Thing I Love- Lysol Disinfecting Wipes

lysolwipes.jpg I am just going to say right off the bat, that I am well aware this is not going to be the “greenest” of posts. However sometimes, the environment must take a small hit so that our home environment isn’t a disgusting pigsty. I realize it is incredibly selfish and disappointing to Leo and Al, but it is just where I am at in my cleaning practices.

With that out of the way, let me proclaim my love for these wipes. I have them in every bathroom and under the kitchen sink. I use it for quick wipedowns in between major cleanings (which sometimes sadly are few and far between). One wipe covers a fairly large surface area and my counters are respectable again in no time.

I use them nightly in the kitchen to tackle the counters and table. It is truly amazing one does the job considering Hannah’s knack for smearing the contents of her meals around every surface she can find. In the bathroom, they are mainly used to correct Lily’s aim when spitting out her toothpaste. In her defense, even with a stool she really can’t reach the sink (and you thought aiming problems were only for boys).

This does not, I repeat does not, replace actual deep cleaning of your house. It does however ease the mommy guilt when you realize you can’t remember the last time you touched the Softscrub. Not that that has ever happened around here.


  1. You picked a winner!!! I have them all over my house as well. I use them for everything from wiping down the toliet seats (yuck!), so cleaning the kitchen counters. I’m lost without them!! I love’em!!!

  2. cleaver mama says:

    I too used to love these. I know some things you just can give up to go “green” (for me its windex). I put some tea tree oil and water in a squirt bottle and “voila”-disinfectant. This is all thanks to Look Mom Look. But I too have to fight my urges to go back to the wipes. I love them soooooooo!

  3. I too love these, and have even fell in love with Costco brand’s. I like to use them especially when in a quick bind of having the in-laws drop by on a whim.

  4. SAHMmy Says says:

    Lysol wipes rock! I even use them to wipe down my leather furniture!

  5. I love these too. I do feel a little guilty because they are so wasteful, but it’s either the enviornment or my kids living in filth and kids win out for now :). If you have a boy who is potty trained these are a must!

  6. adventuremom says:

    I love these too and I struggle with the whole green thing. I just got some from Shaklee that are green and biodegradable but I have not tried them yet. I’ll let you know how they compare.

  7. Briggie says:

    I’m right there with ya! I keep a container in almost every room in the house and in my car too! I use them to wipe down door knobs, video game controllers, railings, the phones, and remote controls. They also work great at keeping the stove and counter tops looking nice, and with the 5 of us, (3 men, and 2 ladies) we keep a jumbo size in the bathroom and I ask that everyone wipe down the toilet lid and seat every time they go potty – this way there are no surprises left for the next person to use it – if you catch my meaning!

  8. I like them also. I keep them in the camper for when we go camping…they work great for quick clean ups.

  9. I love Lysol wipes too! I tried Clorox wipes but the smell made me gag. What I love most about Lysol wipes is that I can have my 6- and 7-year-old girls wipe down their bathroom sinks without worrying about them getting chemical overdoses.

  10. I have also been looking for more environmentally friendly ways to clean and have found that Tea Tree Essential Oil is really useful. But I really miss the convenience of Windex and Wipes!

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