THings I Love Thursday- Evenflo Comfort Select Breast Pump (and a GIVEAWAY!!)

tilt We’re talking boobies today people. So the gentlemen readers might want to avert their eyes. Cause we are just talking about them, there will be no actual showing of boobies. See how quickly that gets rid of the men. Let me start out by saying I am super pro breast feeding. I am not the crunchiest of people, but I do believe the breast is best and breast fed both my girls. Lily very successfully and Hannah with mild success. But in either case at some point you have to make friends with a pump.

Whether it be when you go back to work or simply so you can actually have a date with your hubby in clothes that don’t have spit up on them, pumping can be a great way to continue to give your baby breast milk when you can’t be with them. In fact often times pumping is essential to help you breastfeed more successfully by helping to increase your milk supply.

With the other two babies I had a Medela that a friend had loaned me (which I know is supposedly a no-no, but seriously, those babies are expensive). It is a great pump don’t get me wrong, but it was a bit much for me who just wanted to make a bottle or two on occasion. And I found all the tubes and stuff unwieldy. So I was really excited when I was asked to try out the new Evenflo Comfort Select breast pump. It has all sorts of features that I love and seems super easy to use.

Obviously I haven’t “technically” used it. That would be crazy unpleasant. But I have assembled it and played with it a bit and it is great. First off, it scores super high points for being BPA free. Secondly, I love that it has a “nipple adapter” to ensure a comfortable fit. That was incredibly awkward to say, but anyone who has pumped knows of which I speak. It also has two pumps which saves a whole lotta time and energy.

Mom Central was kind enough to give me an extra pump as well as two boxes of nursing pads to give away to a lucky reader. All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment. So simple. Want a second entry? Participate in my weekly carnival, Things I Love Thursday. The guidelines can be found here. The last 3 winners of a Thursday contest have won because of their extra entry. To get it you must link to your post in Mr. Linky AND leave an extra comment telling me you did so. Got it? Two comments. I will draw a winner using comments so that is the only way to get two entries.

On top of that Mom Central is giving away 3 more breast pumps. To enter for those, head on over to their website and leave a comment sharing a pumping tip with the other moms. Seriously, you should spend some time there either way, there are some great tips. Their contest ends Monday May 4, mine ends the evening of Wednesday May 6. Four chances to win. Is this a great contest or what???


  1. I’m still breastfeeding my youngest….a pump would be very handy, maybe Hubby & I could actually go somewhere ALONE!

    Denises last blog post..Things I LOVE Thursday…Happy Hour at Sonic

  2. I linked up for Things I LOVE Thursday!

    Denises last blog post..Things I LOVE Thursday…Happy Hour at Sonic

  3. Amanda says:

    All I have is a single manual pump, so winning this would be awesome!!

  4. I am just 9 weeks away from having my first baby and I am totally clueless when it comes to choosing a breast pump! I would LOVE to win this!! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Rachels last blog post..WFMW– Free and Frugal Things That Just Make Me Happy!

  5. i’m 22 weeks, so this would be a great win! thanks for the chance!

    katherines last blog post..how i met your father: our love story, part xiv

  6. I just linked up with your linky! Sorry I didn’t use the button– I’m not smart enough to figure that part out yet. :-)

    Rachels last blog post..WFMW– Free and Frugal Things That Just Make Me Happy!

  7. Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting says:

    I’m breastfeeding my youngest, this would come in SO handy! Thank you and Mom Central! :)

    Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parentings last blog post..Disney, Thankfulness, Kids and Mumblings

  8. Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting says:

    linked up :)

    Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parentings last blog post..Disney, Thankfulness, Kids and Mumblings

  9. I am a non-crunchy but breastfeeding Mama as well. Currently using my Medela Pump In Style Advanced…but have a sister who is due in 8 weeks AND has an adopted baby boy due to arrive in August!

    This girl NEEDS a pump!

    Amanda- VintageDutchGirls last blog post..Tuesdays Unwrapped – Itty Bitty Baby Spit Up…

  10. I couldn’t live without my pump when my kiddos were born. I had some crazy issues with breastfeeding, but still wanted the kids to have my milk, so I pumped for 3 months. I borrowed one, too…it was just cheaper that way!

    Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessingss last blog post..i {heart} mod podge

  11. I linked up…I’ve been away for too long!

    Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessingss last blog post..i {heart} mod podge

  12. I Linkerooed up!

    Amanda- VintageDutchGirls last blog post..Tuesdays Unwrapped – Itty Bitty Baby Spit Up…

  13. I would love to to give that pump a try. My pump kind of stinks.

    Upstatemomof3s last blog post..Love Being All Natural

  14. And I am linked up!! :)

    Upstatemomof3s last blog post..Love Being All Natural

  15. This is the most awesome giveaway EVER! Thanks!

    Brandy T.s last blog post..Life starts again…

  16. Hi! I’d love to be entered in the contest!

    Stephanies last blog post..Who wants to see Baby Goetsch?

  17. I love this pump, I had a friend who used it and thought it was great…I wanna win!

  18. Come on Breast Pump!

  19. I’m due with my 1st in about 6 weeks and I NEED this!! Pick me, pick me!! :)

    Lucys last blog post..Oops, I Did It Again!

  20. Megan says:

    I’m also due in 6 weeks with my first! How funny. Unfortunately this little one doesn’t seem to want to wait. I would love to not go the full 40 weeks (because I’m selfish and uncomfortable!), but I certainly don’t want this baby to come now!

  21. What a great giveaway!

    bps last blog post..Thankful Thursday: Courage

  22. Id love to win that pump!

    Kristys last blog post..A Prickly Situation

  23. Sandi says:

    Oooh, I miss breastfeeding! Looking forward to another baby soon. Thanks!

  24. I, too, borrowed a breast pump from a friend. However, when we are in the hospital they gave us our own box of the stuff that would have needed to be sterilized, so I only needed the Medela pump and the tubes. They are so expensive that we wouldn’t have been able to afford one of our own at the time!

    Taiyas last blog post..Things I Love Thursday-Crystal LIght To Go Packets

  25. Also added my name to the linky thingamajiggy. :)

    Taiyas last blog post..Things I Love Thursday-Crystal LIght To Go Packets

  26. Amanda says:

    I just retired my Medela which I used for 3 babies (was used for 2 other cousins previously) so I am in the market for a new pump! Great giveaway!

  27. nicolerenae says:

    I would love to win this! I’m hoping to put it to use in the near future:).

  28. Adam Shepherd says:

    I need a breast pump

  29. I am a BFing working mama, and I don’t love my Medela PIS. I’d love to try this one out! I need a GREAT pump for work.

    Vanderbilt Wifes last blog post..Remembering the Moments

  30. Just added myself to the list! I love things I love thursdays! A breast pump is a great givaway!

    Jen-After the Alters last blog post..Things I Love Thursday!: Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons

  31. Sign me up! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Kellys last blog post..Eating with a Spoon

  32. So I don’t need the pump since I already have one, I just had to say your post caused me to leak all over the darn place! Now I’m off to change…..

  33. We are having our 2nd in December and I would LOVE an upgrade from my previous pump!

    Betsys last blog post..31 Cent Scoop Night

  34. I’d love to win! I rented a hospital-grade pump with #1, and am hoping to use something a bit more friendly this time around!

    Jenis last blog post..WFMW: Washing Baby Socks

  35. I linked up for the first time – nothing like a breast-pump giveaway to get my attention! :-)

    Jenis last blog post..WFMW: Washing Baby Socks

  36. I would so, so love to win this! I’m expecting my third at the end of August…wasn’t expecting to have a third and got rid of my old pump after weaning my 2nd child!

  37. This would be so nice with the next kid. I just can’t find a pump that works the way I want!

  38. I need this badly. I have a 2 1/2 week old and I am hating my current breastpump. Mainly because it is a pain to put together every time I want to pump and it isn’t all that comfortable either.

  39. Would LOVE to have this, im due in July!!

  40. I love your blog :) It’s so fun!

  41. Oh man, this pump looks great, and am in need of a new pump since the one I borrowed my first time around will be back in use by its owner! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  42. What an awesome give-away. My breast pumping days are over, but my sister is having her first baby in June.

