The Ultimate Round Up of the BEST Books for Kids

Best Books

Did you know that May is “Get Caught Reading” month? And last week was National Children’s Book Week? I didn’t know either until I read about it at my kid’s school. During the day an announcement would come on over the intercom and all students must stop what they are doing immediately and start reading. How much do I love that?!

I worry that in today’s iPad world, our kids are missing out on the experience of getting lost for hours in a book. My two girls will disappear after school sometimes only to reappear at dinner when I have to drag them out of their rooms and away from their books. Or sometimes they just walk around the house with their noses in a book. Silas obviously isn’t reading yet, but I hope he catches the reading bug as well. And Ryan and I both love to read a bit before we go to bed at night (or we did before we became addicted to that ridiculous QuizUp app).

I have written about some of the books we love over the years and rather than reinvent the wheel, I thought I would link up to a few of my posts about my favorite books. I have also included several from some of my favorite bloggers.

Toddlers and Preschool:


Chapter Books:

All Ages:


Tips for Growing Book Lovers:


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