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While everyone else is anxiously awaiting the next version of the iPhone I am over here madly in love with my Google Nexus 4 (not sponsored, just unadulterated love- although affiliate link because duh). I seriously love my phone.

One of the things I love about my phone is Google Now (rumor has it you can get the app for your iPhone too in case you drank the Kool-Aid and refuse to acknowledge how superior Android really is). I guess it is Google’s answer to Siri but it is frankly way better and does way more (biased, but even my Siri loving hubby admits it is true). While it is a little creepy that Google knows my every move (although if you are online, they pretty much do anyway), it is quite lovely how it knows me so well.

Let’s say I type in “Michigan State Football”. It will give me web results, but also the latest scores. Then the next weekend suddenly I get a notification for the score of that weekend’s game. It knows I care! (which I actually don’t, I goggled that on a fluke, but you get the point).

If I am out and about town I often get a notification with the time home including traffic delays (it knows where I live!). In the morning it always tells me the time to get to school including traffic. It even gives me weather updates. Here is all the nitty gritty on Google Now in case you are interested on using it on your phone.

Last week I noticed it started giving me traffic updates and times for “work”. Which is curious because I don’t work (ha, ha, ha, ha, ha laugh all the stay at home moms). So I clearly needed to investigate just where exactly Google Now thinks that I work.



Apparently I spend so much time at our little red and white haven that my phone thinks I WORK THERE. While anyone who looked at a bank statement wouldn’t be shocked, I was a little surprised. Obviously I have a bit of an addiction, but I can stop anytime. I mean seriously. It isn’t like I have been there two times already this week (no, YOU go to Target 2 out of every three days)……

Google Now 1. Jill’s Bank Account-0. Well played Google Now. Well played.


  1. THAT is hysterical. Although Android, ick.
    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up recently posted…Giving Back with Project 7My Profile

  2. I am laughing out loud here. I think my google phone would guess Panera because I go there literally every morning for a half hazelnut half decaf with half and half. And maybe my real work too. And I would get some really random updates because I google a little something about almost everything on my phone. Now I almost have to get one just to see …
    I’m so glad Lauren told me about your blog! Gives me a little giggle every day now.

  3. christie says:

    I think my record is 17 trips to Target in a 7 day span. It was right after Christmas, a big clearance time, and I had to check out all the stores around me (THERE ARE 7 WITHIN 20 MINUTES OF MY HOME!) and find the best deals.

  4. hahahaha this cracked me up!

    (Also I am an android lover. It really is better. We are a tech geek family and we know. *fistbump*)

    ALSO — if you like watching where you are and how you spend your time (these things fascinate me), download the Chronos app. It isn’t much on your phone itself (yet), just a tracker that watches where you go and sends pretty infographics once a week showing how you spend your time (sleep/work/social/errands/exercise/etc). Most of it you will look at online, but it uses your phone to track your time, assuming you keep your phone with you all the time because OBVIOUSLY. Anyway this post just made me think of it. I like it. Something fun. Anyway. Okay I will stop writing this comment now.
    Erin G @ebum1101 recently posted…Daily Charlotte, Just BecauseMy Profile

  5. This sounds fun – but totally in an iPhone app kind of way ;)
    Becca recently posted…Teen Room Makeover {I Need Your Help!} Teen TuesdayMy Profile

  6. Whenever I’m anywhere in Florida my phone lets me know how far away I am from Disneyworld. Same for California and Disneyland, if that says anything about me.
    moosh in indy. recently posted…swearing with addieMy Profile

  7. Manda says:

    Oh man! I was laughing so hard I was crying. That is awesome!

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