The Games We Play – What Your Hubby Wants You To Know

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The Detroit Red Wings are the greatest team in sports. Whew, I’m glad we got that out of the way! Why? Because hockey is on my brain today (as it is most days) and since the NHL playoffs will be beginning soon, my wife can expect me to talk about nothing but hockey for the next few months. And that’s a VERY good thing for both of us.

Why? Because for me, hockey is my distraction. You know, it’s one of those guy things… those random guy interests that tend to take up an inordinate amount of our brains. For some guys it’s hunting, for others it’s golf. For others it’s baseball, or woodworking, or radio-controlled helicopters. And as random and uninteresting as those things might seem to our wives, guys need distractions – healthy distractions.

If you caught my last post, you know that guys can become mentally consumed with work. And as much as we love being husbands and dads, most guys will begin to look for mental distractions that are distinct from our responsibilities at home.  Unfortunately, there’s an enormous world of folks out there that make their livings by distracting men with all sorts of unhealthy options – online, on television, and beyond. So I’ve found that most guys who are sincere about living out our faith will find a hobby or interest that gets our adrenaline pumping in healthier ways. I should note that I have met selfish guys who invest so much of their time and dollars in their own interests that it’s a detriment to their families. However, I know many more that have invested themselves in interests that are pretty good alternatives to the many traps that the world offers.

So the next time he starts quoting baseball stats or is looking online at a new hunting tree stand, try and learn a little more about his hobby.  Show an interest in his interests, and be thankful that his eyes are fixated on those things that are honorable (Phil 4:8). And if you happen to see your husband in front of the TV praying that  the Wings stay healthy during the playoffs, for goodness sakes, bow your head and start praying with him!

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  1. This is so true. It has taken me a long time to not see those activities as a personal decision to not spend time with me rather than an outlet for him. But now I can see it. If we go a whole weekend and he hasn’t had time to engage in his favorite sport, volleyball, or ride his out of the garage for Spring motorcycle, he starts wilting like a flower without water. It makes me sad too. So instead of getting upset with him, I send him on his way. I am always amazed at how energized he is when he returns.
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  2. I see Mr. Diaper Diaries is a LOT like Mrs. Diaper Diaries…

    Except I thought y’all like to play baseball ;) :).


    (great idea for a series! :) )
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  3. I just came downstairs and logged on to the computer so I could continue to pout about all the time my husband spent on his hobby this weekend. Then I read this. Sometimes God just has to put up a big sign to get through to me! Thank you for your words.

  4. Very good post. I’m extremely into hockey (go Oilers and for the record I dislike the Red Wings because they always make it into the playoffs ;) ) and my hubby is into cars and racing. When I show an interest in his hobby and go watch racing with him, I find it really strengthens our relationship.
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  5. Thanks, Mr. Diaper Diaries! I’ve never had a problem with Hubby’s love of football, but now I can see how healthy it is for him. Very interesting!
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  6. My husband’s hobby is shooting. Well, technically, mine is, too. He shoots at targets, me at people (him with a gun, me with a DSLR). The only time it makes me mad is when he burns up a lot of Saturdays at the gun range leaving us at home – or if he spends more money than he should on gear at the sporting goods store/etc. I think having a hobby is awesome. Blogging and photography are mine. We all should be honest about how much we devote to it, though… as opposed to how much time we are devoting to God and our family. There’s a sermon in that sentence – or a few of them – and trust me, I know how hard it is to practice that preaching. ;) Great post, though… awesome to see the guy point of view for a change.

    Will your lovely wife be at Relevant in PA this October?

  7. Molly says:

    Thank you for this post Mr. Diaper Diaries! I love the reminder and the validation. My hubby is a wonderful provider, daddy, and boyfriend, and he also loves his tools and mountain bike. And I am praising the Lord for it! =) These outlets for him are amazing for him, and I am so thankful he has these things that provide such joy and stress-relief. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made to watch our DVR’d woodworking shows together, learn the names of his tools and why they are important, and learn the differences in the trails he likes to ride. What a privilege to share that with him, its almost like a hobby for me too! =) This whole series is just awesome. Thank you thank you thank you. Keep ’em coming!!!!

  8. We actually share a mutual love for sports. :) I think this is excellent advice. I don’t always take a great deal of interest in some of my husband’s hobbies, but I definitely try to give him time to explore them. I would say that it is important to continue to seek common interests outside of your kids too, so that you are not lost to each other when the kids grow up and leave the house. Love this series!

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