The Once-a-Week Method to Avoid Clothing Battles

Mornings are a stressful thing for me. Take a non-morning person and pair her with her non-morning person child who has to get to school on time and you can imagine the delightful, loving, bonding moments that occur in the early morning hours.

Add in some strong opinions on fashion and we are lucky we survive.

My secret is a little method I stumbled upon back when Lily was in preschool (moment of silence for how long ago that was). It gives me main control over their clothing choices but gives them the illusion of control as well and has reduced 90% of our battles in the morning over clothes. I mean, nothing is 100% right?

Every Sunday night, we put five outfits in each compartment of a sweater organizer. I include underwear, socks, belts, everything needed to get dressed in the morning. I occasionally solicit input from the kids about their outfits but most of the time I put in what I would like them to wear.

While I get to pick the outfits, my kids get to choose when they wear them. No morning fits allowed. On the weekends they can wear what they want. And I would never take away a girl’s need to accessorize.

Nowadays I just use this method with Hannah. Silas doesn’t seem to care yet what I put him in and Lily is old enough that I let her do her own thing. She is a budding fashionista and I don’t want to cramp her style. She is independent enough in the morning that the battles over clothing have pretty much stopped. The battles over combing hair not so much. Who has a method for that one?

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  1. Great plan!!! I will have to hang onto this for when my kiddos are older :)
    kk @ the mom diggity recently posted…potty training: day threeMy Profile

  2. Stephanie Pearson says:

    I started using this method this year and it’s been a lifesaver, esp with my 5 year old diva!! I feel like I got the idea from an older post of your :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great idea! My little one is only 2 so no real battles yet, but this is a great idea to get ME mor organised in the week!
    Nikki Pilkington recently posted…Schedule your Tweets for best effectMy Profile

  4. So thankful for school uniform! I need to make your plan work for a Sunday morning instead though; ‘Here’s your outfit – you can wear it whenever you like as long as it’s a Sunday’. Hmm… think it needs more work…

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