The End of Google Reader

google reader

So this weekend there was tearing of clothes and gnashing of teeth. And I am still choosing to live a bit in denial. But sooner or later I am going to have to face facts (after I drown my sorrows in a LOT of ice cream).

Google Reader is going away.

For some of you that might not matter at all. But for me it is super sad. Google Reader is a tab that is always open in my browser. I have an app on my phone and my tablet. It is how I read every single blog. Well not in the world. But of the ones I read (you probably got that).

{Here is where I would like to insert a rant about Google, but they kind of rule the internet and perhaps the overlords would get wind of my rant and never send a visitor my way again. So just kidding about that rant Google. Love ya, carry on!!}

I know there is a large chunk of my readers that read Just Jilly through Google Reader. What are you doing come July 1st??

I made the switch to feedly today. It was super easy and imported all my blogs from Reader. Apparently when Reader goes away feedly will pick up right where it left off. I would encourage you to give it a shot. I am going to see how I feel about it after a week and I will let you know if my opinion changes.

Of course you also have the option of receiving Just Jilly in your inbox.  And I am sure you are already following me over on Twitter and Facebook. Since the rebrand I have been trying my best to interact over on Facebook more so make sure to join in the fun.

Whatever you do, don’t miss a single second of the amazing, inspiring, hilarious content over here. You wouldn’t want to do that right?

How are you coping with the demise of Google Reader?


  1. Steven Rowe says:

    At home I use a Mac application called NetNewsWire, this is much better than any online service has to offer. Having said that I need to monitor feeds all the time for work purposes, so Google Readers demise is a complete blow especially as I was using iPad apps that relied on it. Like you I headed in the direction of Feedly, their Chrome plugin is brilliant, however, I am not too keen on their iPad version with all those colour bars that keep popping out on the left. I have also been trying News Blur, this also has some usability issues but also numerous performance failures. I was also reliant on RSS from Twitter accounts which I parsed into Google Reader but now Twitter has done away with that feature and feel kind of let down all around. Other tools I am using are Netvibes and Hootsuite, they help a little, but need something a little more professional that integrates numerous ‘news’ sources into one application.

  2. I too used GR to keep tabs on everything. I didn’t like the way feedly looked so I’m trying out netvibes. So far so good and in the switch over I discovered a lot of dead feeds/non-used blogs to get rid of so it’s much less cluttered too!
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  3. I thought Feed Burner was leaving too?
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  4. I’m planning to remain firmly in denial until all the rest of you have the perfect solution figured out. Then I’ll hop on your bandwagon. :)
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