  43. Ok, I have a 13 year old(TODAY!!!)and my youngest is 8. I have no need of a breast pump. I assure you people that if by some slim chance I win it, it will be finding a home with needy new mom.
    This post did bring back many memories, though. Oh, those sweet baby days.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    jens last blog post..Happy 13th Davy! I love this kid!!!

  44. I participated in the carnival.

    Taylors last blog post..Things I love Thursday

  45. I have a medela and all the tubes can be bothersome. I am excited to hear about this one. Thanks for the entry.

    Taylors last blog post..Things I love Thursday

  46. Brenda Chesney says:

    Thank you for this article and chance to win. I am very pro breastfeeding and due with my first baby in November. I think a pump is a must but I am completely baffled as where to even start my research. And BPA free? Yay!!!

    Brenda Chesneys last blog post..Great green gifts for Mother’s Day!

  47. I’m entering, even though I already have a breast pump, cause if I win I’ll give the new pump away to our local crisis pregnancy center :)

    courtney@booksnboyss last blog post..The Total Gym XL

  48. I linked up of course – one of the best things about Thursday is this carnival!

    courtney@booksnboyss last blog post..The Total Gym XL

  49. oh, I really hope you pick me, I could sure use one of these in a few months :)

    Lanas last blog post..ouches :) and – my day!

  50. Brenda Chesney says:

    Linked Up and Wrote about Spring!

  51. I linked to “Things I Love Thursday”… for the first time!

    Kellis last blog post..Things I Love Thursday: Tracfone Review

  52. I am recently pregnant and this pump would come in handy. I plan to breastfeed!

    teresas last blog post..charlestheirishman:


    sunday in the…

  53. I love this post! LOL….breast pumps are most necessary when you are breastfeeding..especially if you want a date ALONE with hubby :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Mrs. Qs last blog post..WFMW: Not Brushing My Kids Teeth

  54. Jille says:

    Even though it’s been over a year since I stopped pumping, I can still hear the distinct sound of ‘the pump.’

  55. Annie M says:

    Son number one is 6.5 years old. He was breastfed and I, too, borrowed a pump from a friend. He had to have surgery at 1 month old and I couldn’t nurse him for over 24 hours and when I could, I had to start at 5 minutes one side only! Thank God for pumps! LOL!

    Son number two is due early August and it’d be great to have a pump of my own! They are so dog gone expensive!

  56. I’m pregnant with #2 and nursing wasn’t very successful with daughter number #1 due to many issues. I’m excited to try it again! Thanks for the contest!

  57. ashley says:

    I am 5 and a half weeks from having my first! I would love to get this FREE!! but if not it’s good to see that it doesn’t cost hundreds of $$. thanks!! :)

  58. I would love a new pump for my next little one- the one I borrowed with Izzy is now broken :( Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  59. I blogged and linked up about Crayola!

  60. Laura says:

    Is is weird that reading about pumping made my milk let down? Was that too personal? :-) A new pump would make it (a little) easier to leave my squishy new punkin with family for a night out with my hubby.

  61. Thanks for the opportunity!

  62. Taralyn Parker says:

    I would love a new pump! I am having a little boy in July and definitely need one! It was a lifesaver with number one!

  63. I am also due in 6 weeks with my second child. An electric pump would definitely come in handy when I go back to work.

  64. haley says:

    I am due in December and planning to breast feed. Thanks for the great giveaway!


  65. Due in November. My last breast pump got dropped and broke. Would love to win this!

    Courtney B.s last blog post..And The Videos

  66. My daughter is expecting this Nov. & she would love to have a breast pump… I’d love to be able to give this one to her.

  67. Cheryl says:

    What a cool contest! :-)

  68. katie k says:

    I would love to win! I will be needing one in the near future.

  69. I would love a pump! I pumped with my first because I had to be working part-time. I was not a fan of the pumping, so with my second I never pumped a drop. Now my 3rd is 6 months old and I’m thinking it would be convenient to leave a bottle for her sometimes. So, here’s hoping!

  70. Magali says:

    I’m about to have my first baby and we don’t have a pump yet so it would be nice if we win!!! :)

  71. This is such a fabulous giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! We are trying to plan ahead and this would be a great start.

  72. My sister-in-law needs a breast pump. I wish I win this giveaway. Thanks.

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