The Kiss of Death


photo from Scientific American

I don’t know how many of my readers were around for “The Challenge” (hopefully to be an e-book soon), but sometimes I have to revisit it myself when things need a little “spicing up”. So earlier this week I suggested to the hubby that we start kissing more. You know…..really kissing.

It has been lovely actually. And has definitely brought back some of the butterflies that get squashed with three kids running around and piles of dirty dishes mounting. So the revisiting of week 6 was a success. Until….

We both woke up this morning with a horrible sore throat. Like the kind that feels like you are swallowing razor blades when you swallow. A little ibuprofen has helped a bit but I fear we are coming down with a summer cold. The only thing worse than a summer cold is when both parents take a hit at the same time.

Somehow I feel like my cold is going to get trumped very soon……….


  1. Hilarious! That is the best. Husbands do tend to be overly dramatic about their illnesses.

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