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Are you reading the new marriage blog? Cause I would really love it if you were reading over there as well. I love The Diaper Diaries and my readers but you know how when you have a new baby you just want everyone to ooh and aah over it? Yeah. That.

The hubby has written a great post today and there is so much good stuff over there. Will you all just indulge me and head over there. Maybe even subscribe……


  1. Betsy says:

    I love your other blog and I subscribe to the RSS feed, but I have one question. Are there any plans to set up a email subscription like you have for The Diaper Diaries? I forget to check my RSS feed and end up with tons of posts to read. Just wondering.

    • you can!! Just click on the “subscribe to our feed” button and below all the little RSS options is a line that says “subscribe by email”. If you usually subscribe by reader you may have to click on a link to reset your feed options. Try it and let me know if that makes sense. If not, I can try and walk you through it better :)

      • Thanks so much. I don’t know how I missed that before. This will make is so much easier to keep up with the posts. Thanks again.

  2. Melissa says:

    I would like to highly recommend Jill’s other blog to anyone who is married! The posts are entertaining, thought-provoking, and well-written. I love being reminded daily to keep my marriage a top priority; it is soooo easy to let “life” take over at times. Thank you, Jill (and Ryan!)

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