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There is no good way to transition out of such a heavy post. I was originally going to do a roundup of fun St. Patty’s Day ideas, but I think I will save that for later in the week. Hi, we lost our foster baby but here are some great shamrock crafts?

Instead I thought I would do little list/ update of something things I am looking forward to. Partly because I NEED things to look forward to right now. And partly to give the robbers and stalkers an easier time knowing where I am. I’m a giver.

  1. Ryan and I have discussed how we want to invest ALL THIS FREE TIME we have now (#sarcasmfont). One thing we feel has really been neglected while we did foster care was friendships. It was hard not to become self/family focused. So we are back on the intentionality wagon with friends and couple friends. We have a few people on our radar and have planned some dates and dinners. Excited to see where things lead.
  2. Our church is having a seminar for parents of tweens and teens. Can I just confess that few things scare me more than raising a teenager? I felt very equipped to deal with babies, toddlers and elementary aged kids. The only thing I know how to do regarding parenting teenagers is pray that Jesus comes back before I have any. He has three years……
  3. Ryan and I are celebrating our 13th (!!!) wedding anniversary in May. In April (vague for those robbers) we are heading away to Sonoma for a long weekend. I’d say we earned it wouldn’t you? Wine + nice hotel + top-notch food  + more wine = heaven. It will be so nice to focus on each other. Foster care has been the biggest challenge our marriage has faced. And while we are fine, I want to get back to a place of super-duper healthy.
  4. Last year I swore I was going to take a major break from blogging conferences. But then a super early bird pass lured me in and in May I am headed to Mom 2.0 (blogging conferences, why can’t I quit you??). It is a new conference for me, but I have heard amazing things and can’t wait to check it out. Mostly I am just excited to connect with my many friends that live in my computer. Will you be there?
  5. When we had the baby it was really hard to take many trips because we had to arrange for respite care since traveling with her out of state is a slight pain to arrange. Our family LOVES road tripping. So we have a few up our sleeve. My kids are at a MAJOR sweet spot age where traveling is fun again. No major car seats, or strollers, or diapers or bottles. But also limited “I don’t want to hang with my lame parents” eye rolls. For the most part Silas can even skip napping. Traveling with kids suddenly sounds fun!
  6. My parents’ return. They are in Florida for the month and we just miss them. Partly because they are a huge help to me. But mostly because we just like being around them. Silas asks every day when Papa is going to come home and take him to Chuck E Cheese. God knows I’m not going to because I would rather stick a fork in my eye.
  7. SPRING! It is in the 40s today and I am wearing just a sweater and puffer vest. Snow is melting (although there are still piles and piles of it) and you can just smell spring in the air. We are not out of the woods yet (a cold front is coming), but I feel like I can officially start believing that winter will indeed end.
  8. SLEEP! No baby + Daylight Savings Time = kids sleeping late! I am WIPED OUT from an emotional weekend (and year) so I am looking forward to making sleep and healthy eating a priority again. It is National Napping Day today and I am going to PARTY….. with a nap.

Eight seems like an odd number to end on, but I can’t think of anything else. Plus I think having eight things to look forward to is pretty great. So we are going with it.

What are you looking forward to right now?


  1. I’m looking forward to spring actually arriving, road tripping to Texas for spring break and the potential of a weekend away with my husband!
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