The End of Na


Silas has been talking more every day. Most of his words are ones only his mother would understand, but we are finally being quiet long enough for him to talk. Or maybe he is just learning that the only way to survive in this family is by talking louder than the person next to you. Sorry baby. That is how we roll.

As thrilled as I am that Silas is starting to try and communicate it is sad that with every word he gets he loses a cute “word” or mannerism he used before to get his point across.

Lily pretty much spoke in clear complete sentences from birth. Probably not but that was a lot of years and brain cells ago and that is how I remember it. Hannah had a lot of speech delays but once she started talking she has rarely stopped. Seriously. She doesn’t stop.

I remember that Hannah used to say na new for thank you. So we all started to say na new for thank you. If you don’t have kids and find that bizarre you just wait. Then one day she just said Thank You clear as day. You don’t realize how much you miss your na new until it is gone.

One of Silas’ first word was na as well. But for him na meant Papa. I don’t know why he didn’t say papa but he didn’t. He said na. And he said it often because my dad is probably his favorite person on earth. So we all started calling my dad na.

Then one day without warning he started calling him papa. And it took a few days for everyone to notice but when we did it was a little sad. It is also a little sad that although he only has like 10 words one of them is “more iPod”.

There is something really awesome about watching your child accomplish their firsts. But with a lot of firsts comes another last. And you never know when a last is going to come. Which is just another reminded to not wish away your kids lives. Anyone sensing a new theme on this blog?

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