The Windows 7 Experience (Plus a GIVEAWAY!!)


I mentioned that I got a new laptop a few weeks ago and have been happily typing away on it for a few weeks. I don’t know if you realize it, but PCs these days are rocking a brand new version of Windows. Bye bye Windows Vista and hello Windows 7.

Now I know some of my readers and friends have been brainwashed into the Apple cult and swear that all things Windows are subpar. I however am a Windows girl through and through. I have never had problems with it and to me it is far easier to use and figure out. Trying to use a Mac makes my head hurt.

I am thrilled to report that the new Windows 7 makes life even easier. What I love is that all of the features are a result of customer feedback about what we would love. Let me tell ya, we are a smart group of people.

My favorite feature is the way all the programs that are open at one time can be seen. Let’s say I have Skype, Firefox, Tweetdeck and Live Writer open all at once. This is fairly typical of what you would find at any given time because I can’t possibly just do one thing at once. They appear as little boxes at the bottom of my screen. But let’s say I have 3 Skype rooms open. Instead of being 3 boxes they are all contained in one box. If I hover my mouse over the box, I can see everything I have going on and click on the appropriate window. So much less clutter.

My husband has a work computer that he brings home every night. So we can often be found sitting side by side on our laptops watching our favorite shows on TV. We have been known to carry on FB chats from a few rooms away. I swear we have a good marriage J Sometimes I will be sitting there and suddenly all these adorable photos of our kids start posting on his Facebook page. I want the same pictures so our best option is to try and track down a flashdrive or have him email me picture after picture for me to upload myself. Ugh.

Now with Windows 7, all the computers in your house can be part of the same home network. You can share your document libraries, all your media and even printers and other accessories. It is all password protected so you don’t have to worry about anyone else stealing your precious stuff. Love.

The best thing is everything just works faster. It starts faster, it comes out of sleep mode faster, and according to Microsoft it uses less memory. Now granted it is a new computer so it should run faster anyway, but I can tell that things just get moving faster when I start it. This was one of my biggest headaches with my old computer so it makes me all kinds of happy.

I am very grateful to Staples and Glam Media for giving me an opportunity to review the new Windows 7 computers. They would like to give you a little something as well. I have a $50 Staples gift card up for grabs. Perhaps you could put it toward a new computer for your family. Or bring your old computer in and put it towards getting a little tune up. They also sell Windows 7 upgrades and I think you will be thrilled with some of the features offered.

To enter, simply leave a comment letting me know what you would spend your gift certificate on. Contest is open to US residents only and the winner will be drawn on Monday, Mar. 28th. Good luck!


  1. I’d defintely use it to tune up my old, slow computer! Thanks for the chance.
    Sandra L. recently posted…THAT motherMy Profile

  2. I would definitely out the money toward a new family computer!
    Pam recently posted…Hope-Heal-Live FundriaserMy Profile

  3. I would def look into upgrading. I’m still in Vistaland. Though, I’d be looking long and hard at buying printer ink too.
    Sarah @ Sarah’s Deals recently posted…JCPenney- Great Clearance Can Still Be Found- Check Your Mail for 10-10 &amp My 98 Savings!My Profile

  4. I’d spend it in school supplies!!! We homeschool.

  5. ink!

  6. I’d probably use it on toner for my printer! :)

  7. Maybe on new phones for our house or printer ink. Got to stay practical. :o)

  8. Oh pick me! I would really like to have Windows 7… but it probably costs a bit more than $50, huh? otherwise… there are a million things I could buy at Staples. I’d really like to buy like one of each of the pens until I find my favorite. I had some a long time ago that they don’t make anymore (or I can’t find) and the last ones I bought were total duds. Wasted $4 bucks too. :(
    Krista recently posted…Noahs 1st Birthday PartyMy Profile

  9. Kristen says:

    I would use the $50 towards DVDs and labels. Will’s second birthday is coming up, and I create DVDs with movies and photos for all our family members as party favors.

  10. Nicol says:

    I need some ink! ;)

  11. JulesR says:

    I would use it towards a small laminating machine. I would love one for home and in my classroom.

