The Importance of Attitude


Well since you all were kind enough to laugh with me yesterday, I thought I might give you another laugh today at my expense. If you follow my on Facebook (you DO, don’t you?), you already know a bit of this story, but humor me, won’t you?

Hannah turned seven last week and her only birthday wish was to go to Great Wolf Lodge. We took Lily there for her seventh birthday and of course Hannah remembered. So we surprised her at her birthday party by wrapping up her Magiquest wand and she quickly caught on that we would be making a trip and she would even get to miss a day of school. Winning!

We woke up Sunday morning and had a leisurely time getting packed and ready to head up 2 1/2 hours north to Traverse City. If you are a mama, you can probably relate to having to get yourself and the kids ready and turning into a slight monster. Trying to make sure you remember everything and keeping the kids from packing the most ridiculous unnecessary things. At one point Silas had packed a wooden spoon. You know for any unforeseen baking emergencies.

Each kid had a bag they could take in the car and were supposed to pack their pajamas, swimsuits and clothes in the big suitcase. This was a battle as every kid wanted to have their own small suitcase and me arguing that we were gone one night and didn’t need to have more luggage than a Kardashian. Plus I knew that if they packed their car entertainment in the same place as their clothes I would end up with a car full of random articles of clothing strewn about by the time we reached the water park.

So the kids repacked, I finished up the last bits of packing of the suitcase and turned my attention to the snack bag. Ryan loaded the kids in the car, I went around flushing toilets and turning off lights since that seems to be above my children’s pay grade. Then we piled in the car and made a completely uneventful trip up north.

Uneventful until we pulled up to Great Wolf Lodge. When we piled out of the car Ryan asked where I had put the suitcase. Confused as to why I would have put the suitcase in the car for the first time in my married life I responded with grace and gentleness of course.

Actually I pretty much did. Because honestly we were at a place where all we needed was swimsuits and there was a Target across the street. And Ryan and I had a choice. Ruin our vacation with rotten attitudes and anger. Or get everyone new suits as quickly as possible and head to the waterslides. We chose choice two.

And had a great two days sliding, splashing, gaming and eating. We slept in our clothes, we were makeup free, we stunk a little, and we didn’t care in the least. Because we were together and we laughed a lot. And hopefully our kids learned a lesson from our little blunder. When life throws you a curveball, the only thing you can choose is how you respond to it. May we continue to respond with smiles.

This post isn’t sponsored, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how awesome GWL is for families. It is one of our favorite places. Clearly evidenced by the fact we had a little gift bag from the manager for being repeat customers. FUDGE!! And going on a weekday is amazing because it is so uncrowded. A great family vacation destination.

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