The Middle Child

middle child

I feel like when it comes to blog posting Lily and Silas steal the spotlight. And like a true middle child, Hannah gets way less of a mention.

What is odd is in our day to day life, Hannah probably gets the bulk of my time. Lily is in school full time and Silas still takes daily naps. And although Hannah is in school three full days a week, she is home with me two other days.

But Hannah flies a bit under the radar. She has never really been a challenging kid (except for when she was three, but I have yet to know a perpetually pleasant three year old). She is pretty much always in an upbeat and happy mood. She is thriving in school and making lots of new friends. She keeps us giggling with her sense of humor. She is, for all intents and purposes, the perfect middle child.

Lily has a much stronger personality. And because she is the oldest, every phase she hits is a first for our family. She has always challenged me more as a mom, but also is growing and maturing in ways that make me burst with pride. So she gets a fair amount of dedicated posts.

Silas is still growing and changing. Sometimes it seems like every week is something new. He is still young enough that there are cute stories aplenty about his development. Plus he, as a typical baby of the family, LOVES to get attention and will do what he can do to get a laugh or a smile.

But Lily is getting to the age where her stories are getting less and less mine to tell. And Silas is getting old enough that the cuteness will wear off as we get closer to the dreaded threes. Maybe that will be Hannah’s time to get volumes written about just here.

But in the meantime she will continue to be the perfect fit for smack dab in the middle of our family. She brings and incredible amount of sunshine to our family. So I want to make sure from time to time she gets recognized for it.

What birth order are you? Any middle children out there who get lost in the middle? Use the comments for venting therapy Smile


  1. Fortunato says:

    This is an inspiring post..I really love it!As the typical baby of the family, LOVES to get attention and will do what he can do to get a laugh or a smile..
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  2. I’m a first born…and fit the typical stereotypes. We had planned to try not to have a middle, by having more than three, but three we have! We try very hard to be sure she isn’t left out because much of the time she makes it easy to overlook her if you don’t seek her out. She is more quiet than the other two and prefers not to be at the center of things most of the time. We definitely love her bunches and enjoy her immensely.
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  3. nicolerenae says:

    I just started reading The Birth Order by Kevin Leman. It’s a really interesting book! And I need help understanding our middle boy, who makes sure he doesn’t miss out on any attention:). I am a first born, and reading that book is making me understand myself better, as well as all of my kids, and my husband!

  4. I’m the typical bossy, know-it-all, first-born. ;)

  5. I’m all three {first, middle, last}. My parents had four kids before divorcing – I was the baby in the bunch. Years later, my mom remarried and had my two younger brothers {I was 9 & 11 when they were born}, thus giving me my middle child status. But since my older siblings aren’t too close in age to me {I’m 5, 6 & 9 years younger than my older siblings}, I spent several years as the oldest sibling to my younger brothers.

    I fully blame my crazy personality on my whacky birth ordering. ;)
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  6. I’m a middle child but the only girl so for me it wasn’t too bad. I found that I got blamed for a lot of things growing up but my parents did a good job making me feel special. I think I have more compassion for others and am more laid back than my other siblings. It’s hard to say that every middle child is and will be that way but in general we learn to go with the flow! :)

  7. I feel as if I could write the same description of my three children, except for the part about the youngest being a little boy. We’ve got a hat-trick of girls.

  8. I’m a first-born, married to a first-born. We’re both the typical know-it-all eldests, as is our eldest. That being said, your Hannah will always hold a special place in my heart since she was my eldest’s first non-family, ‘real” friend. I’m so glad that for the sunshine she brought to my little girl’s life.

  9. I may have ended up being the middle child if my mother would have had a third child or I could have been the youngest, we’ll never know. Either way, there are times that I feel as if I am the “forgotten” child. My elder sibling gets more attention than me and it’s always been like that. Even going through things from when we were babies, he had a baby book, I didn’t just as an example. I can’t complain too much though because being the youngest, I still ended up getting some of the perks of being the youngest.
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