Things I Love Thursday- Cheating at Lunchtime

  I have mentioned it time and time again on this blog. I hate lunch. Everyday it sneaks up on me and I just stare at the cupboards and fridge waiting for something to make itself Mary Poppins style. And now add to the complication that Lily needs lunches packed for school. So I have to pack a lunch the night before when my brain cells are minimal and I really, really, really don’t want to be thinking about lunch. Don’t you just hate lunch?

So typically I am not a fan of over processed packaged foods. Well ignore the many TILT posts about food I love and know that really, truly, most of the time I try to shop semi-healthy and cook from scratch. Pinky swear. But lately I have been “cheating” a bit when it comes to lunches because I can’t be bothered to come up with something on my own. So here are a few of my recent faves for the kiddos.

  1. 100 Calorie Snack Packs: They are just easy and I don’t feel bad that my kids are eating piles and piles of crappy foods. Cause Doritos in small doses never killed anyone. However if late at night while watching TV you find yourself eating 4 bags of 100 Calorie Pack Doritos, you might have missed the point.
  2. Lunchables: Actually I am not even picky about who makes these. Cause just about everyone has ripped off Oscar Meyer including store brands. They are super easy to throw in a lunch box or car trip and usually even come with a little dessert. I try and use these sparingly for snack lunches cause they aren’t the cheapest, but if you can find a good sale, they are easy to stock up on. Yes, I could pull something like this off far more cheaply by putting something together myself, but it is worth the price to not be up at 11:30 the night before school trying to do so.
  3. Smucker’s Uncrustables:These things used to freak me out. Plus we don’t like white bread in this house. It is a no-no. I am actually proud to say that my kids are so used to wheat bread that they think white bread is gross. The crusts of all breads however, are apparently akin to brussel sprouts. So thank you Smucker’s for doing away with them and saving me the guilt of throwing perfectly good crusts away. And for coming out with a whole wheat Uncrustable in the super yummy PB and Honey flavor. These come frozen so you can pop them in a lunchbox and they are frozen by the time lunch rolls around. They also come in PB&J and grilled cheese varieties on white bread.
  4. Boca or Morning Star Farms “Chicken Nuggets”: I tried these today and was super pleased. I feel bad when we fall back on the McDonalds run for chicken nuggets when I REALLY hate lunch and don’t even make an effort. Who really knows what is in those things. Those delicious, delicious things. Seriously, I secretly like them, but know they are probably like 50% unchicken. So why not get something that really isn’t chicken and fool your kids into thinking it is. They aren’t as bad for you as typical chicken nuggets, but my kids were none the wiser. And since parenting really rests on the fine art of lying to your children (“No, that noisy annoying toy seems to be broken”, “Hmm, that dress you wore last week 3 days in a row seems to still be in the wash.” Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Binky Fairy, etc) I get a little thrill out of knowing I have pulled a fast one yet again :)

What is it you love? I can tell you I love reading what you love every week. Except it is resulting in me desperately wanting all those things. This carnival might be stimulating the economy through the need to buy every single thing you all love. So take that Washington!!

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  1. I don’t like lunch either. I usually snack on crackers and cheese but that gets old after a while. There is nothing wrong with a little balance of pre-packaged items and from scratch. :) My daughter had Campbell’s Disney Princess soup for lunch today, with some carrot sticks and apple slices. I will have to try those 100 calorie snack packs. I have been looking at them in the store!

    Donna @ The Frugal Mom Blogs last blog post..LookyBook.com….Take A Look At Picture Books For Free Before You Borrow Or Buy.

  2. Ugh. I’m just biding my time until all THREE kids are in school next year and I’ll have to make THREE of the silly things!

    I recently found some forgotten chicken nuggets from McD’s in my car that had been there for at least two weeks. And they weren’t rotten, just petrified. And then I wondered what they do in my kids’ stomachs. And then I decided I didn’t want to know! (Plus, I ate WAY too many of them when I worked at the dang place!)

  3. i’m right there with you on the 100 snack packs. they don’t last long. ‘specially the oreo ones and doritos.
    as far as bread goes, last month I made Sam a sandwich for school out of white bread I had in the freezer (which I never had, but was bought some) and he started crying that he wanted the “speckled bread”! made me feel good that he likes the wheat. And for crusts, Monday’s are crust days here. Everyone has to eat crusts on their sandwiches on Mondays (all other days it gets cut off). Weird, I know. :)

    jeans last blog post..debate results

  4. LOL! Yes, I find that 4 or 5 of the 100-calorie dorito packs makes a good Mama snack!

    And those uncrustables–I didn’t even know such a thing existed until my daughter told me about them. They have them as the fallback option in her school lunchroom. She was like, “There’s this wonderful sandwich. . .”

    Beckys last blog post..Around the House: Feather Wreaths (Use Sparingly)

  5. Now this is why I don’t do many photos. Those things just didn’t want to appear in my post they way they said they would in my preview. Oh, the lengths I go to to answer my comments! I love participating in this (maybe that’s a good topic!). Thanks for letting my join in.

    Debbies last blog post..Photographic proof of my love for Automotive paint

  6. Nothing wrong with easy!! I have the thing from Pampered Chef that you can use to make your own “uncrustables”. Princess Pigtails loves it. How are your girls with wraps? Again, Princess will eat almost anything in a wrap. I just tear a 10″ tortilla in half for her. That makes a perfect preschooler size sandwich.

  7. I got out of lunch by making a deal with my husband. I get all the kids ready for and dropped off at daycare, preschool and school but he has to make the lunches! He thinks he got the better end of deal, but I know the truth:).

    Trishs last blog post..Check it out!

  8. My son LOVES the Meijer brand “lunch-ables” especially the pizza and the nachos. Plus, they are only $1 – how great is that. In fact a few weeks back they went on sale for $.89.

    Jills last blog post..FANTASTIC DEAL

  9. sorry i missed out on the fun today. its getting close to crunch time (at work and with the wedding). i promise to rejoin the fun next week…or the next week…or after my honeymoon!

    ps i use to love lunchables as a kid! :)

    Brookes last blog post..Works for Me Wednesday: Dining Room Chairs

  10. Have you had the grilled cheese uncrustable? That one is a little creepy to me. We haven’t tried that one but I was ever so thrilled to read of wheat bread and PB and honey (YUM).

    Hotomoms last blog post..An important day!!!

  11. I cannot stand lunch either! One of these days I think I’ll just throw in the towel and give my whole family the option of peanut butter sandwiches or grilled cheese every single day.

    Kates last blog post..Banana Raisin Bread

  12. Jen@BigBinder says:

    I don’t have to worry about packing a lunch for two years. I am totally thankful for that…

    Jen@BigBinders last blog post..Menu Plan Monday

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