Things I Love- The Touchless Trashcan

I fully realize this should not bring me as much joy as it does, but my brother got one of these for Christmas and I had to follow suit. I love it because it looks good. I love it because I don’t have to touch the can with my hands getting my hands and the trash can dirty. I love it because my daughter loves throwing stuff away now which is quite helpful. I love it because my life can be that boring at times that a trash can is exciting.

 On a downside, the bag is a bit hard to change and it is stupidly expensive. That being said, can you really put a price tag on pure joy?



  1. I want one of these too. Now that both of my kids have one, I am feeling the pressure. They are so handy and would make a great gift!!!!! Love–Mom

  2. The Worse Half says:

    Gallon of gasoline: $3.45
    Loaf of bread: $2.10
    Bottle of water: $1.19
    Pure Joy (Comcast NHL Center Ice Package): $29.95

  3. Cousin Lisa says:

    Wow! This looks awesome! But for our 3 rascals I would need the commercial size……..too bad mother’s day has come and gone and Christmas is too far away……but hey – wouldn’t every dad love that for father’s day?!?1

  4. Leeann says:

    I just read through all your “things I love” category.
    You are so funny! I really enjoyed it and will be checking back in.


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