Things I Love Thursday- Happy Baby Food (GIVEAWAY)

Back in the day when I only had one child and apparently a lot more time on my hand, I made all Lily’s baby food from organic produce. And it isn’t that it is that hard, it is just that now that I am making homemade bread, granola, granola bars and everything else. We feed Silas some table food, but we also like to give him purees here and there, especially when we are out and about. And in light of the rest of the family’s whole food revolution, we want to give him the good stuff too.

I am really thrilled to have been given the chance to try out Happy Baby Food. I hadn’t heard of them before but I found out that they are the leading premium brand of baby and toddler meals in the U.S. And premium it is. Seriously, I was blown away by this stuff. I tried several different types and varieties of their food and was impressed with nearly all of them. Here is my run down:

  1. Happy Baby Frozen Food: Baby food frozen in little cubes that can be reheated and served individually. I loved that I could serve as few or as many as I liked. And the flavors were amazing. Seriously, I would eat these. Silas was introduced to flavors I would never dream of serving as baby food. This was by far my favorite thing Happy Baby offered.
  2. Happy Bellies: Organic baby cereal may be offered by other companies, but this is fortified with DHA and probiotics. Other impressive facts? The grains used in their cereal were grown with no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no genetically engineered ingredients. Also they were created with Dr. Sears. He is a pretty big deal.
  3. Happy Puffs: Again, other companies make these, but they don’t make these 100% organic. Also these are made with whole grains and have 1/2 the sugar of the “other brands”. The other thing I really love is that they come in green packaging.
  4. Happy Melts: Ok these we all fought over. And Silas frankly barely got to eat any of them because my older girls kept sneaking them out of the cabinet. They are freeze dried yogurt little slices of delicious. They truly melt in your mouth so they are perfect snacks for babies.
  5. Happy Bites: And this is where my love affair ended. Although I loved the idea behind these toddler meals that were filled with hidden veggies (a la sneaky chef), my kids did not go for them. We sampled the chicken nuggets, salmon stix and mac and cheese. They just weren’t that tasty. It could be that we are too used to the fast food variety and need to be on the real food wagon a bit longer, but they just weren’t popular in my family.

You can buy these products online or you can search for a store near you. Or you can win some right now!! Happy Baby has offered one of my readers a Happy Baby gift pack.

To win (MANDATORY), simply leave a comment telling me what you do to feed your kids nutritious foods.

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  1. I make most of Aiden’s baby food except when we are on the go, then I feed him gerber (he won’t eat the walmart brand stuff, lol, it is GROSS!!!)
    I like to mix coconut milk in the food I make Aiden, to add in some healthy fats and nice flavor.
    Making baby food is SO easy when you have a baby like mine who eats anything and loves foods with lots of texture :) We have a green baby food grinder (the plastic has fewer possibly dangerous chemicals than other baby food grinders), and whatever we are eating that Aiden can tolerate, we grind up to feed him :) He loves to eat ‘big people’ food!

  2. My baby is getting ready to start solid foods and my plan is to make as much of his food as I can! I got a nice big processor for Christmas and I can’t wait to put it to use!

  3. OK don’t enter me – obviously I don’t need any baby food – but it’s good to know that the baby food scene has evolved since mine were eating it. Wait, my kids only ate baby food for 5 weeks and were on to the real stuff.
    .-= Jen @ BigBinder´s last blog ..Designer Imposters =-.

  4. Christie says:

    I get my niece and nephew to help me make the food…then they are proud of it and want to try it.

  5. I don’t have a baby anymore, but know plenty of folks to share with who do.
    We try to do lots of fresh and less packaged foods for the Princess (and the entire family). We are on the Food Revolution!
    .-= Kathy @House of Hills´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday: The Princess Loves to Read =-.

  6. HappyBaby food is the best! and don’t you want the best for your baby?! pure. organic. natural. nutritious. you don’t even want to know what’s in the jarred stuff. blek!
    and the company is really responsible when it comes to packaging, recycling, and helping the planet. LOVE HAPPYBABY!

    thanks for a great giveaway!

    {yes, i’m a little biased but still true.}

  7. I buy lots of produce…organic when I can find it. I make (almost) all my own baby food, including cereal. For my toddler, I just make sure that she eats fruits and veggies at every meal.
    .-= Chris´s last blog .."That" mom =-.

  8. I have been trying everything with my super picky eater! I mix flax seed or hemp seed in his yogurt and oatmeal. I also give him Juice Plus+ gummies to help him get more fruits and veggies. He will eat fruit all day long, but will not allow a vegetable to pass his lips.
    .-= Amy@ClickClackMom´s last blog ..Pregnancy Weight Gain =-.

  9. Sherry says:

    Oh, how neat! :D I’ve never heard of them. I used to make my own baby ice cubes with food I made for mine when they were little. :D
    .-= Sherry´s last blog ..Life, In Spite of Me =-.

  10. Well, so far, the only food my son has had is breastmilk, which is super nutritious! But he’ll be starting on solids soon…
    .-= Alicia´s last blog ..I Heart Frog and Toad {Giveaway} =-.

  11. I linked up!
    .-= Alicia´s last blog ..I Heart Frog and Toad {Giveaway} =-.

  12. I follow on Twitter (AliciasTweeting).
    .-= Alicia´s last blog ..I Heart Frog and Toad {Giveaway} =-.

  13. I subscribed via RSS.
    .-= Alicia´s last blog ..I Heart Frog and Toad {Giveaway} =-.

  14. nicolerenae says:

    For my older kids I made most of their baby food myself, and I plan to do that for my son when he starts eating solids too. To get my older kids to eat nutritious foods I tell them it makes them stronger and really praise them for eating such healthy foods!

