The Years Go By So Fast


I remember back five years ago on the first day of MOPS listening to some older, wiser mentor moms talk about how they were staring down the empty nest years and how fast it goes. At the time I had a three year old and a new baby and I probably hadn’t gotten a full night sleep in well……three years (come to think of it I am not sure I still have). And I thought, please God let the time go fast.

Parenting young children is a constant pull between wanting to cherish the moments and praying bedtime will come because you are losing your mind.

This doesn’t make you a bad mom or a mom who loves her children any less. Motherhood can go from thinking your heart is going to burst because you love your kids so much to feeling like if you don’t put yourself in a time out you might scream. Or you find yourself screaming in a way you never knew you could scream.

My oldest turned eight this weekend. So I am nowhere near the end of the road in this parenting gig. And I am not trying to pretend that I don’t still have an almost two year old with the twos, threes and fours ahead of me. And we might not even be done with.

But I am beginning to catch a glimpse of what those older, wiser moms were talking about. The older my oldest gets the faster the time seems to go. I write this to myself to remember to cherish the days. I write this to you so that you remember when you are bogged down in the toddler years. These years are too precious to waste away by wishing them away.


  1. I remember when my daughter was a newborn and just thinking to myself that this must be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Little did I know – ha ;)! I think the biggest thing is teaching her about Jesus and being the best example that I can be. It’s a lot of pressure and will be a whole lot harder than trying to soothe a crying baby.
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  2. So very true. I find myself staring at my almost 4 year old and wondering how she can be that old already. It really is a fine line b/w cherishing every minute I can with her and her 2 year old brother and trying hard not to scream when things get crazy.
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  3. So true!! I don’t know how many evenings I’ve wished away the minutes, counting down until I can put her to bed and be DONE. But it never fails that once I get her into bed, all I want to do is peek in and watch her sleep, kiss her little head and whisper “I love you.”

    AFTER she’s asleep, of course. I’m not about to keep her up or wake her up for that! :)
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  4. Omygosh. Girl. It goes SO FAST and then they are GONE.


    My youngest lost her first tooth this weekend. She is almost 6. And I feel like suddenly, in that one event, it is over. Soon those big ugly teeth are going to replace those precious baby ones, and she’s no longer that baby. And she is my last. I’m done.

    My oldest goes to middle school next year. MIDDLE SCHOOL. Zits. Hair on his legs. MIDDLE SCHOOL. Gah. It is unbelievable. So please, cherish it. Don’t wish it away. I’d go back in a second if I could. Except maybe with a live in nanny who does night shift. HEH.
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  5. *Sniffle* I am in total denial that my third (who is 2) may well be my last. My first two were SO close together (less than 11 months) that it was a bit of a blur. I really did just have to survive sometimes! I’m trying to really slow down and cherish this time and it is a kind of melancholy bliss…

  6. “Parenting young children is a constant pull between wanting to cherish the moments and praying bedtime will come because you are losing your mind.” <<<<——– THIS. I am here.

    But I make sure I laugh when they're not driving me insane too.
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  7. Thank you for this post! I have a 3 yr old and a 3 month old at home and I find myself caught between wishing time would fly and stand still daily. I’m learning to cherish the moments even if they seem crazy and make me want to scream!
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  8. {sigh} I needed to read this one BEFORE I yelled at my children yesterday. Ugh. Sometimes it gets the best of me, but yes… I find myself staring at them… how DID you get to be so big?!
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  9. Thank you for this reminder!!! As a mom to two under two…it’s tough. But I try with all my might to cherish every moment because I know the tiny years will fly by and they’ll be big in no time. I’ll remember this while I’m up half the night tonight with a baby attached to the boob ;)
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