Things I Love Thursday- Fiber One Cereal (Plus a GIVEAWAY!!!)

TILT One of the biggest changes we made when we changed the way we ate as a family was to cut out cereal. I mourned that day because I love me some cereal. But it is jut filled with all sorts of stuff on our do not eat list. Well I grew very tired of eggs and oatmeal for breakfast so we have let a few cereals back into the rotation. But I am pretty selective in what got let back in. Anything Kashi (cause we love us some Kashi) and Fiber One.

Fiber One is so great in the morning because it is so filling. I like to throw a few frozen blueberries (organic frozen fresh this summer – yummo) to add a touch of sweetness and get a serving of fruits in my day. In my humble opinion it needs a little kick of sweetness and I discovered the reason why. It has zero grams of sugar. Zero. But it has 14 grams of fiber. Hence the filling part. According to the little percentages on box (which I am not sure mean a thing), that is 57% of our daily fiber recommendation. All I know is a lot of times I eat breakfast and am super hungry and snacky about mid morning. The combo of blueberries and Fiber One leaves me feeling nice and full.

Adding fiber to your diet can help you lose weight because you feel more full and are less inclined to eat. Not making cookies and eating spoonfuls of dough and “testing” handfuls of cookies before you give them to friends can also help you lose weight, but that is neither here nor there. I am always looking for ways to easily up my fiber and this one seems like a no brainer.

Do you want to try it yourself? Click on the coupon link below and you will either get a coupon for $1.10 off a box of cereal or possibly a coupon for a free box.

Want another chance at free stuff? I have a Fiber One “Help Take the Hunger out of Dieting” prize pack up for grabs that included Fiber One Original cereal, a cereal-on-the-go container, food scale, water bottle and notepad for tracking what you eat. I have really found keeping track of what I eat helps me lose weight. In fact it is the only thing that helps me lose weight. And I really want to start using a food scale to, but haven’t done so yet.

To win a prize pack of your own, leave a comment letting me know what works for you when trying to lose weight. You can get an extra entry for participating in Things I Love Thursday, but make sure to leave an extra comment because I will be drawing the winner from the comments. Winner will be drawn at random Wed., Nov. 24th.

Disclosure: General Mills provided me with Fiber One products, information, and prize packs for review through MyBlogSpark. As always all opinions are mine.

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  1. My DD LOVES Fiber One cereals! When she was younger, we had to switch her over to all sorts of fiber-enriched foods and drinks for health reasons, and she is still so crazy about most of it! I haven’t really found that it helps me to lose weight though – or maybe that’s cause I can’t give up my ice cream addiction?? Lol
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  2. When I want something sweet (i.e., junk food), I make myself drink a glass of water and eat an apple, and then see if I still want the junk. This usually works, but I rarely have the discipline to do it. Other things — don’t buy junk food, or at least keep it in the garage or on a high shelf so it’s harder to get to.
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  3. Water is the key for me, if I don’t drink enough, I eat too much. Great giveaway, I’ll try for that coupon, thanks!
    Debbi Does Dinner Healthy recently posted…Sweet &amp Spicy Chicken WrapsMy Profile

  4. one word: Agave
    … or maybe that should be two words: agave nectar.
    It’s much healthier than sugar and has benefits over honey even (although honey may have some benefits over it, too..)
    but it has much less of a ‘sugar rush’ impact on your body. I love it on cereal, it makes healthy cereal much more palatable (because honestly, what person in their right mind who grew up on fruity dino bytes would happily switch to a sugar free granola? lol) – and as long as you use it in moderation, agave nectar is pretty much guilt free!

    One thing i do when i’m trying to eat less – brush my teeth more often. It doesn’t work for hubby, but i have been known to refuse good food on an empty stomach because i just made my mouth all clean and don’t want to dirty it again ;)
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  5. too funny, my post today is about getting fit too! I am going to be starting the RevAbs 90 day workout program – stop by to try to win a set of your own!
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  6. nicolerenae says:

    I’ve been on the Zumba bandwagon…and I eat oatmeal every morning! I’d love to give fiber one a try!

  7. I made a list of my favorite blog reads….
    and yes, I love yours.
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  8. Theresa says:

    I would love to try it! Thus far I try to guess at the serving size and stick to that. I also cook mostly from scratch. Those are the two things that have helped me loose weight thus far.

  9. Christie says:

    I LOVE F1–I love that a half cup is 0 points on WW–a perfect snack when I’m hungry and need filled up but don’t have many points left for the day.

  10. I enjoy fiber 1 cereal for breakfast along with yougurt, drink lots of water and eat lots of cooked and raw veggies.
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  11. I wish it didn’t have aspartame in it….I try to stay away from artificial sweeteners.

    Thank you for your link up today!! :)

  12. My first TILT!
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  13. Lori S says:

    I try to prepare all of my food the weekend before.