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Lily started a blog this week. We have been toying around with the idea for a few months but this past weekend I finally signed her up on WordPress and she picked out her (very girly) theme and we were ready to go. To say she is excited is an understatement.

I have tried to limit “screen time” in our house and when my kids get some, I try and make sure it is highly educational. But as Lily gets older the educational have far less appeal and the ones that are strictly fun and games are what she begs for. This is a really great way to spend her “screen time” because she is doing creative writing.

I have been giving her ideas for daily writing prompts and although her posts so far are only a few sentences long she is taking it very seriously. What I love is that she is learning writing skills, computer skills and even a little bit of typing skills. All at a second grade level of course, but that ain’t too shabby.

The best thing is that, although I intend on keeping her blog very, very private, I have sent the link out to family and they have subscribed and become avid commenters. Today her face lit up when she saw comments and, like a good blogger, she immediately replied back to them. Who needs a blogging conference to tell you to connect with your community? She got that down on day one.

I also stumbled upon this awesome site to help encourage kids to blog called (geniusly) Kids Can Blog. It provides weekly blogging prompts as well and I hope to incorporate them into our writing.

I don’t know how long until the excitement of our little project wears off. At this age it could be days. But while it is still something she looks forward to every day, I plan to encourage it. I know what an amazing outlet blogging has become for me and I would love for her to find her own voice in writing.

Do your kids have a blog or a journal?

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  1. That is so cute and wonderful! My girls are still to young for writing, but I do hope the blog/journal. It’s such a great way to let them explore creativity, learn new words and express themselves.
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  2. I was just thinking about setting one up for Noah. I guess they are allowed to go on sites at school and since I own all my kids’ domains (their names) I thought maybe it would be fun if he had a blog at his domain… I think it would be a great exercise for him. Funny thing is- he’s 10 and we’ve yet to let any of our kids use computers at home!

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  3. I love this.
    I don’t know how old she is, but I love this idea.
    They are going to need to learn to type and use computers somehow, right? Why not blog?
    My little guy is not even 4, but I always tell him when mommy is typing a blog post and when he gets older he can type his own!
    What a new world we are introducing them to. It’s pretty awesome!
    stephany recently posted…tuesdays with lola- the allisonMy Profile

  4. Wow that`s great that your daughter is making a blog this is the best way get knowledge, I like this post very much.
    Thank you.

  5. LOVE this! I used to do something similar with my 4th graders in my pre-kid, elementary school teaching days!

  6. I LOVE this idea! My son loves to write, but still transposes some of his letters and things like that and it’s frustrating for him. Typing may be a way for him to express himself, but not get too bogged down in the handwriting part of it.

  7. We started a private blog for our 10 year old a year or two ago. She was very sporadic about writing. Recently I created a public blog with a pseudonym for her so that can connect with some of my blogging buddies’ kids who also have blogs. I thought that the expanded audience might challenge her to write more. She’s still sporadic with it but she enjoys it. Her sister, about to turn 8, will probably acquire a blog sometime in the future as well. We’ll see. =)

  8. This is such a great idea! I know my relatives would love it if (when they’re old enough) my kids each had a blog–we’re so far away, what a wonderful way to keep in touch!
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  9. I have been thinking about a blog for my girls who are 5 and 6 1/2 because they both love reading, writing and the computer! I think I am going to seriously re-visit the idea now. How have you kept it private? Is it a log-in site on WordPress or self-hosted? Let me know on my Facebook page or Twitter. Thanks!
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    • I got a free WordPress blog. I just set the security settings so that is couldn’t be found my search engines. And I have only given out the address to close family. If it ever is found by anyone else I will probably make it password protected.

  10. I love the idea. Especially and ONLY if the blog is kept *very* private — strictly for close friends and family. I am a huge believer in reading. And a HUGE believer in expressing yourself through the written word.

    Growing up I started keeping a journal in the 5th grade and have had one ever since. Still to this day. So I think it’s just wonderful your daughter wants to write… and I bet YOU mommy are a main encourager with seeing you “blogging”

    Here’s a thought — is the younger generation going to NOT keep a handwritten journal? Is computer blogging the “in thing” now? Interesting thought.

    • I have heard schools aren’t even teaching cursive anymore. I really don’t want writing to go away, but that being said I never was able to keep a journal. I have tons of them with like 2 days worth of material. But I have barely missed a day of blog posting in 4 years. So who knows.

  11. My Mags has one, but she doesn’t write on it often. I like the idea of giving her writing prompts. That’s a good one. VERY FUN!
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  12. I just had my son do some work on my blog this week that I felt he could handle….and he did it almost perfectly…and loved it! He has Asperger’s so it is one of our goals to give him training in something that he could actually make a living at. Typically, people w/ Asperger’s do very well w/ computers …. and he loves hockey. So I was thinking about setting up a free WordPress blog for him and letting him start his own hockey blog!

    I am curious about how you set the privacy on the blog…..if you have a chance I’d love to hear!

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