The Donald Trump of the Future


Lemonade stands are so 2010.

My Lily is an entrepreneur at heart. While other kids might color pictures, she colors them and puts a price on them and sells them to grandparents. When I ask her to clean up the basement she comes up with a pile of priced toys, puts a table out in the driveway and has a “garage sale”. When I ask her to help clean up, her first question is, “how much money am I earning.”

So it doesn’t surprise me in the least that she has come up with a new “business”. Lily is in the nail business.

She gathered up all the nail polish in the house and made a little chart with all the available polishes and the prices.

Then she made a sign (which I can’t find anywhere) advertising her nail business. She then packed up her supplies. Grabbed her willing sister and a kiddie picnic table and set up shop at the end of the driveway.


scented, base and sparkly nail polish

Since the advertising budget was small, she and her sister stood at the side of the street and yelled “NAIL POLISHING” to any car that drove by. If you were in the unfortunate position of going for a run by our house or, God forbid, walking your dog, you might have been followed for a bit with two children begging you to allow them to paint your nails.

(Side note: none of this however deterred the door to door salesman who promised to enter me into a drawing for $1000 with absolutely no strings attached if I gave them my phone number. She assured me at least 10 times in her pitch that I would ONLY be contacted if I won.)

After 5 minutes of yelling and stalking the neighborhood I told the kids they were no longer allowed to “disturb the peace.” So they changed tactics. Lily ran inside and got her CD player and her "Bob and Larry Sing the 80’s CD. She put on “Walk Like an Egyptian” and she and Hannah began to dance…….like an Egyptian.

Not to be left out Silas began to spin around in the driveway until he fell over. This is his current method of dancing. When cars went by they would wave around their sign. When I asked them what they were doing Lily looked at me like I was clueless and said, “Mom. This is what the sell gold people do to get business.” Thank you roadside, scantily clothed girls for your marketing lessons.

After about ten minutes and no customers, Lily was getting discouraged. She headed inside and I thought that was the end of her nail business. Clearly I underestimate my first born. She came out and asked if she could go to a couple houses in the neighborhood where young girls live. She had made up coupons that gave a free toe polish when you pay to get your nails done. (I would KILL for pictures of these but they were delivered before I thought about it)

She didn’t have any takers today. But she did end up with some coveted “glow in the dark” nail polish that she traded with a neighbor girl. So it wasn’t all loss. And I have a feeling she spent some time in her room (when she was supposed to be thinking about how to practice more honest with her mother- ahem) planning out her next money making scheme.

If only I used her real name. You would want to remember it cause this girl is going to take over the world.


  1. We love this story!!! She is a real go getter;)

  2. I think your daughter would be a kindred spirit with my own. It’s scheming, but it’s smart scheming, is it not? Yes, she does seem destined to take over the world!

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