Things I Love Thursday- Bissell Little Green

TILT When you’ve had kids for more than two seconds you realize something very quickly. Kids are messy. It starts with spit up and in true Diaper Diary fashion the occasional blow out that a diaper just can’t contain (seriously how does it get up to their hair?). Then they start on food and between spitting, flinging and that delightful little game of “if I throw this on the ground how many times will they pick it up?”. If only the messes ended when they get old enough to know better. I am amazed the way my kids find to make messes and how quickly they make them. I recently read a Facebook status update that cleaning up after children is like shoveling the sidewalk in a blizzard. So true!!

I say this in all seriousness, every household with kids in it should have a Bissell Little Green (affiliate link). I am amazed at the stains this thing has cleaned up. Stains that have been there for some time. Stains on both carpet and upholstery. What I love about this little guy is that it is in fact, little. So it is totally portable even out to the car, it works easily on the stairs and it’s long flexible tube can reach almost anywhere. And you know those stains can show up in the oddest places.

The Bissell Little Green (you guessed it, affiliate link) comes with its own cleaner that you use with hot tap water. Totally easy to fill, totally easy to use. I must admit my hubby has done nearly all of the cleaning with this (cause he is a RAWKSTAR HUBBY!!) and he would marry this thing if he could. I asked him to give me some drawbacks so this review seemed realistic and he really couldn’t come up with anything. And he can be a tough cookie to please. I guess the only drawback is that it is a little pricey, but it is far more expensive to replace your carpet, rug or couch because it is horribly stained. So it is really an investment.

*Disclosure: I received this BISSELL Little Green machine free in order to provide feedback to them for their product. That being said, I was under no obligation to write a good review or to write any review about this product, and as usual all opinions are mine and mine alone.

What are you loving this week? FYI- I will be taking the next two weeks off from TILT to celebrate Christmas and New Years. Hopefully you will join me back here January 7th for the next one. Can’t wait to see what you have to say this week!


  1. I really, really wanted one of those when I got married…I think I registered for it. I didn’t get it. Now I wish I had, seeing your review! I feel like all I do is clean up after kids, so it that would help…yay!
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Homemade Diaper Rash Cream =-.

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