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   Wow, that is a honkin’ schnozz. I know you are all dying for details about the Trump (well maybe 2 of you are), but I am beat and thinking it is going to be a long post. So I am saving it for a 2 part mini-series on Monday and Tuesday. I know, the excitement is too much to handle.

Speaking of excitement I went to Meijer tonight after the kids went to bed. Which basically means I spent a rockin’ Friday night in the product aisle. But seriously the place was packed with teenagers and young couples holding hands. Is Meijer the new “dinner and a movie”? Youth confuse me.

Anywho, I thought I would throw out a random question for you to ponder this lovely weekend. Do you ever get a smell “stuck” in your nose? Cause this happened to me this week. I can’t even describe the smell. It wasn’t necessarily unpleasant, but not necessarily pleasant either and I keep smelling it. On a slightly related side note, my husband once told me when we were dating that after spending an evening with a lady (on a date, nothing R rated) he felt as though his gas the next day smelled like her perfume.

Hands off ladies, he is all mine.

So non-descript smell stuck in my nose for a week. Am I a freak or does this happen to you? These are the kinds of hard hitting questions we tackle around here (fearing my readership will plummet). I eagerly await your response.


  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nasal_irrigation

    They don’t mention your problem speCIfically, but I’m thinkin’ it couldn’t hurt to irrigate.


    Elaine@bloginmyeyes last blog post..Mid-life poetry crisis

  2. Ha! I have had that happen to me before, but maybe not as long as a week – maybe a day or so…

    Meijer… who knows with kids these days… =) When i was in high school (all of about 11 years ago…) a friend and I used to ask each other “Have you been to Meijer lately?” Not sure why… it was the happenin’ place to be back then, maybe it still is! =)

    I am eagerly awaiting your Trump posts!!! Looking forward to it!

    Junglewifes last blog post..How I know there’s a toddler living here…

  3. Lizzie says:

    I have been known, on occasion, to follow strange men in shopping centres because of my nose.

    Lemme explain, LOL.

    When I first met Talented Hubby he was sporting a particular brand of aftershave. To this day I could not tell you the name, but that smell burned a hole in my brain and I’ve not been able to shake it since. Consequently, every so often I will be passing through a crowd and get a whiff of (what I think) is the same smell.

    And every time I do two things.

    1. Automatically turn my body as if to follow said Strange Man – who is, mercifully, unaware of the effect his personal hygiene has had on my snozz.

    2. Contemplate flagging down said Strange Man to ask him what he ‘wears’ so as to buy the same stuff for TH.

    I’ve not yet moved past Step 1 – thankfully! – but this is one of the ways smells affect me. In addition, to this day I instantly think of my Dad whenever I get a noseful of Old Spice aftershave. He wore it exclusively, and along with a particular brand of spray starch, it was always brought out for special occasions. Dad was (is) a veteran so a Dawn Service (rememberance ceremony) with multitudes of fifty and sixty-somethings (and beyond) all in the one spot is like an all-out assault on my nose, LOL.

    Separately, I have also had two other things affect me in the smell department. First, I was ADDICTED to the small from the lemon-scented dishwasher powder we used while I was pregnant with our last child. I would literally fight TH to unload that thing (oh, how times have changed, LOL). And I actually think TH smells better at the end of the day, when you can still smell the remnants of his deodorant/aftershave but it is mixed in with ‘Eau De Man’, LOL. Fresh aftershave never has the same affect. So there is TOTALLY something on that ‘attracted to certain people because of pheremones’ theory, LOL.


    Lizzies last blog post..Typical School Mornings, Uniforms and Other Associated Ramblings

  4. Yeah this happens to me, but usually it’s a bad one, like one of my kids’ giant poop explosion diapers or something!
    (you’re welcome! you asked!)

  5. Oh yeah, I get smells “stuck”, too. My family gets tired of my nose; I’m always smelling things no one else can smell.

    Am I the only one stuck in the 4th grade who is childishly wondering whether this phrase: “he felt as though his gas the next day smelled like her perfume.” is referring to gasoline or toots?

    Beths last blog post..Stitching Update

  6. Rachel says:

    Yes things get stuck in my nose too. Unfortunately they are mostly unpleasant smells. I’ll spare the details; suffice it to say most of them come from my daughter’s diapers.

    Rachels last blog post..Persisting in Disobedience

  7. ok, make that three people – I am dying to hear about how a frugal mom finds herself facing $25 bottled water at trump tower, too!

    and no, you’re not weird. I think that smell thing happens to everyone. did you know that smell is the sense most linked to memory? not entirely related to this post, but whenever you smell that nondescript smell again in your life, it will bring you right back to the trump tower vacation.

    Erin Gs last blog post..Birthday Injuries

  8. Andrea@Cup of Jesus says:

    Oh.my.goodness. That is too funny (all of it, but especially the hubby one!)

    I’ve had the smell of bleach literally burned into my lovely nose – not pleasant. I smelled it for days.

    Andrea@Cup of Jesuss last blog post..Disciplined AND frivolous – and that’s just my latte

  9. That Meijer stinks of seafood IMO! From the moment you step into the store, you can smell it! Was that it?

    Jackies last blog post..Slip Sliding Away…

  10. Nicole says:

    Due to the fact that I basically lost my sense of smell due to a nasal spray that was prescribed to me while in high school – I could only detect ‘good’ smells and ‘bad’ smells, but detail was lacking. I completely understand the scent being stuck in your nose.

    I would recommend two things, smell coffee beans (or just drink a yummy latte) or smell your shirt sleeve (unless you are wearing a tank and then you are forced to lift your shirt to smell). Those two hints are equivalent to eating crackers during a wine tasting, it resets your palate.

    Useless knowledge and I are friends for life!

  11. I have gotten the stuck-in-my-nose smell before. ugh. Usually it’s the funky towel smell though. But, I think we’ve covered that topic already, haven’t we?

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