Things I Love Thursday- Girl Scout Cookies

Read the title, stand up and give them a standing ovation. Or at least shout out an Amen. Tis the season. Where you get to help out some cute little girl in uniform in exchange for a little box of heaven. I can polish off a sleeve of thin mints like nobody’s business. Samoas? I can never eat just one. Don’t even get me started on the Tagalongs. They are just one more thing that is evidence of a good, good God.

This year Girl Scout has introduced a new cookie. Normally I say, don’t mess with perfection. But as long as they don’t mess with the aforementioned cookies I say why not add to the cookie goodness. The “Thank You Berry Munch” cookie is a crispy cookie filled with dried cranberries and white fudge chips. And they are quite good.

I am not always a fan of a crispy cookie. But I really enjoyed how crispy this one was. It just fit with the ingredients. I will say this has a very sweet berry taste. Which might not be for everyone. But I thought they were a refreshing cookie. Does that even make sense? That is the best way I can describe them. And because they were really sweet I found I didn’t have the trouble of wanting to eat the whole box. I could easily stop after like three. Four at the most. Which I think shows real restraint and is probably a really good thing. Cause downing a sleeve of thin mints in record time isn’t good for anyone.

Girl Scout cookies are available from your local girl scouts through Mar. 31. You can find out how and where to order at the Girl Scout cookie website. My sample of the new Thank You Berry Munch cookies were provided to me by the Girl Scout’s of Nassau County who apparently constructed the tallest free- standing structure made of individual Girl Scout Cookies and set a world record. I can’t even imagine being present for that clean up mission. Never has clean up been so delicious…..

What are you loving this week? Please don’t say something sweet, because this post was PAINFUL to write after giving up sweets for Lent. I was practically salivating writing it. Anyway, link up whatever it is (including delicious, delicious sweets) below. Please remember to link directly to your TILT post, not just to your blog. And make sure to hop around and visit other bloggers and show them some comment love. Here are all the Things I Love Thursday guidelines if you need further help.


  1. Oh I absolutely love Girl Scout Cookies. I need to go track down the girls in our neighborhood who are girl scouts and order some cookies. :)
    .-= Upstatemomof3´s last blog ..Stupid Snow =-.

  2. I so far have stayed away from girl scout cookies, but twitter, and posts like these have been making me think about them more and more! lol so not good for my diet!
    .-= Jen-After the Alter´s last blog ..Happiness Wins!: A Valentine’s Day Story =-.

  3. Ahhh! It’s my first time to play and I accidentally left w/ butterflies on my link! So embarrassed!

    Anyway, I love the chocolate with peanut butter cookies. I don’t have the official name memorized but trust me my love for them is true.

    I just read the post on why you love your husband:) Laughter is the best medicine!
    .-= Adventure Mom Janna´s last blog ..Pretty Crib Bedding and a Chance to Win Toys! =-.

  4. Ohhh, I love me some Girl Scout cookies! Now that I think about it, I can’t wait until our ordered boxes come in… I’m drooling! My favorite type have to be the Lemonades… only trouble is – they’re my husband’s favorite too. So we either have to order ten boxes, or fight over them. ;)
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..Works for Me Wednesday: Paper Plates =-.

  5. Whoops! I totally posted about cookies! I also like cheese popcorn. And salt and pepper potato chips!
    .-= Courtney´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Birthday Breakfast =-.

  6. Oh, it is that time of the year again! Time that I need to find a new secret Girl Scout Cookie hiding spot!! It’s getting harder and harder to come up with a new location from the Hubs! I wonder if I have time to build a top secret outdoor bunker?
    .-= Diann @ the Thrifty Groove´s last blog ..Vintage + Thrifty + Pretty + Functional = Happy Diann! =-.

  7. I was never a huge Girl Scout Cookies fan, or so I thought, until I moved overseas where there are no girl scouts. Pity. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts on lent- I grew up Baptist, so I feel ya on the not knowing much about it thing.

    I am so sorry, by the way- I accidentally linked to my blog and not my TILT post specifically. I PROMISE I’ll get it right next time.

    See you next time-

    Emily/Miss Mommy
    .-= Emily Malone´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday (Snack Traps) =-.

  8. I can’t have chocolate (sad, I know) so I loved the new GS cookie, too. I am still debating what to give up for Lent…a little late I know. I feel like going back to work was sacrifice enough to let myself enjoy sweets this year! Good luck!
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday: Fuzzy PJs =-.

  9. I’m kind of curious about the refreshing cookie. For some reason it makes me think there should be a wine pairing, but that is probably wholly inappropriate.
    .-= Jen @ BigBinder´s last blog ..I’m Ready! =-.

  10. nicolerenae says:

    I ordered a box of the Thank You Berry Munch, I’m glad to hear that you like them! I also ordered a few other kinds too:)

  11. I haven’t had a single person approach me about Girl Scout cookies. That is a first for me! Half of me is happy I don’t have to fight that temptation but the other side of me tempted that much more!
    .-= Jenny 867-5309´s last blog ..What is a booger? =-.

  12. Thankfully, we didn’t order too many cookies and it seems that while I was sick, most of them were polished off. Woo hoo! (at least the scale at WW will be happy)… and my jeans (they haven’t been too happy with me lately) :)

  13. YUM!! LOVE this time of year … somoas, thin mints & tagalongs (wait a minute is that the peanut butter w/chocolate covered??)

    Come find me girl scouts!!
    .-= Mandi @ It’s come to this´s last blog ..New home =-.

  14. hmmmmm I usually do the things I love on Friday perhaps I should switch to THURSDAY!

    and I did not buy any girl scout cookies…YET
    .-= Jessica Jones´s last blog ..An AD For Parenting =-.

  15. I always wish Girl Scout cookie season wouldn’t come between Valentine’s Day and Easter – I can just feel my hips getting bigger and bigger! But I do look forward to them and they are delicious the short time they last in our house.
    .-= Tired Mom Tesa´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Our Olympic Moment =-.

  16. We moved and no longer know any Girl Scouts to buy cookies from. While this may be good for my waistline it sucks for my general well-being! GS cookies make me HAPPY!!!
    .-= Lucy´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday: Camily Teed Photography =-.

  17. oh how I love me some Samoas!! YUM! a little bit Tardy for the Party but I finally got it up!
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday–MD Skincare daily alpha beta peels =-.

  18. Thanks for the heads up about the Girl Scout website–now I know there will be cookies, I mean Girl Scouts, outside my grocery on Saturday. :-)
    .-= Eos Mom´s last blog ..Resolution Progress Report =-.

  19. Somoa’s will always be my ultimate favorite GS cookie! I cannot wait until my order comes in…
    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..I made an old man cry… =-.

  20. Thanks for the reminder, I need to figure how sells cookies in our neighborhood. I can’t go without the Thin Mints!
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..Too Many Crafts =-.

  21. I absolutely love girl scouts cookies! They are so tasty! Whenever I see them selling their cookies on the street, I know it’s gonna be a good day. hee hee. Samoa’s those are the best!
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Top 5 Posing and Directing Photography Tips =-.

  22. I wandered over here after clicking a link on someone else’s blog…and just had to comment after reading your post.

    Girl Scouts have a new cookie?!?!? How did I miss that this year? They actually sound really delicious. I remember how disapointed I was the year that they changed all the cookie’s names — when I sold them they were Tagalongs and Samoas, Do-si-dos and Trefoils — so now it’s a bit bewildering to look at the order form and figure out what I want!
    .-= Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama´s last blog ..Photo Story Friday: The Comfort of a Silly Old Bear =-.

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