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So I talk a lot about my CSA and how much I love it and I truly do. But dude. You get a LOT of greens. Like 2 heads of lettuce, 10 leaves of kale, piles of unidentifiable greens lot. And I like me some salad but I am not a rabbit. Sometimes it is near impossible to eat all this stuff in a week.

This is compounded by the fact that my kids aren’t so keen on the greens. If you have children who live for noshing on salads more power to you but mine like things of the non- green variety. The one healthy food I NEVER have to persuade them to eat is fruit. Unless it is a melon (my entire family has an unexplainable aversion to melons), if it is a fruit, we like it.

This is the part of the post where I tap my fingers together and laugh maniacally. Because you know what covers up the taste of kale quite nicely? A fruit smoothie.

Here is my “recipe”:




Blend in blender. Drink.

Yes, it is REALLY scientific. I just make a smoothie like I normally would with whatever fruit is in the freezer. Bonus if it is about to go bad or on the “near expired” cart at the grocery store. Then add in a giant handful of kale. I tried it with a few other greens but the taste came through and no one would drink it but me. Bonus if you add just the right amount of kale so that the smoothie stays “fruit colored”. Extra bonus if you can use of the wilty kale in the bottom of the crisper that you forgot about.

My kids drink it up none the wiser that I have fed them something healthy, cleaning out the produce drawers and have a quick easy breakfast that we can eat on the run since mama is not so much a morning person and often doesn’t have time to make a “proper” breakfast.

Hillshire Farms has a new series of hilarious commercials about cooking with an ulterior motive. I find them a major improvement from the slightly creepy “Go Meat” campaign. And I don’t know about you but I can totally relate to having an occasional ulterior motive in the kitchen. Stay tuned for future sneaky endeavors….


So tell me, what have you done lately with an ulterior motive?

This is the first in a series of four sponsored post for Hillshire Farms. I am being compensated for my participation in this campaign but as always all opinions and stories are all mine. This post is linked up to Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family.


  1. I love green smoothies. I have had one for breakfast nearly every day for the last 10 months. I have more energy and I’ve lost more than 20 pounds! Try spinach for a break from kale. It doesn’t taste too “green” and it seems to emulsify your smoothie. Great for those days when you feel like leaving out the yogurt.

  2. Smart, smart, smart. It’s just a bit tricksy, and I like that!

  3. We love smoothies here too.

    Enjoy your week!

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  4. I have to admit… I’ve never had kale. But, that smoothie looks delicious!

    Will you please do me a favor and Please Pray for my niece, Sarah? Thanks!

  5. My kids eat kale like it’s going out of style! Whoop! But this might just be a great way to get the greens into the hubby’s diet. Plus, I’m all about losing 20 lbs like Simply Heidi! Wow!

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