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tilt I am a strong proponent of nursing, but at some point it is highly likely that you are going to need a bottle. And I think when you are a first time mom, that is very stressful. You stand in Babies R Us staring at the walls of bottles wondering if a bottle could make the difference between Harvard and a life behind the counter at McDonalds. I chose Avent.

I was really happy with my choice. I didn’t use a bottle much with Lily, but nursing didn’t go so well with Hannah and so she was bottle fed from 5 months on. And she did really well with Avent. I had a few Dr. Brown’s which I also enjoyed, but they had to many parts, they were a bit of a pain to wash. Avent was easy to assemble, easy to wash, easy to use.

I threw all my bottles away after Hannah cause we are on a plastics purge. I was thrilled to see that Avent’s bottles are now BPA free. Also there are a bunch of studies done to show that they help prevent colic because of their design and one way air valve built into the nipple. I have yet to have a baby with colic (FINGERS CROSSED), so I can’t speak from experience, but it sounds good to me. Their nipple also is designed to simulate nursing which is good for when you are using the bottle to supplement the boob.

I have had a great experience with these bottles and plan to use them again with baby #3. What makes your life easier? I love to hear it! To participate in the Things I Love Thursday carnival, write a post about something you love, link back here in your post, the link to that post down below in Mr. Linky. Then please go visit around the web at the other participants so we can all get some extra traffic. Thanks so much for participating!!


  1. Okay, I have a question, and you might not know, because you probably used BM in your bottles…. but, did you ever shake the bottle and have it spray all over you?

    With Ella I couldn’t continue BFing, because she ended up in the hospital with an emergency heart problem and it didn’t end up working out for us. So, she was a FF baby and Avent bottles when going to shake the formula spray all over you.

    I ended up going with the Soothie bottles, which I loved.

  2. I love avent bottles too!! :)
    .-= Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting´s last blog ..Help Me Choose A New Hairstyle? =-.

  3. Brenda says:

    **I maybe have an answer for the above poster about the Avent bottles spraying. Most of the time when you put a lid on you tighten as tight as it will go but with Avent lid you can’t do that. If the top is on to tight is messes up the plastic nipple causing places where formula can leak out. When you put the top on you have to stop right before it feels tight. I know this from experience after months of this happening to me I called the company and they explained this to me. And after that never had any problems.

    And I love Avent bottles too. I used them with both of my kids and they loved it and never had any fussiness or colic problems.

  4. “You stand in Babies R Us staring at the walls of bottles wondering if a bottle could make the difference between Harvard and a life behind the counter at McDonalds.” Hahaha – so true!

    We used Evenflo Comfi bottles – the have the angled top… and they are cheap. And BPA free! :)
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  5. I never used those bottles, but they sound really good. I nursed and actually never used a bottle. It’s good to know though.
    Thanks for hosting!
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  6. We went with Dr. Brown’s and they do have a ton of part, but I think they are well worth the hassle. If we ever need more bottles, I’ll have to look at the Avent ones.
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  7. Really? My friends & I have so many problems with Avent. We all have our little ‘tricks’ to try & prevent leaks. Most of the time the tricks seem to work…but it always seems like at the worst possible time it spills all out when you shake it.

    I’m glad you have had good luck with them. I’ve already told my hubby that when baby #2 is on the way I am tossing all the Avent & trying something new. I’m leaning toward sassy.

  8. I used the Avent bottles with Princess Pigtails and loved them. Avent was the first bottle I tried with her and she took it right away. The Little Man? Not so much. Despite every effort I made to get him to take them, he refused. I ended up having to try a whole circuit of bottles before finding the right one for him. Ugh. Once I tried the old school Playtex nursers (the ones with the drop in liners) we were set. Crazy thing. I discovered that he would only take the latex nipples. Would have nothing to do with the silicon ones.

  9. AnnieM says:

    Love Avent bottles! I think the thing I loked best was the fact that the nipples come in stages. My son actually preferred nursing but I had a low supply so if we went out, it was formula with Nana. He did get to a point where he would just wait for Mom to get home and avoided the formula. I also loved their sippy cups!

  10. Brenda says:

    I just remember something else I loved about these bottles. The opening is really wide. If you are trying to dump scoops full of formula into the bottle you don’t have to try to get in through the little openings in most bottles.

  11. Thanks for the tip…I actually picked up 4 of these bottles at a garage sale today for 50 cents a piece!

  12. I tried these with Nathan, for all the reasons you mentioned (bpa-free, etc). but he didn’t so much love them.

    well, he didn’t so much love ANY bottle, to be honest.

    We eventually settled on the first years breast flow. the one with two nipples, so baby has to suck AND compress. kind of a pain to clean (still easier than dr browns though), but he would actually TAKE it.

    which was important to us, seeing as we had a milk bank in the freezer that was useless unless he would take a bottle.

    you think it’s safe to assume my next one will prefer the same kind? I hope so, since I kept them all and would prefer not to buy more.

    here’s to BPA free.
    .-= Erin G´s last blog ..Simon and Nathan Strike Again! =-.

  13. I hate to burst your bubble, but I used Avent bottles, and my first baby was still colicky. But only for a few months, thank goodness. I don’t think we could have stood it much longer than that!

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