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finerthings  As I mentioned on Wednesday I am embarking on a journey to purge and simplify. And as I look around my house I just see a whole bunch of toys that aren’t getting played with. And I see one toy that is getting played with for hours. And hours. And hours.

The only downside to this toy is that it takes over my entire living room. But they can color with it, pretend in it, play hide and seek with it and even sleep in it (well I don’t let them, but they want to and technically they could). Oh and the best part? It is TOTALLY free!!


sorry for the bad photo. I couldn’t find the camera so it is from the phone.

The hubby went and got a huge box from the loading dock of his company. The kids FREAKED OUT when he hauled it out of his car. It was like Christmas around here. They are adding to the decorations every day and every day it becomes a new something to pretend about.

When was the last time you found a huge box for your kids to play with? What is there favorite “non-toy”?

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  1. LOL…I knew it was a box! My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE to play with the box that their grandparent’s washing machine came in (about a year ago). Every few times we’re over there they ask “can we play with the biiiig house?” and somebody will go and pull it out of an upstairs closet for them. My youngest enjoys the diaper boxes before we get them out of the house too.
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  2. Kristen says:

    We saved 15 “puff” containers. We took the labels off so they look just like bowling pins. Not only does Will bowl with them in our basement, but he can also stack them vertically and throw balls at them like a carnival game.

  3. We used to make my mom and dad go down to the appliance store that was close to our house and get us refrigerator boxes for us.

    What’s really fun is when you get two or three and connect them to make one HUGE playhouse! WE’d each have our own wing.

  4. Boxes are the most fun and cheapest way to keep kids entertained! My daughter can spend countless hours outside, wandering. All she does is walk and run but it’s the cheapest entertainment out there :).

  5. What fun! About 8 years ago, our church got about 50 new refrigerator boxes and gave them to families with small kids. It was the best fun! Kids really enjoyed decorating and playing in and with it for hours. We’ve always found boxes brought the most and cheapest fun.
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  6. My daughter would love a huge box like that!! haha
    Her favorite non toy item is anythink silk. She will sit and just hold the silk for a long period of time. Its like a comfort to her.

  7. That’s the best! WHY do we hang on to all the other crap (ahem) that I trip over and stub my toe on?!
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