There’s An App For That #ItCanWait

This is a sponsored post on behalf of AT&T. It is a cause I have long supported without compensation and all opinions are mine.


About a month ago I confessed that I check my phone when I shouldn’t while driving. What I wasn’t prepared for was how many of you had similar confessions. Apparently we all know better, but don’t always do better.

This week AT&T tweeted out this graphic with my pledge I made back in April as to why I wouldn’t be texting and driving anymore.

Most of my readers are moms (with a few dads and single ladies in the mix) and know most parents think there are few things more precious than their own children. We would do anything for our children and love them fiercely.

So why is it that text is so dang important?

Did you know that AT&T has an app that sends a customizable auto-replay message to incoming texts when the car is moving 25 mph or faster. The DriveMode app lets your friends know that, yes they are important, but staying safe is more important.

My favorite part of the app is that the reply is customizable. I am sure most people write some sort of thoughtful or professional reply. I plan to download the app this week and report back as to how it is working for me. And not shockingly I want a totally unboring, slightly sarcastic response.

So what say you readers? What should my auto response be?


  1. That is neat. I’d probably say, “I’d love to read your text, but I love keeping my kids and myself safe more. I’ll reply once I’m safely off the road!”

    Of course, I am not that cute or original. And I don’t have a smartphone so it doesn’t really matter.
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  2. I’m excited to hear how you like, and what your slightly sarcastic response is :) Love that! Seems like it would be wise to have it work at all speeds. Thanks for encouraging us all to be safer – much appreciated!!!
    Shannan recently posted…Inspirational Helen Keller quotes in honor of her birthdayMy Profile

  3. How much do I love mobile carriers collaborating on the #itcanwait campaign? a lot! (I worked w/Verizon on this.)

    But I LOVE this app! The only thing is sometimes I’m in a car moving that fast as a passenger, but I guess you can reply then if you wanna.

    Hmmm, I wonder if there’s an app to CUT OFF a phone going over 25 mph for when teens are driving…… :)
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  4. This app is such the “bomb diggity” lol I’ve have a few people inquire about what it is since I begin using it.
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  5. What?!? Downloading now. I need this – I am a horrible texter/phone checker and driver and it’s a habit I need to break NOW.
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  6. How about, “Dude. Like I’d read your text while I’m driving? I’ll be in touch as soon as I get this minivan parked.”

    I don’t know. I have no creative brain cells these days!!

  7. How about, ‘I promise I can’t WAIT to read your brilliant and life-changing text, but since I have to be alive to do so, I’m gonna wait til the car’s in park, mmmmkay? I don’t want to ruin your day by dying.”
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  8. Can’t wait to hear what you think!!! I would also want a silly, or perhaps snarky auto-reply.
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