Things I Love Thursday- Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai

images.jpg Oh my, oh my, oh my, how I love me some Chai (I may have had a few glasses of wine so bear with me). Seriously I really love Chai Tea, but I don’t like the caffeine. It seems as though I am always craving it at night, and even a little tea after 8 keeps me up forever.

Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protien Vanilla Chai Tea has the teensiest bit of caffeine, but a whole lot of protien and all sorts of vitamins. It is also low fat and cholesterol free. It is so very yummy that I truly can’t get enough. I have tried many a chai tea in my time and this ranks right up there with the best.

To be fair to the Bolthouse people, they have all sorts of flavors which I am sure are yummy (my hubby has recently enjoyed the Mocha Cappuccino) but I really have no interest in even spending a nanosecond of my time sampling them when I could be enjoying the deliciousness that is their vanilla chai.

Please good people of Bolthouse send me a carton for plugging you on my humble little blog. I would be forever in your debt. In the meantime, I am savoring the big bottle I got today at the store.

Go check it out at a grocer near you in the produce department.


  1. canearl says:

    Since I buy everything you recommend I’ll be getting some this weekend :). I do have to say that so far everything you’ve recommended- from music to books and fiber one bars I’ve been happy.

  2. You are cracking me up. That first line made me laugh out loud because I could hear your voice saying it. I didn’t know that Bolthouse had such great flavors! Yummy!

  3. Yea! another excuse to try something yummy. I need an excuse to go to Target – do they sell them there??

  4. I’m gonna have to try this….I love Chai as well!

  5. I love the Berry Boost by Bolthouse, I crave that thick lovely berry goodness. I rarely venture past that flavor to try the others. Maybe I will give the chai a try.

  6. adventuremom says:

    I wish you would keep this a secret :) Every time I go to buy it they are down to one or sold out. I love this stuff and treat myself on every trip!

  7. I love Chai tea, too! I live where it’s hard to find things so I probably couldn’t find this product. But, maybe I can find it online.

  8. canearl says:

    Well I got a bottle tonight and I agree it’s great! Thanks for all the awesome “Things I Love” – although I think that my husband might have to ban me from your blog because it’s costing us some money :)!

  9. The 2 Witches says:

    We have tried this as well and enjoyed it very much. I have found it much cheaper at my local Sam’s Club for those who shy away at the price.

    Mama Kelly

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