  12. Abbey says:

    I could use it for several things, including school supplies for my kiddos, colored ink cartridges for our printer, envelopes for invitations/Christmas cards…need I go on?! Thanks!

  13. I can *always* find something to buy at Staples… it’s like heaven there! I wrote an entire post about it once. I think I’d put it toward a new camera!
    Damsel recently posted…Menu Plan Monday March 14thMy Profile

  14. Christie says:

    Oh Staples, how I love thee. I love buying school supplies, but have a hard time buying them at any time other than back to school due to the high cost.
    Our church is looking to get all new supplies for our Sunday School rooms, so I would use this to fufill a teacher’s wish list.

  15. nicolerenae says:

    I could use some new photo paper and ink, unless my husband thinks of something we need done to our computer! That’s his department:) Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Mami2jcn says:

    I’d definitely get printer paper…I’m all out!

  17. Shelley says:

    Since our only computer–a desktop–was purchased in 2004, the gift card would definitely be used toward the purchase of a laptop.

  18. I would use a $50 g/c on a new shredder! My old shredder recently bit the dust, and I’ve been collecting a pile of junk mail since then!
    Elaine recently posted…Book TeaserMy Profile

  19. Jessie C. says:

    I’d spend it on ink.

  20. Mary Taylor says:

    I would upgrade to Windows 7. Still in Xp, so I could use the upgrade. Thanks for this opportunity.

  21. I would purchase printer ink.

  22. My computer has laryngitis. The prgnosis is grim for being able to watch a video with sound in the near future. unless I get something called a soundcard. which Staples has! This GC could sure come in handy!

  23. Laura B says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who would buy ink!

  24. Lori S says:

    I would buy Excel for my laptop.


  25. I’d love to get some great storage pieces. :)
    LaVonne recently posted…Brilliant Screen Cleaning Wipe Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  26. Staples gift card?! You’re speaking my love language now! :) thanks for the chance to win. PS i love Windows7 too!
    Eryn {mamahall} recently posted…home for sale- Top 10 prep tipsMy Profile

  27. Staples is my go to place right now for office supplies…I just remodeled my office. But, I do need a few more organizational items so it would be fantastic to win a gift card!
    Christine (iDreamofClean) recently posted…It’s iDreamofClean’s 1st Birthday!!My Profile

  28. I’m an Apple snob, so I’ll hold my tongue! ;-) But I LOVE Staples and a $50 gift card would be a wonderful blessing!
    … our printer has been out of ink for months now, so that would be my first purchase. After that, the list of office supplies I have my eye on is long. Spending the gift card would be no problem for this girl!
    Erika recently posted…Lest we forget-My Profile

  29. I would use it on home office organization items for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I’d like to say I’d buy something for me (I always need blank CDs and printer ink) but I’d probably end up there with the kiddos and they’d each want some markers and paper…a funky folder… or maybe paper that turns into markers (if they make it Staples would have it)… and then my 3 year old would want a staplegun to torment my 6 year old with (she wouldn’t get THAT)… but we’d end up with about 3 bags of fun little things the girls would use to turn the back seat of my truck or my wife’s car into a little art mecca.

    Or.. maybe just blow it on one of those “EASY” buttons.

  31. I would probably use it to upgrade possibly to a new laptop. I don’t know how much longer this one will last.
    Kelli recently posted…Urgent Care on speed DialMy Profile

  32. I would by new speakers for my PC

  33. Anissa says:

    My poor netbook is about to give up the ghost, so I’d use it towards a new one.

  34. marina says:

    I would use this this towards getting a computer chair

  35. I’d stock up on ink and printer paper! :)

  36. I would use the gift card for accessories for my new windows 7 laptop. If they have a tv tuner I’d get that.
    Teri Stoddard recently posted…ACTION ALERT! Help pass MD&8217s shared parenting billMy Profile

  37. A $50 Staples gift card would be such a blessing right now. I have a new business starting up and there is so much I need…I may even put it toward a new computer.

  38. Margie H says:

    I would love to get some new office organization items – baskets, expanding folders, etc. I really need to get all this stuff put away now that our baby is mobile and loves to explore everywhere!

  39. I’d use it for school supplies. :-)
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  40. Liz M. says:

    I’d spend it on paper and toner!