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record  You know on American Idol when a contestant will say they were singing as long as they can remember? That is me. We have tapes of me as a little girl declaring I would be a famous singer one day and many a picture of me singing into a microphone. My first church solo was at the age of 10 singing “Arms of Love” by Amy Grant. Man, I wanted to be her. And I have been singing ever since. Almost literally since throughout the day I am a singin’ fool.

Now I have two kids. I would really like to say I am not one of those moms who has very specific aspirations for the children. But who am I kidding, I want them to be musical. I want them to love music and not be able to listen to the radio without singing along. I want them to grab hairbrushes and pretend to be a rock star. I want them to beg me to play a whole host of musical instruments. I want them to sign up for piano, voice, accordian, whatever lessons and love them. I want to site down at the piano and have them crawl up on the bench next to me and sing along.

And guess what…they do. It warms my mommy heart to come into the living room and see Hannah singing along with her kiddie worship CD. And occasionally I catch Lily with her Hannah Montana guitar practicing in front of the mirror when she thinks no one is watching her. And you better believe I cannot sit down to our piano without both girls climbing up right next to me and plunking right along. My favorite thing? When we each grab and instrument or anything that can pretend to be one and have our own family rock band. I am telling you, give us a few years and we could be the new Partridge Family.

What do you want your children to develop a love of?


  1. I’m right there with ya! I really want my kids to love music. But I also really want them to LOVE reading, and possibly be involved in drama someday.

    I could really care less if they are athletic or not. And I really don’t care if they’re good at art or not.

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  2. I want Big Brother to love reading (and he does) but music is not really my thing. Hubby really wants the kids to be musical and Big Brother loves to play guitar with Hubby (I have video of them singing and playing for Baby Sister – so cute). But I have to admit once Big Brother decided he wanted to play hockey I really want him to play for the Rangers one day. :) He will if he wants to I am sure of it.

    Upstatemomof3s last blog post..The Magic of the Pink Shirt

  3. I want my kids to develop a love for music too. I took private voice lessons for years and I really thought I was going to be a musician for a while.

    I also want my boys to pursue excellence in all they do- and not perfectionism. Whatever they do I want them to do it with all their hearts. I’m anxious to see where their passions lie.

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  4. The sound of kids singing or making music is a great sound.

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  5. mark taught nathan to play the recorder a few months ago. that’s right, he could PLAY THE RECORDER before he could WALK.

    since then, he has picked up drumming, the harmonica, the castanet, xylophone, piano, kazoo, and tambourine (most of those were gifts).

    mark and I met at band camp in high school (no, that is NOT a joke, hilarious as it is) so… the kid got it honest.


    Erin Gs last blog post..Another Puppy Post

  6. Reading. I would love my boys to share my deep love for reading, and escaping into a wonderful land like Narnia!

    Esthers last blog post..Mosaic Monday–Edition #4

  7. I really want them to develop a love for learning and a passion for books. Just so they never grow tired of learning, and that curiosity never fails to be sparked.

    Melissa @ Heart Printss last blog post..The Simple Woman’s Daybook

  8. For sure reading, but also a love of being outdoors. I’m not an outdoorsy girl myself, but I am gaining an appreciation for what a breath of fresh air will do for you. I’d like my kids to discover that before they turn 30.

    Tree Climbing Moms last blog post..I’d like to thank the Academy…

  9. my niece thinks she’s hannah montana…although my sister, at her age, wanted to be niki newman on Y&R, during her stripper days. so i suppose it could be worse :P

    (and yes, that was the moment my mother realized that she should be watching soaps around us kids.)

    Brookes last blog post..Snow Day!!

  10. I guess I’m like most of the women that have commented…music and reading are at the top of my list. But if my husband could have his way, my boys would be soccer players someday…maybe even into college. Oh, the dreams of a daddy.

  11. nicolerenae says:

    It doesn’t matter to me what my kids are good at, but I do want to expose them to different things so they can figure out what it is they excel at. My daughter seems to be going in the direction of art, and my youngest son seems to be musical even at age 2. My older son…we’re still exploring. Maybe he’s more like me and just not creative…I’m wondering if when he’s a little older he’ll really like math or science.

  12. reading good books, and writing. Husband and I are both writers and we both LOVE to read. There’s so much to read, so little time! We really want all our kids to love reading.
    but *sigh* FIRST we have to have the kids!

  13. Oh, how I wish my girls were musical! But they aren’t. My oldest devours books like I used to though, so I’m glad for that. My youngest is just learning to read, so we’ll just have to see what she picks up on… I just want them to be happy with who they are.

    Amys last blog post..The Status of Goat’s Milk

  14. coupons, OF COURSE! Oh, and Jesus. Definitely Jesus! (and CVS.)

    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!s last blog post..Dirty Ducks and Foul-Mouthed Fish

  15. My daughter is so much like me…my son is more like my husband…I used to sing in Church when I was younger and my daughter loves to sing…she won the talent show last year at school and I also love to read…she also loves to read!

    I think this is my first time to your blog, feel free to stop by and say hello at my blog as well!

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