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Lily still has this week and next of school. Hannah has been out one week and already the choruses of “I’m bored” have started. And they are quickly followed by requests to turn their brains to jello behind some sort of technology. And too often I give in because it is just easier.

But the weather is finally warming and drying out (I am pretty sure this isn’t true, but maybe if I write it it shall be so) and we are headed outside.

When I was growing up I my summer memories all involve the outdoors. Not outdoorsy outdoors like camping, cause seriously? Have we met? But just simply being outside.

Running around the neighborhood, climbing an occasional tree, riding my AWESOME purple sparkly bike with the silver sparkly banana seat. Lemonade stands, hide and seek, long days at the pool. Summer just = being outside.

So this summer we are taking it outside. Everything is more fun outside. Sure we can color at the table, but we can also take our colors on the back patio and color there. We can even use chalk and color on the ground and fence.

We could eat lunch at the table. But lunch outside on a blanket (with bugs crawling near our food) is more fun? Yes, I am declaring it is more fun. So is reading books on that blanket after lunch is done. And aren’t those bugs interesting? Let’s go on a bug hunt and see what we can find.

We have a swing set, a sandbox, a sprinkler and a blow up pool. Even a Slip N Slide somewhere I can probably dig up. We have bikes and scooters and wagons (what is up with all this stuff). Surely you can find SOMETHING to do outside.

The best part of all this outside stuff? All the fresh air and sunshine tends to tire these kiddos out. Instead of the usual, “Can I have a glass of water”, “I forgot to tell you….”, “I can’t sleep”, we just hear heavy breathing within minutes of their little sweaty heads hitting the pillows. Then mommy and daddy might just slip out to the outside again. To the deck. With a white wine in hand. Perfection.

What do you do to keep your kids from uttering the “B” word during summer vacation?

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  1. nicolerenae says:

    I just start listing chores they could do…they usually find something else to do right away:). I’m excited about the new recreation passes when you renew your license plate, we have a state park just a few miles from us, so we’ll probably take a lot of trips to the beach. My 4 and 5 year olds are never bored, they stay entertained outside all day. It’s my 8 year old that says that A LOT!

  2. Add to your list “walk down to visit the Bultema’s” :) We’d love to have you stop by anytime. The kiddos could jump on the tramp, and we could put our feet up! :)

    And if Ryan mentions the “B” word ~ send him down with a hockey stick!

    Have a great week! :)
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  3. Sarah L says:

    Growing up the “B” word was a more critical offense in our house than an actual curse word…well, probably not as we truly knew better than saying anything remotely close to a curse word. However, if we did say we were bored, we got a load of chores to “relieve our boredom.” Then, we got a chance to re-evaluate our situation after completing the work. My mom grew up pretty poor and refused to let us state we were bored when we had lots of toys, the outdoors (we went through more than one Slip n’ Slide), and each other to harass. If we then ran out of things to do, we at least kept each other busy coming up with synonyms for the “B” word :)

  4. Love this post. Seriously, I couldn’t have said it any better myself.
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