishly adept at-seriously, they are going to out pace me on technology by age 9) to drop checkers into the grid just like the “real life” game. We also got Scrabble Pocket Pogo which is a little too advanced for my kids, but I love that you can battle the computer so you don’t need another player to play. There are three different levels and I apparently need to brush up on my dictionary reading because the computer is kicking my butt.

By far my favorite travel game isn’t the electronic one (see, I am quite old school). The new Boggle is an ingenious design for travel. All the letters are in the case and you twist it to raise the case up. Shake it a bit to move the letters around. Then twist it back and it locks everything in place. Bonus, unitended use? I keep it in the car to give to the baby when he is fussy. It is like a giant rattle for him. Again, this is a little advanced for my girls, but I have been practicing with the six year old and it is a good challenge for her. I can’t wait until we can play for real. I am sure she will be easily beating me in about six months.

Also, I should mention that one of my favorite things about Hasbro is that encourage family time by playing board games. I seriously could not love this message more. We all (me WAY included) need to unplug a bit and have some good old fashioned fun and for me, board games are at the top of that list. So thank you Hasbro for that reminder. Lily owes her future career as a Donald Trump-esque real estate mogal to her marathon Monopoly sessions with her dad. Hopefully she will let me live with her in the penthouse when I am old and feeble.

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  1. Hasbro contacted you?? How cool is that?! I always knew mommies get better deals than daddies.. lol

  2. My First Time to Link Up. Yeah!
    QuatroMama recently posted…Veggie Tales In Real LifeMy Profile

  3. Yay for family game time!! We try and do it every night, but it doesn’t happen as often in the summer. Maybelle could play Uno by the time she was 3. My kids are crazy jealous of people who have one of those “TV cars!” but they will look back one day and realize how much fun they had without it. I hope… :)
    Jen @ BigBinder recently posted…Things I Love Thursday – laundry it’s true…My Profile

  4. love on-the-go games! thanks for the suggestions. happy THURSDAY!
    mamahall recently posted…summer candyMy Profile

  5. Love on the go games…. and with the electronic versions… no itty bitty tiny pieces to get lost under the car seats. :)

    And I linked up to TILT this week!
    Kelli recently posted…Things I Love Thursday – Air Zoo!My Profile

  6. I love board games. We sometimes had family game night growing up. We rolled our eyes and groaned, but it was just a cover. Both my brother and I are big fans of Yahtzee. And Sorry. And Scrabble.
    Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect recently posted…Location- location- location- Its not just for real estateMy Profile

  7. That Boggle game sounds AMAZING. I have to look it up!
    Audrey recently posted…Through the PentatuchMy Profile

  8. We also love board games. :) That is great that the Hasbro has awesome travel games.

  9. Love your family game ideas! You rock, Jill! Have a Thrilling Thursday!!
    Cindy :)
    Cindy recently posted…Things I Love Thursday- Divine Design &amp GIVEAWAYMy Profile

  10. Newbie here! Love your game ideas! We are planning our first long car trip with the kiddos and will def have to try some out! =0)
    Scarlet recently posted…Things I love ThursdayMy brother LoganMy Profile

  11. I too love those ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love board games! I think it is an awesome idea to have a family game night, or just play games with your kids!! I hope your post inspires others to do the same!
    Georgia recently posted…Camera Critters Florida Style!My Profile

  13. How fun! We love board games too ;o) Although right now it’s just hubby & I! I will definitely file this for when we have kids ;o)
    Lisa♥H recently posted…Things I Love Thursday!My Profile

  14. I’m starting to notice that almost all of your posts are reviews of something you’ve been provided: games, diaper pails, food, etc. This wasn’t true a few months ago. While it’s your blog, and you can post what you want, I’ll just say that I don’t like this format at all. The occasional (once or twice a month) product review is fine, and I do it too on my blog. But when EVERY post is a product review on a mommy blog (i.e. one that’s billed as being about a mom’s everyday life, NOT specifically about product reviews), it’s just too much. I’m thinking about unsubscribing because that’s just not what I’m looking for right now. Please think about seeking some balance in your blogging topics, because I do honestly like to hear about your family and opinions on other subjects, but I’m getting tired of reading review after review.
    Kate recently posted…Family Life UpdatesMy Profile

  15. I do love board game time. It’s hard with teenagers to find time to sit down and play. But we have a tradition to play often during Christmas break. It’s cold out and we are all in together. Not sure how that happened, but it just did.
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  16. My first link-up! Woohoo!

  17. Sorry I linked up twice- first one didn’t work.
    I love the idea of taking games on the road. These sound like a lot of fun the next time we take a road trip. We have a DVD player, but I try to save it until we’re all about to go crazy because I don’t want them watching it the whole time we’re on the road.

  18. Alison@StretchMyCheck says:

    I remember Loooooong trips in the car with my family attempting to sleep or I thought I’d die of boredom. Now, I am a parent who relies on the DVD player in the car for my son. Long trips with him are miserable without it mainly because he is 2 and doesn’t like to stop moving for anything ;-)

    Thanks for the insights into other options! And I liked up for Things I Love Thursdays!

  19. Nothing like a good travel game to pass the time! Took one to Europe with me and the hubs several years back. Made the train rides that much more fun!
    Sarah recently posted…Television Sweet- glorious televisionMy Profile

  20. I love board games too! I feel like my kiddos aren’t quite old enough for them –though they do enjoy a few. I can’t wait for them to age a bit and we can sit around and play as a family.
    Olivia recently posted…Fifth GradeMy Profile

  21. Natalie says:

    I am like you, I don’t have a dvd player in our car, but I did borrow one once for a long road trip. I loved taking road trips when I was kid and we had all kinds of fun on the go games. As my kids get older I hope to keep the same traditions.
    Natalie recently posted…The Truth About ParentingMy Profile

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