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TILTI have been hearing about the book for a few years. Hearing about the movie for at least a year. I figured it was time to jump on “The Help” train. I used to read a ton before I replaced my reading addiction with my digital addiction. Because of said addiction I just hadn’t gotten around to picking up the book.

Then I got an email inviting me to a sneak peek of the movie and it was the final swift kick in the backside to get me to reading. And I mean a swift kick. Because the movie preview was three days away. Thankfully my mom had the book on her Kindle (my first book read on a Kindle. I desperately missed turning pages). So I neglected my housework and family and buried myself into the book.

I finished in a day and a half. One of those days involved me staying until 2:30 in the morning because I couldn’t put the book down. If you know how much I love sleep, that right there should tell you something about how amazing the book was. Ah. maz. ing.

Here is my baggage when it comes to movies made from books. I hate them. Nothing makes me angrier in a theater then when someone takes a book I absolutely loved and ruins it by changing the plotline, miscasting the characters, and generally screwing up everything I loved. I can count on one hand movies that I have actually enjoyed after reading the book.

So I have kind of stopped even going to movies when I read the book first. Two of my favorite books in the past few years, “Water for Elephants” and “Time Traveler’s Wife” were made into movies and I didn’t even think about going. I just knew they wouldn’t live up to the book. Ryan actually saw “Time Traveler’s Wife” on a flight and really liked it but when he described the movie to me I was so annoyed because it didn’t follow the book closely enough.

So after cramming in the reading of this book and absolutely falling in love with the characters I was nervous. I really liked the casting I had read about but were they going to do the book justice?

In my humble opinion they truly did. Is it exactly the same? Well, no. But the changes they made are minimal and do not affect the story line much. I read in USA today that the screenwriter and author are childhood friends so I think that is part of the reason it is so well done.

I do think the book is better, but I will always think that because I love the written word. The movie is wonderful though and I highly recommend grabbing some girlfriends (and some tissue) and going. Or grab your husband. It isn’t so chick flick-y that he won’t enjoy it. There is no one who can’t benefit from a story of love, understanding and standing up for what is right no matter the cost.

Disclosure: I was given a media pass to attend a screening of “The Help” but I bought my own licorice. I was not obligated to blog about it but I loved it so much I wanted you to know about it. Please go see it and let me know what you think.

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  1. OK, I totally do not trust everyone when it comes to the book to movie thing, but you? I trust. This is good to know.

  2. Hi Jen! Sharing a bunch this week…My Top 5 Tips for Healthier Eating, How to MYO Powdered Sweeteners, and a great recipe for Lemon Bars that is adaptable for almost any special diet. Enjoy!

  3. The recipe I linked up today features fresh peaches (or apricots, if you can find them. But peaches work just fine).

    Re: books and movies, I watched Water for Elephants on the plane and it was good, but I hadn’t read the book. I loved the book Julie & Julia but couldn’t get into the movie. Same with Harry Potter . . . I couldn’t even make it through the first one.

  4. Erika says:

    I did the same thing! Seeing that the movie is coming out was my nudge to finally read the book! I’ve been eyeing it for so long! I LOVED it, but now I’m totally nervous about seeing the movie. I can’t imagine that I’ll like it nearly as much, but after reading your post, I’m hopeful! :)

  5. I have the book on my iPod just waiting for me to listen to it. I wanted to listen to it before the movie came out. I hope still will be able to! :)

  6. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but hoping to go soon. And I’m dragging my husband along. I say “drag”, but really, he wants to see it too. :) I think after reading it and telling him all about it, then seeing the trailer, he thinks it’s going to be a good movie.

  7. Oh, I’ve been wanting to read that one and see the movie. Time for a trip to the library!

  8. I have been cooking lots of vegetable so I shared two recipes with these. Is it all right to link up 2 recipes or would you prefer 1?

  9. I totally agree that the movie did the book justice. I thank Jill for taking me to the screening with her, but to make sure that we keep this whole thing honest–I bought the licorice!!! which with the pop, cost $8.00!!See the movie, don’t buy the food.

  10. Hi Jill!

    Things I love thursdays – I decided to join in and it’s been fun :) I definitely agree with you on this post – it breaks my heart to see a beautifully written book and its story being ruined by a movie portrayal that did not give justice to it. I will definitely check out this movie.

    Have a good weekend ahead!


  11. List of movies I have liked after reading the book: Bridget Jones’ Diary. Some of Harry Potter. Except the parts they changed.

    Yeah, I usually avoid them like the plague, or rent from Netflix and then get angry at the changes. (WHY did I watch The Lovely Bones when I knew I would hate it? And Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood could not be saved even by Sandra Bullock.)

    I think this might be my next top ten tuesday post!

    Love, jess

  12. We read this for book club and we’re making a night out of going to see the movie – I’m eager to see it!

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