The Challenge Week 7- How Bout Something A Little Racy (And Lacy)

1-cor-challenge Oh ladies, I have fallen off the sex wagon. The hubby has been traveling a lot and we have been taking turns getting sick. Which is oh so sexy. So, shhh, don’t tell my hubby, but this week I am going to jump back in. This one is a fun one too. Hope you are still playing along. Keep the comments coming. I love hearing about your progress and your hubby’s reactions. I think we can all be encouraged by one another.

This week we are going to dust the cobwebs off some of those articles of clothing you got at your “personal” shower. Remember the things you took on your honeymoon and then never wore again (please tell me that isn’t just me)? They are probably in pristine condition. Maybe some even still have the tags on them. I’m talking about your lingerie.

Perhaps you are laughing right now thinking…I wore that back before kids. Or to be more accurate…I wore that about 4 sizes ago. Ok, so go buy some new stuff that fits. Wait, I already have an answer to your next argument. Yes, it is silly to spend money on something that will be on for a few seconds, but you are missing the point.

I will remind you again that men are very visual creatures and it would be a nice treat for your hubby to see that you have put lots of thought and effort into the evening. You don’t have to spend a ton of money. Even Walmart has lingerie. Again, this is about making an effort and showing your hubby that he is important enough to shower and look nice for. Maybe even shave your legs for…well, let’s not go crazy. It’s cold here in Michigan and I need the insulation.


  1. Insulation, ha ha ha… wait, that’s just gross! ;) My mom does that in the winter and it has always grossed me out so bad I swore I would never do it! A week is my ultimate max.
    You’ll find it particularly appropriate that as I was digging for nylons for church this morning I found some of those particular panties… complete with feathery poof balls. The feathers were all coming out and my son (2) thought they were fun to play with! Nice, huh? :)

  2. I just may have to go digging through my drawer…all the way in the back and I will have to shave my legs for sure. I’m sure my husband will love it and be surprised. I feel like I am always telling him that I’m too tired.

    kathys last blog post..While the hubby is away…

  3. LOL…I have already taken care of this one! Over a month ago, in anticipation of my weekend away with hubby at a marriage retreat, I purchased TWO outfits at Walmart…with 97-cent shipping! I revealed one outfit for Valentine’s Day, but the second one I am waiting to show him this weekend.

    Oh, and I will definitely not be needing that winter insulation…my hubby will keep me plenty warm ;)

    Mrs. Qs last blog post..Less Than A Week!

  4. Personal shower . . . um yeah. I had one of those. Every time I pulled an outfit (and I use that term loosely) out of the gift bag it was snatched from me and thrown on the floor. To “see how it would really look and function in real life.” My mother thought she was so funny . . .

    jubilees last blog post..(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – The Fashion Edition

  5. I didn’t get a personal shower… unless you count the matching lingerie/boxers my mother-in-law gave my husband and I at our couple’s shower. People were supposed to bring bed/bath stuff for me and tools for him. Would towels have really killed her? BTW, we never wore them.

    Tree Climbing Moms last blog post..Bad mom alert

  6. I didn’t have a lingerie shower but it is so funny that I was actually considering one I saw at Walmart yesterday! I did finally get two cute pairs of panties yesterday though. (I’m afraid lingerie from walmart probably won’t fit). I did find something pretty cute to knit though off of Ravelry. :D This has been fun though!

    Candices last blog post..New Strategy

  7. My hubby just has no idea what’s going on. Our pastor has been doing a series about Love & Sex in the month of February, so between that and this challenge, he’s a happy camper. :) I’m happy to say that my lingerie has gotten a fair amount of use over the past 10 years. And hubby keeps buying new stuff…I know he was shocked when I actually bought some for myself (the matching set challenge a few weeks ago).

    Amys last blog post..25 Random Things About Me

  8. the hubs prefers naked, or at least says he does. but i’ll give it a shot.

    apparently the flannel i wore to bed last night did nothing to get him motivated. :P

  9. Okay…but if I shave off my insulation and put on one of those freezing silky things instead of my flannel and I get sick AGAIN…someone’s head is gonna roll! HA HA HA!

    Bobbis last blog post..Memory Monday…try, try…again!

  10. Andrea@Under Grace & Over Coffee says:

    Hee hee – insulation!

    I was just thinking I needed to go shopping – so thanks for the little push!

    Andrea@Under Grace & Over Coffees last blog post..Building Hope

  11. Last night I went to bed wearing my old high school t-shirt, maternity yoga pants and hubby’s wool deer hunting socks.

    He likes to joke and say that it’s likely our last child was conceived while I was wearing those socks.

    Maybe I should try harder.

    Kaycees last blog post..Procrastination

  12. Remember when you got married and all your friends gave you a lingerie shower?

    I think we should have a 5,10, 15 year wedding anniversary shower instead…we need some new things girls!!

    Beth@Not a Bow in Sights last blog post..Mommy, Will You Come Sit With Me?

  13. Wow! Thanks so much for this challenge! Jumping out of lurking mode to say that this has been great for us. Last week was tough because we trading off being sick, but we were both finally feeling better by the weekend and ended it with WOW WOW WOW sex. So good that hubby wanted to CUDDLE and TALK for 1/2 hr. after instead of fall asleep!!! That will be hard to top- maybe this challenge will help! BTW, don’t know if I saw the recommendation here or not, but read “For women only” this week and it was REALLY an eye opener! If you need some motivation getting into this challenge, read the book and it will help you understand why this is so important!

  14. Okay, I’m working on the double dare, but already got some lace stuff when you told us to dump the granny panties! Hubby has commented so many times that he doesn’t know what has gotten into me, but he’s NOT going to complain. I started keeping track like you suggested with little m&m stickers (how cute is that). He said he really doesn’t care what it is or why, but he’s VERY happy. Thanks for what you’re doing! Love the challenges!

    Lynnets last blog post..Give-Away coming soon!!!

  15. Ok, so this past week I have done the whole racy/lacy thing. The times the actual event occurs is typically everyday, but me wearing something sexy, pretty rare! Every night this week I have had something on and the hubs has gone WILD with excitement. Unfortunately, like most women, I greatly dislike my body, but he doesn’t see my flaws, he just saw that I was doing something FOR HIM, that he really wanted. On Monday, he had cleaned the entire kitchen and made dinner (I was not feeling well) and I thanked him and as he was hugging me asking me about *you know* to come that night, I said, “you know it, and I might even wear a little something for you” I can not describe the expression on his face. Think of a child super excited about the prospect of getting all their Christmas wishes the morning of. It was to cutest thing ever! Our relationship has been even better (which I didn’t think possible) but he is seeing the efforts I am making for him. And it means something because he knows it is completely for him, not me or anyone else. And making him happy, makes me happy. And it really has been so much fun!! ;}

    Anna Sophias last blog post..Thrifty Thursday

  16. Here is what I do: I almost exclusively buy lingerie on clearance. Especially after a holiday like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. I refuse to pay $50+ dollars on frilly stuff. But I’ll shop the clearance rack and pay $10 once its been marked down!!

    Wanis last blog post..Multi-tasking Vegis

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