The Ministry Deck

We got a decent tax return this year and used it to build a modest deck on our house. I refer to it as our “ministry deck” because I would really like to use it to entertain a variety of people and just build into other’s lives. I think we have gotten away from reaching out to one another and begun to close ourselves off from our neighbors and even friends. This week we have had 2 BBQs, one for family, one for our bible study.  I hope to continue the trend through the summer having people over often.

 I was really inspired by a post at the Reluctant Entertainer. I went to a gathering similar to this a woman in my neighborhood hosted for all the ladies to get to know each other. It was great to get some history of the neighborhood and has forced me to step out of my comfort zone and meet others on my block.

So I am thinking for this summer to host a weekly or bi-weekly BBQ to bring together the various people in my life. Maybe pick different “categories” of people each time. Or throw everyone’s name in a hat and mix it up. Not sure how I will go about, but I hope to start soon so be on the lookout for your invitation!

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