  15. nicolerenae says:

    I subscribe by email! Thanks for the giveaway, I’d love to try this baby food!

  16. I have started making green smoothies and my daughter, who won’t touch a vegetable with a 10-foot pole LOVES them and requests them often! I always giggle as I add an entire cup of spinach to my strawberry peach (or banana) smoothies! :)

    I have a baby on the way and would LOVE to try these products! I have never heard of them, but will definitely be checking them out whether or not I win the giveaway!
    .-= Devion´s last blog ..NAME! =-.

  17. I am a subscriber, too!
    .-= Devion´s last blog ..NAME! =-.

  18. JESSI HANSEN says:

    I’m making homemade baby food this time around

  19. JESSI HANSEN says:

    Already a subscriber!

  20. Tamara Sz says:

    I really try to make sure that my son is getting mostly whole-grains. I also love to make my own yogurt and he loves to eat it plain!

  21. Tamara Sz says:

    I subscribe to Diaper Diaries via email!

  22. Tamara Sz says:

    I Follow Happy Baby Food on Twitter!

    ID: @szogediek

  23. Tamara Sz says:

    I Follow Diaper Diaries on Twitter!

    ID: @szogediek

  24. My kid will not eat veggies of any kind lately, so smoothies it is for her! Can’t wait to start picking up our kale in a couple weeks! They are great for the smoothies…
    The boy will likely eat all homemade purees once the time comes.
    .-= anne´s last blog ..My Girl =-.

  25. I think my 9-month old is getting sick of Joe’s O’s (cheerios), so I may try those Happy Puffs.

    To help my kids eat well, I eat well in front of them! The baby and toddler both generally want to eat what I am eating. We try to keep junk food to a minimum within our home.

    I recently posted on some foods that I have found to be “baby-friendly” foods — regular foods we feed our baby to avoid buying (and throwing away) too many special things just for baby.
    .-= Betsy (Eco-novice)´s last blog ..GIVEAWAY and Book Review: The Eco-nomical Baby Guide =-.

  26. I try to try new things with my son while feeding him. He is sort of picky though! I have a 4 month old that I’ll start feeding soon. We’ll see how he does!! :)
    .-= Kama´s last blog ..38 Bucks =-.

  27. I subscribe to your blog.
    .-= Kama´s last blog ..38 Bucks =-.

  28. Lindsey says:

    right now I’m making all my baby food.

  29. Lindsey says:

    I subscribe.

  30. I try to offer my kids a variety of choices. Lots of fruits and veggies along with some new things that they may or may not like. Overall, they end up choosing a well balanced diet.

  31. I make her food. I offer fruits and veggies equally and try to balance it out. For my older children, I limit sweets and refined sugars. I do do things ala sneaky chef. My kiddos love lentil choco chip cookies

  32. Emily says:

    We try to err on more veggies than fruits in the baby food, even though if it were me I’d rather eat more fruits…also our older daughter had to eat something healthy at all meals…she may not do away with the junk but at least I know she is eating something good. Doubt I will win any awards for the healthy eating at our house but at least we are trying!!

  33. Food, Inc. has revolutionized the way we eat. Grass fed beef, free range chicken/eggs, no more HFC syrup, and no more fully or partially hydrogenated ANY thing. That is TOUGH to do, after eating what most consider ‘normal’ food for so many years, but we are making it–little steps at a time! I plan on making my own baby food with Lola, my fourth child (3 months) and our only girl :), but this stuff sounds great in a pinch. Thank you for the giveaway.
    .-= Devin´s last blog ..Giveaway–HERE!! =-.

  34. Oh, and I don’t know if this counts, but I already subscribe through my google reader.
    .-= Devin´s last blog ..Giveaway–HERE!! =-.

  35. And I follow you on Twitter too!
    .-= Devin´s last blog ..Giveaway–HERE!! =-.

  36. HA! I had an EcoMOm organic giveaway on my blog this week and was bummed I can’t enter it. So I have this!

    We do organic fruit and pretzels and cheese sticks.

    Fingers crossed.

  37. My kiddos eat pretty well. I try to be sure that they eat a good variety of healthy foods their first year. After that they have to try each food served at a meal.
    .-= Kristy´s last blog ..Nate’s First Word =-.

  38. Heather says:

    To feed my kiddos nutritious meals I only offer them nutritious options. :)

  39. Heather says:

    I subscribe to you rblog! :)

  40. Christie says:

    Email subscriber!

  41. chrissyb says:

    We buy organic fruits and veggie and then make our own baby food. Plus we still feed him breastmilk as well.

  42. chrissyb says:

    Follow you on twitter @lilbabybootie

  43. chrissyb says:

    Follow happy baby on twitter @lilbabybootie

  44. My son used to eat everything nutritious but now that he’s older he’s pickier and wants more junk. To get him to eat more nutritious foods, I usually have to hide it…like in chicken pot pie or soups.

  45. I’m an email subscriber

  46. I buy only nutritious foods so my daughter has no choice but to eat it or go hungry!

  47. I subscribe via email.

  48. What I really try to focus on with my kids is variety. It’s funny, I swear my kids would eat the same foods everyday if I allowed them to do so. Even if the food is healthy, it’s important to have a wide variety for the nutritional benefits. I can’t wait to try some of the freeze dried yogurt you mentioned too for me and my kids! Ha!
    mcdonalds menu recently posted…How many calories are in mcdonalds new smoothiesMy Profile

  49. whoa, thanks so much for posting this! It is going to aid me when I research Organic Baby Food at the grocery store! Wonderful!

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