Things I Love Thursday- Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

 Why not just continue on with the theme of “my clean house” that we have begun this week? I am up to my eyeballs in a massive 6 family garage sale I am hosting tomorrow so hopefully this is coherent. I have blogged before about my love of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes (and the guilt I still carry over the environmental impact of using these babies), but I was asked to try the Clorox brand, and I thought, why not?

Verdict: I like these even better. Going into I figured a wipe is a wipe, but that is so not true. The smarties over at Clorox have made their wipe thicker and more textured which allows it to clean even better and last a little longer. FYI- it is also helpful to know that they are:

  • Effective against common bacteria such as Staphylococcus (Staph.), Salmonella, and E.coli*
  • Pre-moistened disinfecting wipes that kill 99.9% of germs including viruses that cause colds and flu
  • Sounds good to me. Nothing worse than a house full of sickies. Also I loved the scent. I was given lavender to try and yummy. I would not advice actually eating the wipe, but it smells really good and I prefer it strongly to the generic smell of anti-bacterial clean. You might too, unless you are my friend Jen, who believes your house isn’t really clean unless it stinks like bleach.

    Here is my note to the good people at Clorox. Recently, I have also tried Mr. Clean’s Disinfecting wipes (cause I scored them for free while doing a little Walgreening a few weeks ago-p.s. when you shop drugstores, like I do, their names become a verb) and their container kicks your container’s booty. So you should think about that. Cause right now it is a toss up for which one of you gets my life long disinfecting wipe loyalty. And if I made you both arm wrestle for it, I am thinkin’ he would easily win (check out those biceps!). And I know my loyalty is far too precious to throw away on an arm wrestling match (I warned you, FRIED BRAIN).


    1. oh you brave woman…a garage sale…I’d rather pull my eyebrows out than take part of a garage sale! I’m a fan of putting things on a curb with a sign that says “FREE”…that’s how much I hate them. You’ll deserve a double sized rice krispy treat for this one!!

    2. Nicole says:

      I”m with you on the Mr. Clean container of wipes…for that very reason, I had to choose the Mr. Clean ones, though I actually liked the Clorox ones the same as the Mr. Clean.

    3. kitchenscrapbook says:

      Oh, I love those things! That picture is exactly the kind I get, the yellow ones. I actually haven’t tried any other brand. And I haven’t tried the kind in the green container. I like those wipes for a quick bathroom cleaning every day. And to wipe off my kitchen counters (for the antibacterial feature) after washing them with a dishrag.

    4. My love for the clorox disinfecting wipes is deep and true :)

      I have a container in each ( HAH! Only.) bathroom, the kitchen, and Bubbalu’s room, for, you know…THOSE days.

      Although I tend to crave the bleachy smell, I could roll with some lavender…

    5. Oh, and I WISH I lived by you so I could stalk your garage sale, cause I love nothing more than a morning full of haggling over pennies…

    6. I’ve got these in my car, kitchen, and both bathrooms. Love them!

    7. Jill, as much as I love the clorox wipes, I have to say I love the Kirkland brand wipes at costco even better. If you haven’t tried them……DO………

    8. I LOVE these. Love love love them.

    9. I didn’t realize these now came in lavender. I don’t think I have seen them in my local store. I hope to try them out!

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