They will know she's my daughter by my hair

big-hair.jpg (Title sung to the tune of: “They Will Know We Are Christians by our Love”) So we had a traumatic morning in the Diaper Diaries household. During some routine rough housing between the hubby and Lily, Lily hit her head and developed a goose egg.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sympathetic to her pain, but the drama that results from a 4 year old who is hurt is Oscar worthy. My mother can testify to the fact that this is an inherited trait. Their was wailing and screaming like someone had sawed her arm off.

Oddly enough what seemed to make her most upset was the possibility that someone might see the goose egg that had developed from the fall. She was mildly placated by the fact that I could use her bangs to cover up the bump. So in the midst of all the crying I tell her that I have in fact covered up the bump.

She exclaims through hysterical tears, “But I don’t want my bangs to puff out.” Oh sweetie, your mommy would never let you leave the house with bad 80’s hair.


  1. j2andn2 says:

    Hilarious! Glad to see that my 4 year old daughter is not the only one that is so dramatic!

  2. The drama only gets better when their almost 5. I keep telling Clare to work on her quivering lip more so that way she can earn us money in acting :)

  3. Oh the drama! I love the “puffy” hair comment. I have a 5 year old Drama Queen too. Although, she would never admit it!

  4. adventuremom says:

    Are you sure she is not 16 instead of 4? Too funny!

  5. Now that’s TRUE love. Protecting your child from mall hair.

  6. Why did hairdressers insist we wear our hair like that?

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