Things I Love Thursday- Aaah Toilet Paper Foam

  I love my bum. And long ago, I told you how I pamper it with adult wipes. And once you begin to use adult wipes, it is very difficult to go back to regular toilet paper. Your bum rebels. It gets angry.

But sometimes I find myself in a predicament. I am out in a public place and somehow they haven’t caught onto the gloriousness that is adult wipes. I dream that one day we will live in a place where all public restrooms are outfitted with an adult wipe dispenser. That is the kind of change I could get behind, you politicians vying for my vote.

Then I was contacted about Aaah Toilet Paper Foam and was sent a travel size container to try out. It has solved my public restroom dilemma. And it is the perfect size to fit in my travel bag. You just squirt it on regular toilet paper and it is just like wiping with an adult wipe. And really it just takes a tiny bit to make your bum sing “Hallelujah!” It is quite reasonably priced and you get 300 uses out of one container. And I am wishing I would have thought of this myself. Cause, my bum is happy once again and not afraid of the public restroom. Now if only we could do something about those automatic flushers….

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  1. I am going to have to look into this. We use wipes on the boys even at the public restroom. This would be so much easier than carrying around a large case of wipes!

    Alisons last blog post..TILT: Toothbrush

  2. YOU need serious help, darlin’. :)

    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!s last blog post..I’m My Own Grandpa

  3. Oooh I gotta get me some bum foam. :) Especially for the kdis.

    Hotomoms last blog post..Things I Love Thursday – QuikTrip Coffee

  4. Ha! I’m definitely going to have to look into this, my guy is a big fan of the adult wipes but you don’t get too much for your buck. 300 uses sounds good to me!

  5. Crystal says:

    My post is up!! Go check it out.

    Crystals last blog post..Things I Love Thursday

  6. We could so be friends. I L-O-V-E my wipes,I carry travel ones with me at all times. I’ll have to look into this foam,what a great idea!

    Staceys last blog post..Yummy!

  7. I like FOAM-Y stuff….=0)

    the characters last blog post..Things I Love Thursday!!!

  8. oh, my bum is very excited about this! thanks for sharing… i never would have thought to look for this to purchase!

    Natalies last blog post..Thursday Thirteen – 15th Edition

  9. Courtney says:

    are you kidding me?!??! How on earth did I not come up with this?!?!??

  10. Auntie S and I agree that we would like a sound track of your bum singing, “Hallelujah”.

  11. yeah I’m definitely going to get some of that. and I agree that it’s just backwards and icky to rely on regular toilet paper. I feel so… dirty. foam would be way better than adult wipes (well I use baby wipes since I have them anyway, but whatever).

    Erin Gs last blog post..Big Apple, Here We Come!

  12. I can always count on coming here when I need a smile. I loathe using public restrooms, but when I have to, I am such a germaphobe. I will seriously have to check this product out.

    Shyneas last blog post..BIRTHDAYS ARE THE BEST

  13. I have small children that do not like the auto-flush toilet. Just place that nasty toilet paper over the sensor and viola – no more autoflush.

    Try it!

    JSues last blog post..IT’S NOT COLIC!!!

  14. Wow. I’m glad your bum is happy. Although I don’t really see the whole appeal. No offense to you and your happy bum, but can’t you just use regular tp?

    Paiges last blog post..Thank you, Father, for the gentle reminder

  15. Wow that product sounds very cool. We LOVE flushable wipes at our house too. I could almost not even buy the paper stuff anymore but gotta have it for the people who stop by that don’t like change. LOL

    Kellys last blog post..Baby Bret!

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