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TILT I have tried to resist the hoopla with the royal wedding. I have fought it. But I am losing the battle. Actually let’s just consider it officially lost.

Part of the problem is, though I rarely watch daytime TV, I work out during the morning news shows and apparently there is nothing else newsworthy going on in the entire world because the wedding is all that is being covered.

So I find myself thinking about how upsetting it would be if the weather doesn’t cooperate, what dress Kate (who is she fooling thinking people will call her Catherine) will be wearing and if Harry is in fact bring his ex-girlfriend Chelsey as his date. Why, why, why would a sane adult spend any time pondering this question.

I can’t say I remember where I was when Charles and Di got married, but I can remember the wedding. The grandeur of it all. I was a young girl and what young girl doesn’t dream about a wedding like that. Well not one that ends in scandal and adultery per se (ahem) but one with a train as long as a city block.

So I am taping it. I will probably let the girls watch it with me. Cause princesses + weddings + little girls is too good to pass up. Are you watching? And just for kicks, what channel are you taping? Cause I am still undecided.

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  1. I just found out it was happening this week.

    Why yes — I am way too involved in local events ;-) I’ll watch through y’all and catch the updates

    I vaguely remember the wedding. I painfully and all too vividly remember the crash.
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  2. i don’t remember the wedding and only remember the intrigue of the crash – lasted for years it seems. i was in 5th grade when i heard about it but i think i only heard about it a while after the fact… won’t be watching the wedding – it’s on my birthday and i will be celebrating ME :D – if this little bug my babies and i caught doesn’t turn out to be a long flu that is :/
    but i will definitely be looking for pictures online, b/c who can resist great wedding pictures, especially royal wedding pictures! (i don’t watch the oscars, just look for red carpet pictures afterwards. i love pretty dresses…. am i the only one who does this?)

  3. I watched Di with my mom and sis. So I’ll be watching live with my daughter and my mom and sis on IM. I love that memory I have of watching with my family. I want that for my daughter, even if it means getting up super early. Plus, she gets to skip school, so I’m sure she won’t mind. :)

  4. Lately I have really really been loving the journey of being a mom! I have loved smelling the roses along the way. (Maybe too much, my house is a mess!) I have just been reveling in the highs and lows of motherhood!
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  5. Jessica says:

    I just mentioned this to my husband…is there nothing else out there to report about. I am lucky that my gym plays Fox News as well as all the morning talk shows….or I usually tune it out and listen to music. I have thankfully not been wrapped up in the hype! Yay me! I usually fall for all that stuff….now I wonder, will Lohan survive her community service at the mourge? Kidding ;-)…or am I?

  6. I’m with you, I’ve been trying to fight it, trying to pretend I really don’t care. And most of me doesn’t care, but, I think I will watch, I just keep hearing too much about it. I rarely watch TV but it’s been on the blog land so much, that’s where I keep hearing it. I don’t even know what channels or what time it’s on but I’ll figure it out. Weird culture we are aren’t we. :-)
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  7. I think I’ll DVR it! :)
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  8. I have to admit that we have been so under the pile here w/ things breaking, other deadlines and sickness that the royal wedding hasn’t really crossed my mind. Ah well…

    I did find time to make Homemade Chocolate Chips though – which I am sharing.

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  9. I love all things Royal and England (we went there for our 10th wedding anniversary a few years back) but a 4:00 AM rising time is NOT GONNA HAPPEN around here. We don’t have a way to tape it but I figure there will be you tube videos and pictures enough to satisfy me at a more reasonable hour. ;)

  10. Wow…I really feel out of the loop! I didn’t even realize the royal wedding was this week…haha! We don’t get any t.v. channels (only netflix) so I will have to look at pics online afterwards. Oh well! :-)

  11. I plan on trying to wake up and watch it, even though I’m sure it will be played over and over again for the next month… I think they seem like a great couple and are so happy! Who doesn’t love that!
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  12. I just found your blog and LOVE IT! I can’t wait to have some more time to poke around a bit more. I saw your 1 Cor 7:5 challenge and love it! Can’t wait to see all of the wonderful things that come from your blog. I’m your newest follower!
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  13. i’m watching it with my neighbor.

    happy thursday!
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  14. I’ve got my DVR set! Though, I’m not super crazy about it, but figure it might be fun to watch. And maybe I should watch it with my 3 yo, she’s all about princesses right now. She’d probably love it.
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  15. I want to watch it but waking up to a 3am alarm is beyond me. I don’t even wake up when our 4 yr old crawls in bed with us!
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